Best Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

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Best Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

Base Camp generally means a starting point for mountaineering, expedition base camps is famously known to all trekkers. It is a journey of climbing over mountains experiencing adventure and thrills. So the base camp treks have become attractive destinations among trek lovers. Base camp trek in any mountains provides you the opportunity of viewing the breathtaking scenery of other beautiful Himalayas, green hills, Nepalese Himalaya culture etc. If you really want to build up your carrier in mountaineering then you must try the Base Camps in Nepal once. The Himalayas of Nepal is such beautiful that every person has a dream to trek once in their lifetime.

Some of the famous base camp treks of Nepal are listed below: –

Everest Base Camp Trek (5365m)
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek (5143m)
Annapurna Base Camp Trek (4130m)
Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek (4500m)
Makalu Base Camp Trek (5000m)
Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek (3700m
Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek (4750m)
Manaslu Base Camp Trek(4800m)
Everest Base Camp (5365m): –

Everest Base Camp Trek is the most famous trek among all treks as Mount Everest has unique landscape, unmatchable beauty, and hidden mystery. It is the dream of everyone to have a glance on Mount Everest once in their lifetime is the dream of everyone to have a glance on Mount Everest once in their lifetime. Also, there is very less air pressure in Mount Everest. As it is the highest mountain in the world, who do not want to stop there? It is the pride of Nepal and precious wealth too. Base camp in Everest is the bucket-list of many trekkers as it is easy to see. The trek starts from the thrilling 2860m landing strip at Lukla Airport, heavy winds coming through the stunning alpine landscape and along some of the most iconic peaks of Nepal. Along the way, you will get to see the several Chortens, prayers flag which adds spirituals setting and the view like Kala Patthar (5550) m adds physical challenge to the trekkers.

Similarly, there are some of the major attractions of Khumbu valley beside the base camp trek. Tenzing Hillary Airport, Lukla is not the core part of trekking but no one can be escaped from being amazed that how the establishment of Airport can be possible on such height. Namche Bazaar is an excellent example that how the tourism industry can develop Nepal. As it is the trading center of this region you can find lots of shops, hotels, and restaurant there. Although the price of goods is very high there, all the customer’s needs can be fulfilled. Likewise, Tengboche Monastery is also famous because Sagarmatha can be easily seen from here. Everest Base Camp Trek is the perfect opportunity to observe the lifestyle of brave Sherpa, who is an inhabitant of Himalayas.

During the ascent and descent, the mountain climber uses south base camp and north base camp. The Everest south base camp is the most popular and most visited ridge by thousands of trekkers each year. There is no transportation system in the south camp base of Everest. Similarly, to visit in north base camp it is necessary to take permit from the Chinese government and also to visit Tibet.

There is a transportation system in the north base camp of Everest. The entire tourist must take the buses managed by the government to limit the traffic from the base camp in the last stretch of gravel road. For most of the people, the highlight of the trekking to reach the top of the camp getting the close view of Khumbu valley and Khumbu Icefall.  If you want to experience the real adventure and thrills you are welcome to Everest Base Camp.

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Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5143m): –
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking

It is another famous destination of trekkers which is the 3rd highest peak in the world. If you enjoy stretching of remote and empty trails to the busy teahouse treks then Kanchenjunga base camp is perfect for you. It is the third highest mountain of the world with the height of 8586m lies at the eastern border of Nepal and Sikkim of India. By the many trekkers, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek has been described as the best trekking route in rural Nepal. The meaning of Kanchenjunga come five treasures of great snow, and it is the reference of five summits that makes Kanchenjunga. As this route is trekked by fewer crowds you will be amazed by the beautiful countryside and the unique lifestyle of Nepalese culture.

The major things that attract you to the Kanchenjunga region trekking are that u can enjoy the scenic flight from Kathmandu to Taplejung which offers you such a beautiful view of the Himalayas that makes you goosebumps, especially the Kanchenjunga range. You will also get the chance to explore the beautiful eastern part of Nepal. If you visit Kanchenjunga Base Camp you will get the best experience of the mountains. Around the Kanchenjunga conservation area, it explores the rich diversity of plants and animals. Also, you will get to interact with different people of different culture of this region with is a delightful experience.

Kanchenjunga base camp is very popular because it is enthusiastic, an extended adventure to the most remote and beautiful areas of the Himalayas in the eastern area of Nepal. The itinerary of Kanchenjunga Base Camp starts by reaching the north part of Kanchenjunga Mountain and there you will get to see the views of Tent peak, Nepal peak, Cross peak and after that Kanchenjunga Base Camp itself become visible in front of you. In the journey, after passing all massifs you will visit the Yak pasture of Ramche and Oktang from where you can see the beautiful views of the southwest face of Kanchenjunga and it has become successful to impress many trekkers.

