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Manaslu Peak

Adventure Activities in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an outdoor and recreational adventure activity of hiking or walking that takes several days to complete. Trekking is a journey for the self-satisfaction. Peoples do trekking for various self-purposes like getting free from daily monotonous life, for the research, for the experience of adventure and thrills etc. Trekking helps to reduce the mental stress of the people. For trekking, you will not find best options other than Nepal.

Nepal is the paradise for trekkers. Trekking is the most wildly spread activity for local and foreign tourist in Nepal. As Nepal is home of eight highest mountains and most beautiful landscape trekking in Nepal provides you the most unique experience. Those people who are adventure and thrill seekers Nepal is the only option for them. Nepal provides you easy as well as challenging treks. Trekking in Nepal let you know the many hidden histories of Nepal.

During the trip, you will get to interact with a different village and peoples. You also can observe the lifestyle of the countryside. The breathtaking vistas of many high Himalayas, different amazing viewpoints and the warm hospitality by the Nepalese people makes you forget your hometown. As Nepal is rich in natural beauty you will love to stay in Nepal a few more days. Thus top Adventure Activities in Nepal  and Adventure things to do in Nepal is one of the best place around the globe.

Expedition/Climbing in Nepal

An expedition in Nepal is an organized journey by the group of people that is planned for the specific purpose such as exploration. Those people who want to gain more knowledge about their research coming out from the book they do an expedition. Actually, the expedition is good for learners, doing expedition offers them to witness the things and it helps to understand the topic more deeply. Expedition gives more pleasure to learners or researchers rather than bookish knowledge and they can get free from boredom.

Nepal is a top destination for climbing and expedition as it is the home of 8 highest mountains out of 14 in the world. Climbing and expedition in the summits of Nepal is the most challenging, adventurous and is a great temptation to the Mountaineers in the whole world. Nepal contains world highest mountain Mt Everest (8848) m and many other small easy peaks to big and technical mountains. More than thousands of people visit for the expedition and climbing in Nepal every year.

All the mountains of Nepal are unique in their own way and it provides the most adventurous climbing and expedition to all climbers. For the expedition, some of the most popular mountains of Nepal are the great Mount Everest, Ganesh Himal, Mera Peak, Island Peak, Nirekha, Lobuche East, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, and many others. You can find the many Himalayas in other countries also but Nepalese Himalayas provides you more choices that are suitable for your needs, skills or experiences.

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Safari is an adventure activity that leads you to explore the unexplored trails on natural horizon or forest. It is a kind of forest trail where you don’t have to walk you can explore the jungle area on jeep, elephant or on the horse. Jungle safari can be done only in conservation or protected areas under the guidance of the expert. Nepal has about 14 nationals’ parks and wildlife reserves. Nepal is the rich home of flora and fauna. You will get to see lots of endangered birds and animals as well as custom and tradition of Nepal. Though there is lots of protected area inside Nepal, some of the most popular areas are described below:-

1. Chitwan National Park:-

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal. It has covered the area of 932 sq km and was established in 1773. The National park lies in the central lowland of Nepal. As this is the most popular national park it was declared as UNESCO Natural Heritage site in 1979.

Those who have the dream to observe wild animals, green forests and flat landscape of Terai region of Nepal than Chitwan Safari Tour is best. During the trip, you will get to see one horned rhino, royal Bengal tiger, leopard, and varieties of deer, monkey, red panda and many more. The rivers and lakes of the national park are home of crocodile and dolphins. You can see various beautiful birds like herons, cranes, ducks, woodpecker, hawks, kites, cuckoos and may more.

2. Bardia Jungle Safari:-

Situated at the mid-far western region, Bardia Jungle safari is the 2nd popular jungle safari of Nepal. It is the largest and unspoiled area in the Terai covering the area of 968 sq km. The area is very dense forest covered by sal trees and beautifully carpeted by grass. In the Safari trip, you can get to see many endangered species like wild elephants, rhinos, swamp deer, Bengal tiger, crocodiles, dolphins, and many other species. This trip offers you elephant rise, canoe ride, jeep drive etc.

