Nepal white river rafting adventure trips in the world!

Nepal is famous for white water rafting in the world. We have rushing rivers from the Himalayan Glaciers rivers flows from top of the world Mount Everest to Tarai/ low land. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make the excitement for rafting, kayaking, canoeing and thrilling adventures of a lifetime experience. For some, rafting trips are the highlight of their stay in Nepal. Rafters also have a choice ranging from two to three-week trips to trips of one, two or three days. The Nepal rafting options include paddling, oaring, and kayaking. Paddling requires all on the boat to participate with instructions from a river runner. Sunrise Adventure trek offers different day’s white water rafting to our clients.

Likewise, Nepal has world best mountain rafting rivers in the universe all water flows from the great Himalayas. Few companies offer inflatable kayaks, or fiberglass kayaks for hire while some arrange for kayaks on their own.  Just a typical day in the river begins early in the morning when participants arrive at the site. Instructions on safety and emergency situation are given to participants before the event so all our guides are friendly and professional. The best time for rafting is from October through mid-December and March through early May. So far the government has opened sections of ten rivers for commercial rafting.