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We need to confirm booking your trip earlier for our prior reservation of hotel, air ticket, vehicles, guides, and porters TIMS card, entrance permits etc. At first before your confirm booking please make sure that you have to read our relevant details trip package and itinerary carefully only then you do confirm booking your trip.

1. How to make the payments in foreign currency (USD) you can do payment from the following option as any suitable for you.

Better you can direct payment to our bank account of our company here is our bank details

 Account Name -Sunrise Adventure Trek Pvt. Ltd

 Account Number – 0570010123800 SWIFT Code – MBNLNPKA Bank Name – Mega Bank Nepal LTD. Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal

(Bank service charge related to submitting deposit is your own expenses)

US $ Bank details for dollar transfer –

Account Name: Sunrise Adventure Trek P. Ltd Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Ltd. Account Number: 03106529520027 Account Type: USD Address: Sorakuthe, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal SWIFT CODE: HIMANPKA

Similarly, we do accept major card payment like Credit card, Visa card, Master card etc. If you like to do payment via credit card or online payment please log in here – SUNRISE ADV……. Once you log in and fill in the form details and send to us at – info@sunriseadventuretrek@gmail.com

*You can also transfer money by Western Union, IME, Money gram etc for this you can use full name MR. Suresh Bhandari

*You have to make full payment before you start any trip for Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India

Cheque Payment:- Please you can do cheque payment toSunrise Adventure Trek Pvt. Ltd and post it below address – Sunrise Adventure Trek Pvt. Ltd G.P.O. BOX = 7538 Paknajol ,Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

2. Last Minute Booking –

Actually, we accept your last minute booking only for Nepal trip but we don’t accept last minute booking for Tibet , Bhutan and India which needs minimum prior 15 working days before start your trip. First, make minimum 20% payment for confirm booking the trip which is nonrefundable but you can postpone the trip. Next, if you pay 50 % or full payment earlier you will get only 50 % refund of your total payment before you start the trip in case you cancel the trip. But you can postpone the trip for any date while you make the booking. This booking system is applicable for national and international booking and payment system for all types of trip.

3. First to confirm booking your trip you should make minimum 20% payment via bank transfer and remaining 80 % payment you can pay on arrival before start the trip. For credit card payment extra 4% will be charge it’s for credit card processing bank charge which needs with you’re a copy of passport and credit card copies. Your copy of passport and flight details is required while you are booking the trip we need to book your flight details, TIMS, permits hotels etc. every things in advance. Your passport should have at least 6 months valid.

4. Flight delays for Kathmandu / Lukla – Sometime Lukla flight may delays in Kathmandu due to the bad weather and air traffic problems. If your flight is delayed and we will continue wait for next day flight but we will provide hotel in Kathmandu. If Lukla flight cancel until two days than we have options either we will divert your trek to Annapurna region within same cost or we will arrange helicopter charter to Lukla flight with group sharing basis which cost extra more around $ 500 per person depending in a group size.

5. Cancellation and Refund policy –

I. According to our company rules and regulation no any refund for 20 % payment of your total amount in case of any circumstance if you cancellation the trip but you can postpone the trip for next date.

II. If Sunrise Adventure Trek cancels the trip due to the uncertain circumstance like civil war, conflict, natural disasters etc. we will rearrange your alternative trip or will refund your amount minus from your previous service expenses if you are on the trip. If in case these things happen before the trip we will make your full refund.

III. If you paid early minimum half or full payment you will get only 50 % refund in case of any reason either you can cancel trip or you can postpone the trip.

IV. We do understand sometime things happen and plan may be changes during and before trip. If you cancel the trip after your full payment your minimum 50 % payment will be deducted but you have option to postpone the trip.

V. If you finish the trip earlier of the total days and if you cancel or stop the trip after your full payment due to the different circumstance like health problem and your personal reasons etc. If this is the case happens please you have to be sure that we don’t make any refund because we should pay to our staffs, guides, porters, cooks, hotels etc according to our previous plan they are obliged work for total days either you finish earlier or cancel the trip it’s all your own lost.

If you have any confusion please feel free to ask us at Email – sunriseadventuretrek@gmail.com for your more information please contact us- Tel + 977-1-4365048 OR Cell No +977-9841668665