3. Parsa Wildlife Reserve:-

This off beaten track Parsa wildlife reserve safari lies in the east of Chitwan National Park. It has covered the area of 499 sq km. The area allows you to experience the pristine beauty of Parsa Wildlife Reserve. In the safari area, you can get to see animals like wild elephants, Royal Bengal Tiger, wild dogs etc. You can observe this area by driving, walking or elephant safari. This wildlife reserve is naturally and culturally beautiful and has become favorite destinations of many tourists.

White Water Rafting in Nepal

Rafting is a popular leisure sport in Nepal which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. Rafting is suitable to do on white water or various degrees of rough water. To make your rafting successful you must have guts to deal with risk and ability to perform in teamwork which is the part of the experience. Nepal is the second richest country after Brazil in the context of water resources. For Rafting Nepal is the World’s greatest rafting destination. Rafting in Nepal offers you steep mountain surroundings, with warm rivers, a semi-tropical climate, impressive geography, beautiful cultures, wildlife as well as friendly welcoming people. So Nepal is the World’s best destination for Whitewater rafting. There are many rafting options such as Sun Koshi River Rafting, Bhotekoshi River Rafting, Trishuli River Rafting, Kali Gandaki River Rafting, Seti River Rafting and many more. Among them, Trishuli and Bhotekoshi River Rafting is highly famous.

1. Trishuli River Rafting:-

It takes probably 3 to 3.5 hours to reach Trishuli River and located west of Kathmandu. If you want to do rafting to be in Kathmandu or between the Kathmandu and Pokhara then Trishuli River is the best option. This river is a very popular rafting river full of impressive gorged also exciting and challenging pace. Autumn and spring are the suitable time to do this trip. This is the trip of a minimum of two days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu) with a minimum of 6 peoples. The distance of this river is about 38 km. the whitewater rafting Trishuli River is a good enjoyable way to get into the water of Nepal.

2. Bhotekoshi River Rafting:-

Bhotekoshi lies at the east side, 95 km from Kathmandu. After a long drive of 5 hours, you can reach to Bhotekoshi River. Bhotekoshi is a whitewater adventure which is a challenging river for rafting in Nepal. Bhotekoshi river rafter is really an exciting and gorges between the beautiful mountain valleys. This is the river with big bounces, dramatically adventurous and challenging rapids. If you are an adventure seeker then there is no better option than Bhotekoshi river rafting. Autumn and spring is the favorable time for the rafting. It is two days rafting with a minimum of 6 peoples. Tour trips start and end at Kathmandu. Bhotekoshi rafting is a package of full fun and adventure.

Zip Flyer in Nepal

Zip Flyer is a unique adventure activity which is in Nepal at Pokhara. Pokhara is a beautiful city in Nepal and a famous tourist destination. It is an adventure exciting sport that has been attracting a lot of tourists in our country. It is one of the new lunches sports in Nepal which is located at the most attractive place in Nepal. Sarangkot of Pokhara is a popular vantage point at the height about 1625 meter and is the starting point of zip flying.

It is the steepest, tallest, fastest and longest zip line of the world and you can imagine the about it experience. It is the most exciting sport. Here, you have to slide at 1.8 km long cable from the height of 1625 m at a speed of 140 km per hour. Zip flyer in Pokhara will give you the opportunity of seeing beautiful Annapurna Himal, Machhapucchre Himal, Dhaulagiri Himal, Lamjung Himal, and many others. The Zip Flyer is very comfortable built by using the best technology and quality, durability, safety, strength all is absolutely guaranteed.

Experiencing Zip Flyer overwhelmed you by the mixed feelings of fear, excitement, and happiness at one time. While flying you will be pleased by the lush nature of Pokhara, mountains with fresh air. It would be a great experience for you. Sarangkot just above the Pokhara is the starting point and Hemja is the ending point of zip flying.

