Complete Guide to Annapurna Base Camp trekking

ABC trekking
Complete Guide to ABC trekking 

The best legendary trek in the world, Annapurna base camp trekking is a popular choice among diverse outdoor enthusiasts. Located in the Annapurna Conservation Area near Pokhara, ABC is one of the safest treks. This trek is an enjoyable and thrilling destination in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Combined with dramatic views of the mountain ranges and nature, ABC trail is one of the most beautiful walks. This alluring journey takes you to the ethereal Annapurna Himalayas.

The journey itself is moderate. And you can even trek to Annapurna Base Camp without any previous experience with us. You just need to be physically and mentally fit for this trekking. However, trekking the Annapurna Base Camp is to embark on the intrinsic beauty of nature and the cultural purity of the Annapurna region. You will encounter a mix of ethnic groups while in the Annapurna region. Yet, this trek provides the local experience of the ethnic culture of Gurung and Magar the most. And you feel the immense joy to see their lifestyle while passing by their small settlements.

Moreover, every step of the ABC trek nourishes you in amazing sights of the beautiful mountain ranges. The unique and incredibly amazing setting of Annapurna Base Camp at 4,130m/13,549ft makes Annapurna Base Camp one of the most beautiful base camps. The panoramic view of the Annapurna and its surrounding ranges are breathtaking are astounding from the base camp. Also, Annapurna I (8,091m/26,545ft), Annapurna South (7,219m/23,684ft), Machapuchhre (6,993m/22,942ft) and Hiunchuli (6,441m/21,131ft) views are best from the base camp.

Additionally, the trail to Annapurna Base Camp is equally delightful for natural experiences. The tranquil landscapes while trekking gives the picturesque view. The lush green rhododendron, bamboo and alpine forest on the way to the base camp make it the most beautiful walk in the world. Also, the region contains among the world’s largest rhododendron forests in Ghorepani. Similarly, while passing through the Annapurna Conservation Area (largest conservation area in Nepal), you encounter diverse flora and faunas. As the conservation area is a treasure house for 1,226 species of flowering plants, 105 mammals, 518 birds, 40 reptiles and 23 amphibians.

Further, due to its unique terrain, trekking through the Annapurna region trail presents you a flourishing Himalayan ecosystem. This trek not only takes you to the Annapurna Base Camp but it also takes to the base camp of Ghorepani-Poonhill is another famous trekking destination of the Annapurna region. Poonhill is an amazing vantage point in the Annapurna region. You can observe the alluring scene of the whole Annapurna ranger from here. Besides that, there is a natural hot spring near Jhinu Danda. As per local believes the water have a healing quality that eases away your pains and aches. So, you can have a spiritual bath in this hot spring on your way back.

Basically, ABC trek in the most beautiful Himalayan region of Nepal gives you the most beautiful experience. Annapurna Base Camp trek is one of those few treks that combine so many different landscapes. Besides that, in such a short period of time, this trek brings you so close to the base of 7,000-8,000m peaks. Also, finding yourself in the base of Annapurna and enjoying 360-degree mountain views is terrifically beautiful. This trek is literally an ideal trip for Himalayan and nature lovers. You will have the most wonderful and lifelong memorable journey in the Annapurna region of Nepal.

  1. What are the Highlights of the ABC Trekking?

  • Most popular trekking destination of Annapurna region, Annapurna Base Camp
  • One of the most beautiful walks in the world
  • The perfect blend of dramatic views of the mountains ranges and nature
  • Amazingly diverse scenery, including both, High Mountain and lowland villages.
  • The subtropical and alpine climate of Annapurna region
  • Trek through Annapurna Conservation Area-largest conservation area of Nepal
  • Witness diverse flora and fauna
  • Trek through unique settlement
  • Enchanting traditional, cultural, lifestyle and hospitality of Gurung, Magar and Thakali people.
  • Beautiful sunrise and sunset view and Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri and Machhapuchhre from Poon Hill- the second famous viewpoint in Nepal
  • Terrifically beautiful 360-degree mountains views from the Base Camp
  • Explore beautiful Pokhara valley
  • Hot Spring in Jhinu Danda
  • Moderate trek, with less risk of high altitude sickness in comparison to other high altitudes trekking destination
  • Explore two base camps- Annapurna Base Camp and Machhapuchhre Base Camp
  1. When is the best time to do ABC trekking?

