An Ultimate Guideline for Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper mustang trek An Ultimate Guideline for Upper Mustang Trekking
Upper Mustang trek a restricted area trekking in Nepal which was open fifteen years ago for foreigner trekkers. It is a totally different land in the world and important for old religious and historical place. Even People Frequently Ask Question about Upper Mustang Trek.

Where is Upper Mustang located? 

Upper Mustang is located in the western part of Nepal. Whereas Upper Mustang trek is passing through Pokhara. Nepal has two districts which are behind Himalaya they are Manang and Mustang which is totally different than other others districts. Lo Manthang is the headquarters of Upper Mustang which is close to Tibetan border.

Upper Mustang
Upper Mustang

What is the difference between Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang?

Upper Mustang is restricted area trekking where Lower Mustang is non-restricted area trekking region. Trekking to Upper Mustang needs guide and especial permit. Above the Kagbeni is Upper Mustang and lower part of Kagbeni a part of is Lower Mustang.

What will be the restricted permit cost of Upper Mustang trek?

Restricted area permit is also known as a special area permit. Upper Mustang restricted area permit cost the US $ 500 per head for ten days. Restricted area is special for religiously historically especial take care by the government. The coat of restricted area is very expensive than normal area.

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Why upper mustang is restricted trekking area in Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country in South restricted because of touched with open border of China.  Different animal and bird even indigenous cast of people culture tradition and very old different kinds of the monastery.  It is restricted because of open border with tibet too.

What is the best time to go Upper Mustang trek?

Best time for the upper mustang is except winter season snowfall time all most whole year you can travel. Even in winter people go traveling but it’s too cold. Most of the trekking Asia between China and India. Most of the trekking situated in hilly and mountain region. Some trekking area is trails in Nepal and very fewer people but Upper Mustang less rain area in Nepal. So you can go even monsoon too. The traveling in the rainy season offers the best greenery landscape view with numerous mountains. Traveling in best season offers long visibility with the great view of amazing landscape stunning view of many Himalayas.

What to see in the Upper Mustang and why Upper Mustang is famous trek?

Upper Mustang is also known as mini Tibet. Since 1950 Upper Mustang was the separate kingdom of Nepal. Walking to Upper Mustang is the experience of Tibetan lifestyles, the influence of Tibetan Culture, Buddhist religion. Visiting Muktinath, Lo – Manthang, Kagbeni valley, Kali Gandaki George, different unique caves, and monasteries are the main attraction for the travelers. Upper Mustang famous is a totally different place in the world.

Is it necessary to hire license holder guide for Upper Mustang trek?

The guide is necessary for any restricted area trek in Nepal. No one tourist can go alone to this trek.

The government authorizes trekking agency and government license holder guide is compulsory for upper mustang trek. Guide license should be valid and guide should enter name number license and have to take responsibility for the guest during this trek.

Why should go Upper Mustang through the company?

Everyone foreigners should go Upper Mustang via trekking agency which is government rule of Nepal. Upper Mustang is totally different land behind the long Himalaya. Longer than of Tibetan culture tradition human civilization different Tibetan religion. The old monastery around 10 century, an Amazing different stairs . Old caves with many rooms where the people spend the life before many centuries of culture art are the main attraction of this trek. Upper Mustang is like mini Tibet so foreigners have to go through a trekking agency.

How long does it take for Upper Mustang trek?

The normal time for upper mustang trek is ten days trek. If you want to extend or make short you can after ten days trekking permit cost takes the extra US $ 50 per person per day. Either you can do shorter days trek minimum permit will cost $ 500 per head.

How do I go Upper Mustang?

Upper Mustang lies behind the mountain so to go there you have to take the direct flight from Pokhara. There are different options to go Upper Mustang either you can go by helicopter or by motorbike or jeep or bus or if you can go by trek Annapurna round trek. So you can choose any one of the best options.

What is the highest point of the upper Mustang Trek ?

The highest point of Upper Mustang trek is 4230m / 13877 ft if you go through Dhakmar and Chogo la pass or if you go directly from through Tsarang the maximum height is 3850 meter.

How about the flight from Pokhara to Jomsom Mustang?

There is a daily flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. Pokhara Jomsom flight takes around 25 minutes. The flight passes between two mountains and in front of Mount Dhaulagiri and many other mountains its is a beautiful short flight with the stunning view of the mountains landscape. Typical villages mountains and glacier lakes are the main attraction of Jomsom to Pokhara flight.