Hang Gliding in Nepal

Hang Gliding is a very small aircraft which looks like a kite. It does not have an engine and consisted of a frame that is covered in cloth, the area where the pilot hangs. It is a simple and popular air sport full of thrills, challenges and adventurous. It is also both a competitive and recreational sport. Those who like to face challenges and risk then this adventure air sport is the best option for them. Glider should be very concentrated and careful to fly on hang gliding.

Nepal is an adventure paradise country with beautiful features and hangs gliding is a thrilling way to experience aerial motion with a breathtaking view of the natural beauty of Nepal. The hang gliding is made from aluminum alloy and also equipped with the modern flight control system. Pilots can enjoy long fly and some aerobatics enjoying the awesome sights from the high altitude. Sarangkot, just above the Pokhara is the site for hang gliding. The popular months for hang gliding are November, December, and January due to the super well weather during this time.

Gyrocopter Flight in Nepal

Gyrocopter is a small size sports vehicle that looks like a helicopter but starts like a plane. It has a very unique and cute shape. It has two seats one for passenger and one for the driver so, it carries just 1 passenger. This flies slowly but very safe. Gyrocopters are built from kits, plans and originally designed with various shapes and colors. Many people prefer this gyrocopter because it is safe and slow. It can stay up at just 5 or 10 knots.

Gyrocopter in Nepal is a new lunch and has become the most favorite of most of the visitors. It is introduced by Heli Air Nepal and it is Nepal’s first helicopter (Gyrocopter). The Gyrocopter trip gives you bird’s eye view of Beautiful Pokhara city. The ride offers you the beautiful view of Phewa Lake, World Peace Pagoda, lakeside, Queens Forest. After some min of Flight, you will get to view foothills of various peaks like Fishtail, Annapurna, and Lamjung Himal and many other sites like Panchase Village, Seti River, and Snow Lake etc.

Hunting in Nepal

Hunting is an amazing adventure activity in Nepal where human beings chase or kill the animals or birds for their food, as a sport, for profit or to fulfill their passion. Hunting was started since the Stone Age. It is the culture of many people in this era also. At Stone Age, people used to hunt by spears now people use guns mostly. Endangered animals are prohibited from hunting. Illegal hunting is banned and there is a rule of hunting. One can do hunting after taking permissions from the government.

Nepal is the richest country in natural resources, home of eight highest mountains numerous average mountains, lush green forest, and numerous other natural beauties. Nepal has many hunting reserves where you can hunt legally. There is Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve near to the Kathmandu Valley on the footsteps of the Himalayan. The species like Himalayan Thar, Himalayan Blue Sheep, Wild boar, and Barking deer are allowed to hunt. Hunters are also allowed to hunt their trophy.

Hunting in Nepal is full of challenge and thrills. Here you need to search animals by foot at high altitude likely over 3500m. Hunting is only allowed in the recommended area only. The hunting team will be taught about the hunting area and the hunting period. Your helping team will also help you to find out the animals but shooting decisions are only yours. The time period between February to April and August to October are appropriate for hunting in Nepal.

Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing is the adventure activity of climbing upon the rock, either down or across or natural, artificial. The goal of rock climbing is to reach the end point of the summit. It is a sport that can be done with specific equipment, depending upon the difficulty of the climb. This sport is the best options for adventure seekers. For completion of this sport, you should be physically fit, balance and a tricky little bit. Rock climbing is the present demanding sport.

Nepal is blessed with diverse topography and amazing landscape. It is also the home of eight highest Mountains of the world. Rock Climbing in Nepal is a full package of adventure and thrills. It is a challenging sport in which strength, endurance and balance of climbers can be tested. So, the climber should have proper knowledge of climbing and use of equipment. Rock climbing in Nepal leads you to explore the adventure and natural beauty.

Rock Climbing in Nepal is getting more popular per day among both locals and foreigners. Some of the best spots for rock climbing in Nepal are Balaju Rock Climbing, Hattiban Rock Climbing, Thamel Rock Climbing, and Bimal Nagar Rock Climbing. Except for monsoon season, all the seasons are suitable for rock climbing in Nepal.