Autumn and Spring are considered to be the best time to trek to the Annapurna Base Camp. The wilderness of dramatic scenery of the ABC is best experienced in Autumn and Spring seasons. Moreover, not only for the Annapurna Base Camp, Autumn and Springs seasons are the best time to trek any destination of Nepal. So, these two seasons are the highest trekking seasons in Nepal. The weather of these seasons is more clear and refreshing than another season of Nepal.

Mountain panoramas and surrounding scenery are more clear and mesmerizing. You don’t have to worry about the snowfall or rainfall during the trek during this season. You will be trekking under a clear blue sky. Likewise, the enchanting trail through the blossoming rhododendron forest makes your journey the best.

Though, another season like Winter and Monsoon is also suitable for Annapurna Base Camp trek. These seasons are for those who want to enjoy their journey by themselves, avoiding the crowd. You just need to be careful about the weather and packing list before starting the trek then you can enjoy your journeys like Autumn and Spring.

  1. How is the weather for ABC trek?

Weather is one of the most important things to check before trekking in the Himalayan region of Nepal. And the weather of the Annapurna Base Camp trekking route differs according to a different season. The weather in the Annapurna region is like other mountain region weather in Nepal. Similarly, the trails leading up to Annapurna Base Camp along the rest of Nepal enjoy 4 distinct seasons- Spring, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. So, the weather condition of the Annapurna region in different season is mentioned below:

Spring – Starting from March, spring season lasts to the end of May in the Annapurna region. Spring season is the second most recommended season to do treks in Nepal. Likewise, this spring is the ideal season for ABC trekking. Talking about the weather, it is warm and cool during this season. The surrounding forest of the trails during this season is lush green. Also, you can enjoy the blossoms of beautiful rhododendrons and a lot of wildflowers.

The day temperature during spring seasons ranges from 17 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. And the nights and morning of spring are slightly colder. However, the weather in the Annapurna region is clear and dry.

Summer/Monsoon – The month of June to August is the local monsoon as well as the summer season. Monsoon sees torrential rainfall, thunder with hot and humid days. However, the trails come alive and the views are absolutely stunning after rain in Monsoon. Though the season is often known as off-season, with the right preparation, equipment, supplies, and clothing, you can trek Annapurna Base Camp in this season. And it is not like it rains all the time in Monsoon. It mostly rains in the late afternoon and evening. Also, the muddy and slippery trails add the adventure in your ABC trekking.

The day temperature of the Annapurna region on clear days ranges from 20-25 degrees Celsius in Monsoon. So, the weather of the Annapurna region during monsoon is hot, with unpredictable thunder and rainfall.

Autumn – The most recommended season, Autumn for trekking in Nepal starts from September and lasts to November. With stable weather conditions and perfect temperature, Autumn is the best season for trekking in Nepal. As the weather of Autumn season is somewhat more stable and reliable than the rest of the year in the higher regions of Nepal.

However, the day temperature remains at a cool 15-17 degrees Celsius in the Annapurna region. And the night and early morning are slightly colder with 5-7 degrees Celsius. Besides that, the upper region weather and temperature will be slightly lower than the lower region. Also, at the Annapurna Base Camp during colder days and nights the temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius.

So, the weather of the Annapurna region during monsoon is great for the visibility of the mountains’ peaks and landscapes. With clear and warm days weather during Autumn is best for trekking.

Winter – Starting from the month of December winter season lasts to February. The weather in the Annapurna region during Winter is cold with snowfall. The temperature on the trails drops to minus (-) during the cold mornings and nights. Besides that, it usually snows in the upper regions of the trail. However, trekking in the winter is a beautiful experience in the Annapurna region.

  1. What about the time and distance of the ABC trek?

Annapurna Base Camp trek is the most famous destination trekking destination of the Annapurna region. However, the journey to the base camp can be started from both Kathmandu and Pokhara. Starting points depends on your choices, you can either of them. Yet, ABC distance covers around 115 km. The trail to base camp is a moderately easy trail you have to trek for certain hours to reach from one destination to another. So, you have to walk from 5 to 6 hours a day covering 10-20 km distance. Yet, your trekking walking hours depends on your walking speed as well.

