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Mountain Biking has become a serious alternative to walking, for exploring Nepal. Anyone who is fanatic of cycling or is just in their bucket list can enjoy cycling tours to the variety of places ranging from easy to extreme. Exploring Nepal’s magical places, natural and cultural heritage, deep valleys and dense jungle by cycling have been exciting since the first. Nepal’s diverse topography and diverse culture have made the tour exciting.

Nepal’s diverse terrain mountain biker’s dreams are made of Biking offers an environmentally exploring the country. Nepal offers a challenging and pleasant scenic Mt.Bike ride from the tropical plains of Terai, mid-hills, mountainous terrain. Nepal Mountain biking Tour is great fun and a perfect way to discover Nepal’s great diverse landscape, of tremendous terrain, tracks, and trails. Where mountain bike takes you away from the hustle bustle of the city-town life into serene country life, on a hidden trail rarely visited area of local villages, it’s the traditional rural lifestyle that has preserved for centuries. The tour is normally about 9-10 days in Kathmandu valley, therefore, join for bike rides Tour in Nepal otherwise you can also do the tour around those given places it depends. Mountain bikes are available for rent by the day or longer in the number bicycle rental outlets in the around Kathmandu,