Canoeing in Nepal

For canoeing, you need to propel a canoe with a paddle using human muscles power. Canoeing is a popular sport which reaches up to the Olympic. Canoeing is like boating but here you have to paddle yourself. This sport is perfect for your upper body exercise. Those who are adventure and thrill seekers should try this sport. This sport is extra and provides you a satisfying and unique experience. It is an old age sport and it used to be the mode of transportation before. Nothing has changed in present days also and still, it is used for fishing, hunting, sport, and recreation.

As Nepal is the second richest country in water resources, it is blessed with more than 16 rivers that you can choose for canoeing. Canoeing in Nepal is one of the most exciting and thrilling sport to enjoy holiday or outing. The trip will lead you to explore the ultimate beauty of the region that lies beside the rivers. All the rivers of Nepal are religiously important and used for performing several rituals. You also can see the performing rituals at the side of rivers by Hindu people of Nepal. As Nepal has an amazingly diverse landscape with the awesome wilderness of the Himalayas you should not miss the opportunity to experience adventurous and thrilling activities.

The Trishuli River of Nepal is mostly accepted river by the people for canoeing. Others rivers like Kali Gandaki, Bhote Koshi, Sun Koshi, Marshyangdi etc and many others are also equally suitable for canoeing. Canoeing helps in improving mental health along with lowering stress level. Canoeing is the best option for your outing with family and to get rid of daily monotonous life. Late spring and early summer is the appropriate season for canoeing in Nepal.

Canyoning in Nepal

Generally, Canyoning is the process of walking through George between cliffs or mountains. It is the ultimate adventure sport. The single canyoning combines the part of hiking, rappelling, swimming, cliff jumping, mountaineering and rock climbing too. So, it is a multi-disciplinary sport. Canyoner should have endless strength and balancing power for canyoning. It would be better if you do this adventure sport in the team so you can utilize each other’s strengths and skills.

Canyoning in Nepal provides you amazing full body and mind experience with exotic adventure. Canyoner has to pass from the close passage from rushing water. You will get to interact with lush green jungle, over the deep pools and down rock walls and beautiful waterfalls. Canyoning helps you to explore the most remote wilderness of Nepal. It is the most adventurous sport in the off beaten track that all the adventure seekers should try it. You will be accompanied by expertise and early spring and the early summer is the best time for canyoning.

Skiing in Nepal

Skiing is an interesting outdoor sport done over snow. It is also known as gliding over snow. It is a sport, recreation and also mode of transportation. For skiing over snow, you need to use a pair of long flat runners that is attached with your shoes or boots. Skiing is done while returning back from mountains or at the sloppy mountains. For skiing, you do not need to do hard training or practices. Especially, youngster more likes to experience this sport. This is a type of sport which contains full of thrills and more adventure. Skier should have good balancing power for the completion of the ski.

However, Nepal is the home of the mighty Himalayas and Mount Everest. Nepal is the perfect place for thrill seekers. Skiing in Nepal gives you a perfect combination of adventure and thrills. In Nepal, you can go skiing on various like Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Kanchenjunga, and many other small Himalayas. Ski will be more excited at the time of snowfall or winter season such as December, January, and February.

In Nepal, the ski is settled geographically at the high altitude world tallest summits premises, base camps, high passes, and slopes. Manaslu, Thorung La, Mera Peak, Khaptad etc are the best destinations for ski touring. In those areas where ski is not possible, there is the facility of Heli-Skiing. You can hire one Helicopter along with a guide and enjoy the sports event.

Skydiving in Nepal

Skydiving is an extreme sport where athletes jump from the airplane or Helicopter from certain altitude and also performs acrobatic movements in free fall state. In another language, it is also called parachuting. For skydiving, it needs lots of courage. Skydiving is performed under the full safety of parachute or balloon. After performing acrobatic in the air they use a parachute for the safe landing. Moreover,  Skydiving is a popular international freefall sport in Nepal. Those people who are fond of adventure and threat then they should try skydiving once. One should collect lots of courage for skydiving. Not only in Nepal but skydiving is the unique experience in the world and it is in the top bucket list.

