Best Trekking gears shop in Kathmandu

Best Trekking gears in Kathmandu

1. Looking for the backpacking gears in Kathmandu?

Are you looking for the backpacking gears in Kathmandu? Of course, you can buy or rent any bag packing gears in Kathmandu, Thamel. Thamel is the main tourist hub for finding everything for the backpackers. Bag packing is quite important while you travel either inside or outside the country.  Even though, good trekking gears is very significant to make your Himalaya trek comfort and easy.
You can buy all trekking gears in Thamel easily. Travellers can also buy, sale and renting bag packing gears in Thamel. Next, for the shopping and renting trekking gears and equipment it’s even you can ask your guide or companies. Where they have good legitimate with trekking shop.
Likewise, you can also buy an international brand of outdoor gears in Thamel. Like North Face, Mountain Hardware in legitimate stores in Thamel located at Tridevi Marga, Thamel.
You can also buy sale and rent all types of trekking gears in Paknajol, Thamel at Sunrise Trekking Store.
Sunrise Trekking store has available all types of trekking gears at a reasonable price.
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2. Outdoor Gears and equipment are given below –

Clothing items- Caps & hats, Gloves, Down jackets and light jackets, shirts and t-shirts, trousers, Rainwear, summer wear etc.
Bag packs and Bags – At least you can buy one heavy bag and next light bag
Footwear- Shoes and sandal, sucks, knee supporter and ankle supporter if needed
Tents and Sleeping Bags- You should have a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bags
Safety and First aid- First aid medicine, knives, helmets, protection
Technical Gears – Carabineers, Harness, Crampons, ice axe. Walking stick, Anchors and accessories, climbing ropes so on.
Electronics items- Camera and binoculars, Compass & GPS if you have Headlamp or touches, Watches
Accessories – Water bottle, eye wears, kitchenware, furniture, pot

3. Mountain Climbing Gears –

Harness, Helmet, Gloves, Carabineers/ Runners/ Quickdraws, Ice axe. Shovel, Belay/ Rappel, Crampon, Ice hammers, Climbing Ropes, Shovel, Ice hammer etc.

4. Hiking/Trekking/ Gears

There are different trekking gears/ equipment is needed on the bases of how difficulties of your trek? You can use different gears depending on the season and altitudes of the trek. Down jackets, windproof jacket, trousers, trekking gloves, bag packs, trekking pole, headlamps, hats.
Footwear/boot/shoes/ sandal /, sleeping bag, sleeping liner, mats, money wallet, padlock, polar fleece jacket. umbrella watch, duffel bag, waterproof jackets, sunglass/goggles, tent. Sandals, socks, thermal wear, water bottle, knives pot and accessories etc.
Finally, best trekking gears and equipment is the main factor to make your hiking and trekking awesome

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