Cooking class in Nepal, Best cooking class in Nepal

nepali food Cooking class in Nepal, Best cooking class in Nepal
Would you like to prefer Nepalese cuisine cooking class?
Welcome to Nepal one of the best recognize cooking class in Kathmandu. We Sunrise Adventure trek team is happy to provide you our great Nepalese cooking classes in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal is the multi-ethnic and culturally diverse country in the world. Nepalese Himalayas local cuisine is impressive dishes in the world. Our cooking class is located in the heartland of touristic area Thamel. We will provide a cooking class in the peaceful and harmonious environment from our specialist and chefs. Perfect skills applied with different practical and theoretical approach of different organic food. We will provide different cooking classes like solo, couple, family and group of friends with Nepali cooking style teaching.
From our expertise. Harness and creativity cooking learning class and testing different local cuisine which you can learn in a short period of time. However not only traveling in Nepal but also experience locality, lifestyles, and the food is another part of the trip.
Similarly, We will provide special Nepali cuisines, (dal bhat) rice and lentils, ( Tarkari ) vegetable curry items, (Achar) pickle. Dhido, roti, momo, papad etc which help you to experience the real essence of Nepalese food. Other like popcorn, chowmein, thukpa, bread, noodles are other items of food which we have every day.
You will experience the real art of typical Nepalese teaching of vegetable and non-vegetable food.
You can learn Nepalese cooking class as per your interest and either short or long time. It’s all depending time and different flavor test of authentic Nepalese cuisine is the next part of our trip.
Join with us for the private cooking class in Kathmandu. Where you can cook and test different types of classic Nepali cuisine within a short period of time. It is saying that in Nepal Dal Bhat power for 24 hours.
Dal –Bhat- tarkari and achar is mostly people having daily meals in Nepal. Roati which is famous for bread which is made is the cook in different type’s bread. Moreover few people they also like to eat dhido which is made of powder of wheat, rice, millet, and maize. These things also people used to have daily food in most of the people from the countryside. Chhekhala it’s made of maize or rice. Likewise, people used to have different types of cuisine who are living in different places Terai region, hilly region, and Himalayas region. That’s why different people eat different types of food according to the availability of their geographical region.
Learn about the vegetarian and non-vegetarian Nepalese food cooking class.
You can learn and test types of food menu of Nepali cultures. Not only that we can also arrange a different type of food cooking class as your interest and time like Mexican, Continental, Chinese, India so on.

Classifications main of Nepalese dishes-

There are verities of Nepalese cuisine based on their geographical region, Nepalese cultural diversity and ethnicity. However, most people used to have dal that as lunch and dinner every day which is prepared in rice and different varieties of curries.
Similarly most of the cuisine is prepared in their classical styles and few are mixed with Asian themes. For more info you can visit here Other foods are hybrid in a Tibetan style , Indian style, and Thai origins.
Dal Bhat Tarkari – It is especial standard cuisine of Nepal where the different climate of people are having daily meals as a lunch and dinner. Moreover, bread used for ( roti or chapatti) Maize (makai) barely (jau), millet (kodo), buckwheat (faper) these items can be used for bread, dhido ato or bread. Tarkari / curry can be served in different items like green veg (saag) fermented and dried greens (gundurk). Potatoes (aalu), tomatoes (golbheda), cauliflower (kauki), cabbage (banda), pumpkins ( farsi), green beans (simi), ladies finger (bhedi ). Dahi yoguart , meat items and many more. We have different  cuisine cooking  class according to different region which are mentioned below –
Himalayan cuisine – Himalayan cuisine is influenced by Tibetan and ethnic Gurung people its famous in the Himalayas and trans Himalayas.
Hilly cuisine – Even it’s like thakali cuisine, and it’s mixed food.
Terai cuisine – It’s mixed with Maithali and Bhjopuri cuisine.
Snacks – Snacks is used as khaja taken as a fast eating dishes. Beaten rice (chuira), maize and soybeans (maki ra bhatmas), breads items., noodles, momo, biscuits, chowmein, potyatos etc.
Beverage- Tea (chiya) is mixed with sugarcane, buttermilk ( mahi) are famous for non alcoholic beverages. Where as wine (raksi) spirits made with rustic distilleries and jard. Tongba Chhang all are a homemade beer which is made of different types of meals items.
Package Inclusions – Local Nepalese cook English speaking guide, pick up and drop, Enjoy and of delicious food items, water etc.
Package Exclusions- Your personal nature shopping items etc.
Schedule details-
Anytime morning, afternoon and evening classes.
Meeting and ending point anywhere in Thamel.
If you come from out of Thamel you have to pay for the transportation.
Thus this our above cooking different Nepalese cuisine of cooking will obviously help to learn to become the perfect cook.
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