Accommodation & Meal in Nepal | Best Hotel and Food For Trekking in Nepal

Accommodation & Meal in Nepal

For accommodation there are plenty of hotels in Nepal, varying from simple motels to five-star grade hotels offering a variety of facilities and services at different rates. For finding hotels you don’t need to hassle much.

Deluxe, standard, Budget and comfortable are some of the categories of the hotel.  Although finding a place only for sleeping is hardly a problem in Nepal, for special offerings and services with more options are available only in established tourist areas.

One of the best seasons for finding cheap accommodation is in June to August it’s also the lowest season of the year.

Likewise, most places have a range of rooms, from budget, shared-bathroom boxes to en suites with a/c and TVs. Single rooms are usually doubles offered at between half and two-thirds of the full price. Hotels and guesthouses take bookings, and reservations are often necessary for booking in advance in the busy seasons, during local festivals or if you’re arriving late at night.

Accommodation for Trekking in Nepal
Tea House or guest houses are your accommodation with twin bed sharing room or triple single as your choice. somewhere you can find the attached bathroom in lower height place most of the tea houses don’t have to attach bathroom some undeveloped are even no tea house and lodges for this region you have to bring all stuff like Tent, food and all your necessary items. for food, you can choose from the menu like Nepali food continental foods, Italian, Indian and Chinese cuisine etc. For drinking water, you can buy the mineral bottles or safe drinking water from the tea house either you can bring water tablets purification medicine