Pokhara Jomsom flight view sceneries of pokhara jomsom flight
Sceneries of pokhara jomsom flight

How about food and accommodation in Upper Mustang Trek?

The high flow of tourist area like Kagbeni Muktinath Jomsom has the good hotel like hot water attach bathroom, good wifi,  Likewise, trekking route has tea houses which are like the homestay normal mattress pillow common bathroom. But most of the places have a different menu of food items.

What equipment should I need for Upper Mustang trek?

Trekking equipment and gears is most important before you start the trek. Trek equipment to enjoy and make the successful trek. Likewise trek equipment depending on your types of trekking and trekking areas. Trekking may various on Teahouse or camping, weather condition, trekking altitudes, trek season.

Following equipment is the main highlight of the trekking in Nepal.

Clothing items-

Jackets –down jacket or fiber

Waterproof and windproof jacket

Hiking trousers,

Hiking boots, sports shoes, sandal

Few pairs of sucks

Few t- shorts

Hat and sunglass


Thermal underwear

Warm t short and warm trousers


Equipment and accessories –

Sunglass/sun cream

Water bottler and water purify tablets

Sleeping bag

Headlight or touch


Trekking Poles

Day packing (snacks, chocolate rain jacket)

Rain covers and rain jacket

First aid kit (Paracetamol, Diamox / zodamile bandages etc )

Trekking map

Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, sun cream, face wash, floss, toilet papers)

Duffle bag and handbag

Optional items-


Battery chargers, socket adaptor

Books, journal, and pens

Camping Tent

GPS unit

Pocket knife

Notebook and dairy

What about internet and battery charge during upper mustang Trek?

Someplace like Jomsom, Kagbeni Lo Manthang, Muktinath have their good internet excess but they take extra wifi charge and someplace don’t have internet. If you have local cell phone somewhere you can use the phone call and internet but somewhere does not work. For battery charge most of the places have electricity but someplace they use solar so that place you can’t charge the battery

Is there camping Trek possible in Upper Mustang?

Few years were mostly available for camping trek but now a day’s everywhere available of normal tea house even some people can do camping trek as well. Yes, Camping trek and tea house both trekking are possible for Upper Mustang trek.

What type of Physical fitness do I need for Upper Mustang trek Trekking?

First of all, you have to physically and mentally fitness is main important for the Mustang trek. If you do your basic daily physical exercise it will help to do your Upper Mustang trek. Thousands of trekkers they successes to Upper Mustang trek in every season.

Is there any ATMs facility available during Upper Mustang trek?

Pokhara and Jomsom have bank and good ATM facility. So you have to take enough cash from Jomsom and Pokhara which is one of the best.

How is trekking route in Upper Mustang trek?

Few years before trekking route were off the beaten trail in this region. Similarly, now a day’s there is accessible of the road. There are road and trekking route in Upper Mustang trek. However, in Lo Manthang and most of the place and villages has the small trekking path. some people can complete this trek within 4 days due to access to the road.

Do I need travel insurance for Upper Mustang trek?

Travel insurance is the main thing for any travelers while traveling in a different place. While you are trekking to Upper Mustang travel insurance is most necessary for your own safety. Your travel insurance should cover your helicopter charter, accidental and medical coverage. There are many international travels insurance they do regular travel insurance for trekking in the Himalayas. So even travel insurance is more safety and reliable in this case.

 What about altitude sickness in Upper Mustang trek?

Altitude sickness is also known as mountain sickness. Mountain sickness is the main problem for any mountain trekkers. Some time trekkers might have altitude sickness during the Upper Mustang trek. There are different types of sickness like-

AMS – Acute Mountain sickness – AMS is a very common sickness like a hangover, dizziness, muscle ache, nausea, headache vomiting tec

HAPE – High Altitude Pulmonary Edema – HAPE direct impact on lungs it’s fluid in the lungs which are dangerous for breathing.

HACE- High Altitude Cerebral Edema – HACE it’s the different form of altitude sickness its fluid in the brains

Thus, HACE and HAPE are the main dangerous and life-threatening form of mountain sickness. Patient has to treat on time if not treated on time if late they may die. Whereas AMS is normal mountain sickness then HACE and HAPE.

What about communication system during Upper Mustang trek?

Communication is most important for mountain trekkers. Some of the places have a good communication system during Upper Mustang trek and someplace may not have. Some of the places have also satellite phone to call. NTC and Ncell both have a connection in the trek. So our guide and porters have NTC and Ncell number to contact.

Thus I hope this information will help to complete your Upper Mustang trek. If you have any more queries about Upper Mustang please click here. 

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