Nepal is famous for the natural beauties Himalayan views, the cultures and traditions, the historical monument, art and architecture, Hindu tamples and Buddhist stupa and monasteries, its people and rites, myths and mysteries which are a part of the daily life of the Nepal. There are seven world heritage sites in the valley which lures most of the tourist to come to visit to Nepal. Kathmandu valley sightseeing is the first arrival point for most visitors. The ancient history of kathmandu begins from Manjushree ( The Kathmandu valley Buddhiest saint). Before Manjushree came to Kathmandu it was a lake, he cut southern side of the lake and drained out the water and made it in habitable.

Many dynastic came and went. Trade and arts flourished1330m.above the sea-level. Mountains surround the valley and it is divided into the three major cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. These were once three different kingdoms and to this day retain their own rich artistic styles and traditions. It is surrounded by tier of green mountain. The valley covers an area of 596sq.

It is both the capital of Nepal and city is full of old houses, temple, stupas and chatyas that are scattered all over the city. The square near the old palaces of the Malla rules in different era. . The city’s name changed after the construction of a scattal from the wood of a single tree, named Kathmandu (a Sanskrit )