Skydiving in Nepal provides an ultimate adventure to you. There are two choices for either at Everest region or at Annapurna region. Skydiving in the Everest region is the proudest and thrilling experience because you will get to do freefall in front of world highest mountains. Here, skydiving is done from plane or Helicopter from the world highest drop zone Gorak Shep, Kala Patthar of Everest region.

Similarly, if you want quite fewer thrills in your flying then you can do it from Pokhara. Pokhara is a beautiful city which lies around 200 km west of Kathmandu. Here, you will fly close to the breathtaking Annapurna and beautiful Fewa Lake below. During the trip, you will get to see the natural beauty of Nepal and different exotic Himalayan peaks that make your flying trip more exciting.

Ultralight Flight in Nepal

Ultralight is a lightweight vehicle that has the capacity of flying. This vehicle is airplane designed but not a real airplane. Ultralight is a very light aircraft with no windows and it is only two seated one for pilot and another for the passenger. This aircraft has the ability to reach close to the mountains so local tourists and foreigners tourist love to fly on it. People generally like to do this flight to have a close view of the mountains and to have an experience. Around 1997 Ultra Light Flight started in Nepal, it was the first in South Asia.

Ultralight flight in Nepal is a popular and best adventure experience. Pokhara is the only and best destinations for Ultralight flight in Nepal. Pokhara is a beautiful city and a famous tourist destination in Nepal. Ultralight flight from Pokhara offers you beautiful views of lakes, exotic mountains, and rural villages. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of Nepal. When you fly over the Pokhara Valley, you can see Pokhara city, glorious Himalayas and the most famous lake of Nepal Fewa Tal.

The duration of this light flight is a minimum of 15 min and a maximum of 120 min. Best time of experiencing this flight is early autumn to early spring. This flight provides you optimum pleasure with full safety. The breathtaking snow-capped Himalayas will please you with its power of natural beauty.

Paragliding/Parahawking in Nepal

If you have a dream to fly high like a bird then there is Paragliding and Parahawking for you to make your dream comes true. Paragliding is an interesting outdoor sport and the simplest and purest form of flying. It is a new way of feeling free and reaching those places where normally birds can see. Similarly, Parahawking is a new form of paragliding. It combines paragliding with falconry where birds like kites and prey are trained to fly with gliders, guiding them to thermals. Paragliding is a very popular and well-known adventure activity in Nepal.

In Nepal, Pokhara is the only city where you can experience paragliding. Pokhara is one of the beautiful cities of Nepal in the lap of Annapurna Mountain region and famous tourist destination. Those people who want to do paragliding or Parahawking in Nepal then Pokhara is only the best destination. The take-off spot of paragliding is from Sarangkot. This is the tandem flight that offers you breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas, ultimate flight experience and a beautiful view of Pokhara city with Fewa Lake.


· Ultimate flying experience like birds.

· Exotic scenery of the highest peak in the world.

· Breathtaking scene of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains.

· Soaring freely with the birds of prey in Parahawking.

· Peace and solo flight.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee Jumping is a kind of sport where the jumper falls from a very high place with full of safety. Nowadays, Bungee Jumping has become the wish of every people and wants to experience it once in their lifetime. In Nepal Bungee Jumping is quite popular for local and foreign tourist especially for youngsters. Some of the famous Bungee Jumping Locations of Nepal are as follows:-

1. Bhotekoshi Bungee Jumping:-

As Nepal has got unique landscape naturally, it has got many high hills. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Bhotekoshi from the Kathmandu and it is very close to the Tibetan border. Bhotekoshi is the first site of Bungee Jumping in Nepal. It is situated about 160m over the wild Bhotekoshi River. This site is specially designed by Swiss with 4x safety factor. You will be provided an absolutely safe jump. People having these health problems are not supposed to do Bungee Jumping like:-

