Best time to do Everest base camp Trek

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When is the best time to do EBC Trek??

The trip to EBC is always ongoing for any adventure lovers. Amazing landscape & adorable beauty always inspires you to visit many times to Everest base camp. Once you decide to do a trek of EBC tour then you must have information about the best time to visit. Majestic view of mountains, unique culture & mesmerizing environment inspires you at all. Any high altitude trek so, itself is a challenging trek. This trip will be more interesting when you join in a perfect time & season. An incredible journey to the Everest base camp is the highest mountain in the world. You will experience a beautiful tranquil of Everest’s reason.
However, Autumn & spring season are the best time to explore the wilderness of dramatic scenery of the EBC. If you book this trip in & spring season then it will be perfect to explore the beauty of heaven. During these two seasons is the highest trekking season in Nepal. The weather becomes clear & under a blue sky, stunning landscape mesmerizes to everyone. In the same way, the trail to the Sagarmatha national park gives the incredible beauty of the lush of rhododendron & pine forest. During autumn & spring season you don’t have to worry about thick mist, fog & torrential forest. Even Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla gives a dazzling incredible beauty. With generally starting in the winter & monsoon season. Sometime weather prediction might be wrong therefor flight may not occur on time. It might be impossible to give the exact information about the weather. It may cause some delay in your flight even entre trekking. So you don’t have to worry about these problems in these Spring and Autumn seasons.
Further trekking to the EBC in winter & monsoon season has a low chance of crowd & human traffic. Even you can get accommodation facilities easily. Below is the description of the best time to do the Everest base camp tour.

Everest Base Camp Trek in the Autumn season

The autumn season in Nepal starts from September, October, November. During this time the weather & temperature of Nepal is best for all types of trekking & expedition. During this autumn season, you can see clear blue sky & dramatic views of mountains. Although it is the best time to visit you don’t have to worry about the snowfall & rainfall during the trek. Also, the temperature during this time is moderate for an incredible walk to the periphery of Everest.
Even Everest Base Camp trek is situated at an altitude of 5,364m. That’s why a trip to EBC is a part of heaven. During autumn season temperature maximum temperature of base camp is about 10 degrees Celsius. But above an altitude of 4,000m temperature falls blow negative degree. During nights you can feel cold like winter season. More interesting about the Mount Everest trip it is full glaciers, wide flora & fauna. That’s why visiting at autumn season adds more glamour. Display with a pleasant environment fully supports the beauty of the trip. Similarly, the autumn season is the time where we can enjoy the joy of the festival. From October to November w can see vibrant displays of the Mani Rimdu Festival. This popular festival is held at the Tengboche monastery which is celebrated for 19 days.
During the autumn season almost the best time for all types of expedition & trekking. That’s why there might not be a weather problem. Sometimes a crowd of trekkers heading to the Everest base camp up and down that’s why we have to book al in advance. Sunrise Adventure trek will book a flight, accommodations, guide and porters and many more.

Trek to EBC in Spring Season

Spring season is the best to promote the endeavor beauty of Everest & amazing landscape. Most of the tourist treks in Everest base camp in the spring season. In Nepal, mostly spring season starts from March to May. During this season temperature rises & creates warmness in the environment. Almost trail of the entire trek becomes more enjoyable when you see the beauty of green hills & forest. Green lush valley, rhododendrons start to blossom & chirping sounds of birds brings more enthusiasm among tourist. Usually trekking at other times may have bad weather & precipitation. But, during these seasons you don’ have to worry about these weather challenges so almost the weather is good.
Also during this spring season, Nepali celebrates their New Year in mid-April. Almost this incredible season is full of flora& fauna. The joyful environment also gives an impressive nature among the visitors.
During the Spring season almost it is the best time for all types of expedition& trekking. That’s why there might be a problem with human traffic. If we don’t book our EBC trek in earlier we may not enjoy trek as we expected and may have to face the problem accommodations and flight.

Everest base camp trek in the winter season

Winter season at EBC, weather is almost dry & precipitation level is below 7 mm. If you are in dilemma about visiting Everest at the right time. Then we will provide you a piece of information about the right time for visiting the Mt. Everest.
During winter season few people joint trek during the winter season. Excessive coldness & sometime may be snowfalls which may bring an obstacle for any trekkers. Like high season you don’t have to face problems like a high season. In the same way, if the weather becomes clear & perfect then you will get easily a flight from Lukla. Moreover, you can easily get accommodation facilities at the hotel and Kathamndu Lukla flight as well. If you are a sense of peace and cold lover, winter season is the best for EBC trekking there are fewer crowds and more cold on the trek. That’s why you can spend a vacant holiday at your favorite destination.

EBC trekking in Monsoon season

Although, monsoon season is raining seasons in Nepal only a few people join for EBC trekking. Below an altitude of 3,500m, it receives rainfall. From mid-June, July and August monsoon occurs in Nepal. Excess rainfall overwhelms in this time. But another part is excellent views of waterfalls & rivers can be observed while you do EBC trek on monsoon.
The temperature during the monsoon season is about 15 degrees Celsius on the EBC trail. While at night sometimes it’s about -5 degrees Celsius at Everest base camp. During this period very few people come to visit this trek which is best to avoid crowed. That’s why it will be blissful for those trekkers who are nature lovers& avoid crowds. Random being less crowd, if the weather is clear then you can get a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. But someday Kathmandu to Lukla flight is delayed for several days because of bad weather. Further, you can easily access the accommodation facilities at hotels.
Sometimes Weather prediction can be best for a clear view of the whereas, it can be challenging for some time. Almost trekking in Nepal is best for visiting all the season. But trekking at EBC is a bit challenging while you have a lack of previous experience.

In conclusion

Everest base camp trekking is a worldly famous trek so the weather is the main thins to make the successful trek. We have to conscious while doing EBC trek in advance. Weather and temperature are ideal things in Everest to make the tour memorable one. Thus, Spring and Autumn are the best weather to do EBC trek then Monsoon and Winter season. Some time mountain weather is not absolutely correct as we prediction from weather forecasts.

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