It is also known as the beautiful mountain massif in the world. This is one of the trekking trails which is wonderfully free from the crowd and found around Everest and Annapurna.

Although Kanchenjunga Base Camp is beautiful it is very hard to trek there without a porter. If you are interested in Kanchenjunga Base Camp you are provided the finest guide, quality of service and reasonable & affordable price.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek (4130m): –

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

It is the eighth highest mountain in Nepal and the tenth highest mountain in the world with the height of 8091m and with the elevation of 26545ft. This whole massif is protected under the Annapurna Conservation Area, which is the first and largest conservation area of Nepal. The Base Camp trek of Annapurna is an amazing walk through diverse landscape complete culture with rich mountain views, terraced fields, and beautiful Gurung villages and the very large variety of flora and fauna.

It is one of the most popular walks on the earth. On the trip you will get to see the majestic morning views of the mountains. You will get to see the breathtaking sunrise views along the path of the trek. This trek combines lots of different landscapes and brings you very close to the base of 7000 and 8000 m peaks. In the journey of base camp of Annapurna, you will witness rich cultural diversity and also pass through remote farm as well as village populated by Gurung People. They are popularly known all over the world for their bravery. You will love to experience the culture, old traditions and religious values of Gurung people.

As Mt. Annapurna is the main highlight of the trek but there are many more attractions of this trip like there are many hot springs in Annapurna region which is purely natural and absolutely free of cost. It will feel like heaven to dip your tired body inside the hot spring. It is also believed that water of hot spring also helps to heal a different kind of diseases. There is famous Poon Hill on the way to Annapurna Base Camp and this is a vantage point for the most beautiful scene of that place sunrise and sunset.

You can get to see different mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Himchuli, Machhapuchhre etc. but it looks more stunning during the sunrise and sunset. Some people also do short trek up to the Poon Hill but you also can finish the Base Camp. This trip offers you to take photos with a very beautiful background. You will come across the traditional villages of Gurung people. Some of the places like Landruk, Ghandruk, and Chomrung. In this place, you will get to see the all culture and tradition of local people very closely. One can see all types of flora and fauna when trekking to Annapurna Base Camp. It is very rich in different flowering and non-flowering plants and rhododendron and orchids are the major ones. Similarly, the Annapurna region is also very rich in wildlife. Many rare and endangered animals like Himalayan Thar, Musk deer, leopard etc are getting to see here. Annapurna Base camp also leads you to the Machhapuchhre Base Camp so you will visit two base camps in one trip.

These were some of the major attraction of the Annapurna Region on the way to Annapurna Base Camp for the enjoyment of trekkers. However, some of the trekkers only enjoy their walking rather than observing other sites. Above mentioned activities are only the plus points that add any meaning to your trip.

For the Annapurna Base Camp, the time between March to May (spring) and September to December (autumn) is the best. It will good to the trekkers trekking in summer rather than winter. Trekking region of Annapurna is easily accessible having different trailheads starting just an hour from Pokhara. You are welcome to explore the majestic mountain views of beautiful Himalayas and get a wonderful trekking experience of the Himalayas with our team. We are here for satisfying you with our quality of service.

Mardi Himal Base Camp trek (4500):-
Mardi Himal base camp trek Mardi Himal Base Camp
Mardi Himal base camp trek

It is located just east of one of the legendary trekking destination of Nepal that is Annapurna Base Camp Trek. This trek is a relatively new route of Annapurna region. It was exactly opened in 2012 and from then to now but there is not much crowd like other treks in the region. Mardi Himal Trek is one of the richly diverse treks and it takes you through rocky mountain terrain and beautiful greenery forest along with several base camps where snowfall is occurred depending on the time of the year you visit.

This trek can be finished according to your time requirements. Mardi Himal is a peaceful trekking route in the Annapurna region with very few trekkers along the way. This trekking is still an enjoyable trekking route that requires minimum efforts. It is about a week long trip to the Himalayas where you will get to see stunning views of snowy peaks from small Nepali villages. Comparing to other popular treks of Annapurna region it is a more interesting trek. This trek consists of short ascend or descend like every day. The teahouse of Mardi Himal Trek is basic and offers only essential things that are required for trekkers. Although this trek does not provides many facilities, it is one of the best short treks which are crowd-free, less expensive and enjoyable trekking. This trek is more suitable for those trekkers who do not have more time but want to experience the trekking.