  1. How difficult is ABC trekking?

Annapurna Base Camp trekking is a moderate and relatively easier trek. Moreover, this trek doesn’t require any previous trekking experience. If you are physically and mentally fit you can join ABC trek without fear. Moreover, if you are experienced trekkers, this trek might be easy for you and if you are a novice trekker, you might find this trek a sort of challenge. However, the trek demands at least 4 to 5 hours of walk daily. And this tedious long walk might be challenging, but the intention and energy you bring are well-worth and equally rewarding.

  1. What are the trekking routes of ABC trekking?

ABC with Ghorepani Poonhill trek

ABC trekking

  1. How is the altitude sickness of Annapurna base camp trek?

Altitude Sickness in the Annapurna region of Nepal is very less in comparison to other high altitude trekking destination of Nepal. So, altitude sickness is not so common in the Annapurna region. However, the thin oxygen level makes it difficult to grasp our breath in the high altitude Himalayan region. So, you should not trek long a day. You just need to step slowly in your trek and enjoy the alluring beauty of the Annapurna region. Moreover, it should not be taken lightly too, as if it is not treated well in time it can be scary. There are mainly three types of Altitude sickness that you can suffer while trekking in high altitude region of Nepal.

AMS – AMS is the normal type of altitude sickness. Headache dizziness and vomiting are the main symptoms’ of AMS.

HAPE – HAPE is the middle and dangerous type of altitude sickness its hit in the lungs.

HACE – HACE is a last and dangerous altitude sickness which directly hit in the brain.

  1. What types of food and drinks available on Annapurna base camp trek?

Good food and water intake is a very important part of any trekking. The Annapurna Base Camp trekking route is entirely inhabited by the people. So, you will have more eatery options in comparison to other trekking routes in Nepal. Besides that, the meals served during the trek will be as per the tea house menu. You can choose whatever you what from the menu of teas house. The typical Nepali food is famous while trekking in Nepal. However, western, Chinese, Indian and continental foods are also found on the ABC trek. Also, talking about the drinks, you will found many kinds of drinks like tea, coffee, hot lemon, soda, beer and so on.

  1. What is the packing list of Annapurna base camp trekking?

Annapurna Base Camp is a high altitude mountain trek, so you must consider about the packing list to ease your journey. You have to walk for around 5-6 hours each day for more than a week. With proper packing, you can overcome the various difficulties that might come along the trek. However, while packing you should make sure that you are including all items and gears need while trekking. And packing unnecessary items add extra weight in the luggage is needed to be understood by the trekkers. Besides that, you should pack your clothes depending on the season you are trekking in.

  1. How much Annapurna base camp trek package cost?

Whenever you are planning for any trip budget is very important. It can make you very good or bad. Generally, the package cost includes all the bus/flight ticket, permit, lodge accommodation, meals, guide and porter cost. So, the package cost for Annapurna Base Camp trek depends on the types of service you choose. However, the package cost of Annapurna Base Camp trek varies from $700 to $1,500 for average 10-14 days trek. You can choose any package according to your budget and interest.

  1. What types of accommodations available on ABC trek?

Good accommodation is what really matters after long hours of trekking. However, Annapurna’s reason trekkers are lucky about accommodation on trekking routes. There are numerous guests’ houses, basic lodges and tea houses available on the route of ABC trek. Though the rooms are very basic with one or two beds and very little or no additional furniture at all, you don’t that to spend the night at camp while trekking to ABC. Also, these basic rooms are very comfortable and you will have no problem with accommodation. Besides that, Homestays accommodation allows you to enjoy the local food, culture, tradition, and lifestyle of local people. Basically, you will have Nepalese style accommodation in the trekking routes of Annapurna region.