· High blood pressure

· Pregnancy

· Orthopedic problems

· Neurological problems

· Heart diseases

2. Pokhara Bungee Jumping:-

Pokhara is the most popular place for the plethora of adventure sports like paragliding, zip flyer, ultra flight, trekking and especially for the Bungee jumping. The site of Bungee Jumping is located at the Pokhara Lakeside is the first and only tower Bungee of Nepal. It is the highest water touch Bungee not only of the country but of the world. You will jump from an 80m height with 3 sec of freefall. Furthermore, you will get to see the beautiful scenario of Pokhara. If you really are an adventure lover then you should not miss the Pokhara Bungee jumping. One should not try this jump if you have the following health problems:

· Neurological problems

· Pregnant

· Breathing problem

· High blood pressure

· Heart diseases.

Helicopter Tours in Nepal

The helicopter tour is an amazing kind of traveling from where you will get to see the close view of surroundings at a slow pace as like a bird do. It is a short tour which especially is done by those people who do not have enough time for trekking. So, the helicopter is the perfect choice for those visitors who cannot do the long trek. Likewise, the helicopter tour, as you will be much closer to the ground than in a plane, the buildings and the landscape can be taken in better. You can see for miles around and the scenery is just breathtaking. As helicopter accommodates typically few passengers at one time you can enjoy your sightseeing in a peaceful environment.

Most of the people do a helicopter tour to observe the breathtaking views of the highest Himalayas of Nepal closely and for this, there is no other better option than the helicopter. Similarly, this flight takes you very close to the earth’s highest mountain peak. In this tour provides you magnificent adventure, filled with inspiring scenery and beautiful peaks. You will get to see the countryside settlements and panoramic landscape of Nepal. Your flight will be controlled by a very experienced and professional pilot with thousands of flying hour experience. For us, your safety is the first priority.

Mountain Biking or Cycling

Mountain Biking is a popular adventure sports activities in the world. This is a famous outdoor game where you have to ride bicycles in off-road or over rough terrain. The bicycles are specially designed as mountain bikes to ride in rough terrain. Nowadays, Mountain Biking is hoppy of many people. For the mountain biking, one should be physically, mentally and socially fit. It is not a very easy sport to ride the cycle in mountain and rough terrains. As Nepal has got amazing landscape, it is very suitable and adventurous for mountain biking.

Mountain biking also helps to witness the exotic tourist attractions of our kingdom Nepal. Rider will get to see ancient routes of Trans Himalayan traders along with the rustic village life on Nepalese people. Trail of Mountain Biking in Nepal is incredible and also explores mountain villages, high passes, winding rivers, rice fields, majestic snowy Himalayas and many more. The non-rainy season is the right time for mountain biking. Mountain Biking is the best way to experience real adventure.

Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain Flight is a popular outdoor Himalayan activity which helps you to explore the exotic peaks closely through the flight. Mountain Flight is very helpful for those people who do not have a long time for trekking around mountains. This flight saves time from your hectic schedule. Mountain Flights is the best option if you are not able to trek because of your physical fitness and limited time. This flight helps you to get near to the Himalayas within an hour.

In the trip, you will get to explore incredible Mount Everest and many other 8000 m above peaks from the plane. Along with the peaks, you will get to see the scenic view of Kathmandu Valley. You will have the most thrilling and adventurous mountain flight experience. The flight takes you across the world highest peak Mount Everest and other breathtaking peaks like Gaurishankar, Cho Oyu, Pumori, Lhotse, Nuptse, and many more. You can have a very close glimpse of these beautiful mountains.

Your Mountain Flight starts with Kathmandu and also ends at Kathmandu. The months of spring and autumn i.e. February, March, April, October, and November are the best time for Mountain Flight in Nepal. During these months most of the time weather remains fine and stable and visibility also becomes clear. Your flight will be under the control of a very experienced pilot with full safety.

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