The journey of Mardi Himal Trek offers you city excursion like sightseeing tour in Kathmandu and Lalitpur valley. You can visit the city of god and goddess Kathmandu likewise, a city of art and culture Lalitpur. You also can do a short visit to World Heritage sites like Pashupati temple, Boudhanath stupa, Swayambhunath etc that shows you the unique cultural blend of Hinduism and Buddhism. This trek is off the beaten route along with pristine beauty. This trek is also known for rich biodiversity and panoramic landscape.

This trek will impress you with its unique and mesmerizing natural plus cultural blend from start to the end of your journey. The journey of Mardi Himal Trekking offers you mystical Mountain scenery of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhare, Mt.Hiunchuli, and Annapurna south. The views of these beautiful and lofty Himalayas comfort your tired legs and help to make your trek a worthwhile experience. The Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek is well connected with Poon Hill longer version.

For the Base Camp Trek in Mardi Himal minor training or practices at home will be enough. The quality of meals will be provided to you in your wish. You can choose your accommodation according to your budget. This trek can be done during the whole year however the months like January to May and October to December is comparatively better. Most of the trekkers come here at the best season because during these months the sky is crystal clear, the views become incredible and weather is breathtaking. Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek is one of the best short treks that are suitable for beginners to moderate trekkers including minor families. In this trek, you will also get witness the actual trails that are used daily by the Himalayan people.

Makalu Base Camp trek (5000m):-
Makalu Base Camp trekking, Trek to Makalu BAse Camp
Makalu Base Camp trekking

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain of the earth and fourth highest mountain of Nepal with the height of 8485m and elevation of 87838feet. Makalu is an isolated Peak located 22 km east from Everest and Kanchenjunga Nepali-Tibetan Borders. The most beautiful Makalu Base Camp Trek lies in the heart of eastern Nepal. This is an outstanding trek of eastern Nepal that offers a combination of rich cultural heritage, unsurpassed beauty, and biological diversity. Chamling Himal and Barun Valley are the main jewels of this trekking area. Makalu Trekking region is very close to the Everest trekking region.

Makalu Base Camp Trekking is the most challenging trip and unfrequented trekking areas of Nepal. As it is one of the most popular trekking destinations among all solitary trekkers, Makalu Base Camp Trek offers you an exceptional opportunity to explore high altitude terrains, snow-clad landscape and ethnic lifestyle of Himalayan people. Your journey to Makalu Base Camp Trekking starts with an hour-long flight to Tumlingtar but the real trek starts from Chichila. The lower and the upper reaches of the trials are renowned for lushness with verdant rhododendron forest and polished granite cliffs crapped by hanging glaciers, overflowing with waterfalls.

The 5000m Makalu Base Camp Trekking is the perfect choice for adventure lover. The grade of this trek is strenuous. It will be fruitful to you if you came at the time period between March to May and September to November for the trekking in Makalu because these are the best season for this trek. Your trek for Makalu Base Camp starts from Kathmandu and end in Kathmandu as well.

This precious natural paradise includes beautiful mountains, fresh green forest, and a wide variety of Plants and animals and the local people who are very warm-hearted and straight forward with rich in culture and varied customs. This region is fully blessed with an incredible diversity of natural beauty. Besides, trekking in Makalu you will get the chance to visit different famous places of Kathmandu. Similarly, having a wide range of altitudinal and climatic variation Makalu Barun National Park offers you diverse habitat for the very rich variety of flora and fauna. You also will get to visit Arun and Barun valley which are the communities of Rai, Sherpa, and Bhotias farmers.

Those who are physically strong and have passion on doing adventurous activities will surely enjoy this trip Makalu Base Camp Trek. If you are coming for this trip you will be provided quality of service from our company, the shorts of package you want. Our first priority will be your safety and to give more satisfaction.

Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek (3700m):-

Ganesh Himal view Ganesh himal ruby valley Trekking Ganesg himal picture

Ganesh Himal has situated 70 km from north- northwest of Kathmandu Nepal. This peak has the height of 7422m and 24350ft. Likewise, Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek lies to the south of Langtang range that carries its name is endowed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. It especially explores the flora and fauna with its natural beauty. The forest areas of there are home to Spanish Oak, Rhododendron and Blue Pine. There are about 40 species of orchid, 300 species of birds, tahr, musk deer, wild boar, several species of monkey and other variety of creature. There are also splendid displays of beautiful seasonal flowers where bees and butterflies are accompanying.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of good fortune that is elephant headed. The Ganesh Himal Base Camp trek raises to the north of Kathmandu and during clear days its four impressive peaks can be can be seen as like it is a part of crystal chain shining along the Tibetan border. This Ganesh Himal Region is perfect for you if you do not want any disturbance or crowd during your trek. Ganesh Himal Trek is the Sandwich between the Manaslu Range to the west and the popular Langtang Gosaikund Valley to the east. Drive from Kathmandu follows the Trisuli River into the hills through an amazing landscape of forest, terraced farmlands and ancient villages to their small town.