  1. Is there any age limit for ABC trek?

Basically, there is no age limit for Annapurna Base Camp trekking. Any physically and mentally fit trekker can join Annapurna Base Camp trekking. As the trekking routes of Annapurna region are easier with more or less flat lands, any trekkers can enjoy this trekking. However, trekkers only above 10 and 70 years are recommended for trekking in the Himalayan region of Nepal. As below 10-year children and above 70 years are not considered to be physically and mentally fit. So, doing the Annapurna Base Camp trek depends on people’s interests and physical & mental fitness.

  1. Are there ATM and money exchange available on Annapurna base camp trek?

ATM and money exchange are very important for international tourists on ABC trek. Yet, there are no ATMs and money exchange found in this route trekking route. So, it is clear that you have to draw enough cash from Pokhara or Kathmandu before trekking starts. There are many ATMs and money exchange in these cities. Also, we recommend you to take Nepali rupee while trekking as everything you do is in Nepali rupees. So, carrying enough Nepali currency before you set off for the trek is best for you.

  1. Is drinking water and beverage available during ABC trek?

You don’t have to worry about the drinking water and beverage on the ABC trekking routes. You can buy a drinking water bottle on the way. Moreover, bottled drinking water and beverage are available in every hotel of the ABC route. Otherwise, you can ask for boiled water in teahouse/lodge it cost the same as water bottles. And we highly recommend you to sue boiled water while trekking in the Himalayan region. Further, there are local tapes for drinking water, so you can use purification tablets and have local tapes of water for drinking. Also, there are different kinds of beverages like- beer, soft drinks, and son on available on the way to the Annapurna Base Camp.

  1. What is the weight limit of my baggage to Annapurna base camp trek?

It is a very common, yet very important question for trekking in high altitude region of Nepal. Wherever you are trekking, it better not to carry above 20-25 kg while trekking. As the increase in the altitude increases the difficulties in carrying weight. However, if you are flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara, you cannot carry more than 20 kg (as per airline rules). Otherwise, you have to pay extra charges for extra kilograms. Also, if you have heavyweight then you can hire a porter who normally carries 20-25 kg. So, hiring a porter is a great option for you.

  1. How about tips to guide and porters during ABC trek?

A trek with the guide and porter is the most enjoyable and comfortable way of trekking. So, giving tips to guide and porter is taken as a token of love as a gesture of pleasure from travelers as per their service. Basically, on the basis of happiness and service while trekking tipping of guide and porters are decided. Though tips are not mandatory and nobody can force you to tip. We normally recommend you tip guide and porter about 10% of your tour cost. Also, you can tip around $10 per day per person.

  1. How are guides and porters on ABC trek?

Guides and porters are the keys to success while trekking in Nepal. So, we do always recommend you take a guide and porter on the ABC trekking. As ABC trek in high altitude trek, carrying the baggage and trekking ahead for more than a week would be difficult. All guides and porters are well trained with a friendly and helpful nature. They are always ready to serve a kind attitude towards you. Likewise, Sunrise Adventure and Trek offer a well-experienced guide and porter for your ABC and any other trekking destination. Most of the guides of Sunrise Adventure have more than 15 years of guiding experience in the Himalayas. They are well trained and skillful in their work in the mountains.

  1. What about travel insurance for ABC trek?

If you are planning to travel to Nepal seeking adventures in the Himalayas, we recommend you to get travel insurance before starting your trip. Travel insurance not only saves your life from danger but it also saves your bank account. Mostly, trekking agencies ensure their all guide and porter. Yet, your travel insurance is taken care of by yourself- you can either fly with travel insurance from your home town or you can but insurance in Kathmandu. Similarly, all the team guides and porter from Sunrise Adventure Trek have their good travel insurance. And we don’t have any travel insurance to our clients, it is their own risk.

  1. How can I found a trekking agency for ABC trek?

20. Lastly

Enjoy the unlimited adventure of ABC trek in the Annapurna Himalayas. The Annapurna Base Camp trek is a moderately easy and suitable destination for all the trekkers. Besides that, this trek offers one of the most precious and memorable moments of your life. Explore the amazing Annapurna Base Camp enjoying the enticing views of the glistening peaks. Incorporating the diverse terrain, culture, and wildlife you will have one of the most beautiful walks in the world. Thus, ABC trek with Sunrise Adventure Trek is an ideal choice for any adventure and nature enthusiasts with a cultural blend.

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