In this region, most of the people are Gurungs and Tamangs and trail initially lead through friendly thatched roofed villages above terraced farmlands and it is densely populated forests above. From the high ground of this region, you will get the opportunity to see the spectacular views of the high Himalaya to the north. In addition, you also will get to see the lifestyle of the countryside people. This Ganesh Himal Trekking itinerary is the best trek on which to experience a slice of ancient culture and unspoiled nature in the setting of grand Himalayan. It will be beneficial for you if you come to visit the peak at the time of autumn and spring because these are the best time to visit Ganesh Himal Base Camp Trek.

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek (4750m):-
Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek, DBC trek, Trekking to Dhaulagiri
Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trekking, DBC trek

Dhaulagiri Mountain lies 120km from the Kaligandaki River west to the Bheri. This massif is bounded on north and southwest by tributaries of Bheri River as well as by Myagdi Khola on the southeast. Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain of the earth and sixth highest mountain of Nepal with the height of 8167m and 26759 ft above sea level. Among the altitude lovers, Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal.

Dhaulagiri located in North West of Annapurna western Nepal this trek is a most adventurous and challenging base camp trek. The trek to Dhaulagiri base camp is regarded as one of the most remote treks with beautiful fascinating trips which offer a chance to get closer the world highest mountains including Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and also its massif including several soaring peaks. This trekking leads you on awesome inspiring passage to Dhaulagiri massif that enfolds more than 30 peaks which are over 6000m.

Although Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trekking is a challenging trek, this journey offers you the splendor of panoramic views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges with the lush green valleys, tranquil landscape, snowy high passes, and pine and rhododendron forest, exciting glaciers and ice cover peaks. Being one of the most challenging treks the exciting offers like exploring flora and fauna, hot spring, waterfalls, amazing views of Dhaulagiri massif, Thorong peaks, Annapurna massif, Kali Gandaki River, culture and traditional lifestyle of the inhabitants of that region will surely leave an unforgettable impression on your mind.

The time period between September to November and March to June are the best season to trek Dhaulagiri Base Camp. It will be more exciting and fruitful for the trekkers if they have good knowledge of fitness along with the knowledge of trails, challenging climates passing through the high altitude. Dhaulagiri peak itself is well known for some remarkable mountaineering feats along its worth experiencing the mountain first hand. On your journey, you will get a sense of success as well as the drama that has surrounded this mountain.

This trekking is the mixed bag full of adventure, challenges, and beautiful natural attractions. The Base camp trek to Dhaulagiri massif starts from Kathmandu and end in Kathmandu. During your journey beside trekking, you get to visit lots of exciting places in Nepal. By making your journey enjoyable we also take serious care about your safety throughout your whole journey. Even we will be always there for you to help until you are not back to your home. We can design the packages according to your requirements along with some discounts and guaranteed on customers satisfaction.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek (4800m):-

Manaslu Round Trekking

Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain of the world and seventh highest mountain of Nepal. It has the height of 8153m and 26748ft which is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet. Manaslu Base Camp Trekking is another famous trekking destination in Manaslu Region. It is the natural paradise that is untouched lies at rural valley trail in Nepal. Manaslu Base Camp Treks provides you to see the perfect views of mountains, the combination of rich cultural heritage, real adventure, the beauty that is incomparable as well as biological variety. This area also offers a good mix of cultural and traditional diversity and the fantastic scene of the countryside.

On the trekking paths, there are inhabitants of local people who are very innocent and still, most of the people are Tibetan and they use their own language to speak. In tour trip you will be guided by the experience trek guide and he will brief you about that area and you have time to explore the real life of Nepalese people as well as you will get to visit Buddhist inhabitants sacred monasteries and combined with the great views of Tibetan plateau along with the white Himalayas proves that it is a truly spiritual place. During your journey trekking to Manaslu Base Camp, you will get chance to visit the very old monastery of that place “Sama Gompa” at a village called Sane Gaou along with the close view of Mt. Manaslu.

You will be fully cared for by our porters and guides in your journey. As Manaslu trekking has a unique surrounding which is exceptionally rich in its biodiversity and it has helped to make it popular as the tourist destination from several years. This region has got the many beautiful features like natural scenery, high glacier lakes, fascinating flora, and fauna with the view of the majestic Himalayan range have made Manaslu one of the best places of Nepal.

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