Coronavirus Cancel Mount Everest Expedition

Coronavirus cancel Mt. Everest expedition

1. Coronavirus cancel Mount Everest expedition

The Mt. Everest expedition in Nepal has canceled due to coronavirus outbreak in the world. Nepal government announces that all peak climbing has been cancel from 14 March till this spring 2020. Nepal earns about US $ 4 million from Everest permit every year. All the peak climbing in Nepal is postponed for this spring season due to coronavirus outbreak in the world.
If the coronavirus will control soon then the Nepal government will revenue to open all Mt. Everest climbing and all peaks climbing after 30 April 2020. Most of the booking peak climbing in Nepal has canceled their trip to Nepal due to the Novel coronavirus outbreak in the world.
The Chinese government has also cancel Everest climbing from the northern side. The northern part of Everest is looking after by the Chinese government. This is to notify you that the government of Nepal stops all climbing permits. Either climbing permits already issued or going to be issued is halted for this spring season from 14 March and until next notice of 2020 due to COVID-19.
All the guides, Sherpa and trekking and travel agent in Nepal they lost their business. Many millions of foreign currencies are lost while there is a restriction in peak climbing in Nepal.
Moreover, all the guides who climes in high altitudes are the pioneers and healthiest and fittest people on the earth. But at the moment Nepal and all most of the countries are directly and indirectly suffered from COVID -19, 2020.
Tourism and foreign remittances are the main economic backbone of Nepal. Himalayas trekking, peak climbing are the main income source of mountain people in Nepal it directly helps to their daily live hoods.
Most of the Mount Everest climbers are from Europe and Westerners. People from the USA, Korea, Japan, India, and Australia are the major source of income foreign currency in Mt. Everest climbing. Although, at the moment many of the guides they have a direct problem to their day to day lives.
Nepal and China both countries were canceled Everest climbing due to the massive earthquake in April 2015. After that this second time was both countries prevent the Mt. Everest expedition. Now Sunrise adventure team is really focusing on peak climbing to our clients and we upgrading our service to meet your best experience.
In addition, the past two years was rapidly increased people to summit Mt. Everest. Even though, 807 summiteers they summit Mt. Everest in 2018 and 891 in 2019. But these numbers of Everest summiteers may not reach in 2020. Nepal government announced visit Nepal 2020 but its’ postpone for 2022 due to coronavirus outbreak in the world.
Top of the Mt. Everest
Top of the Mt. Everest 8848 m / 29029 ft.

2. How much does it cost to climb Mt. Everest?

The total main all-inclusive Everest expedition trip package will have cost about US$ 35000 per person. Even this package cost the US $11,000 for the Everest climbing permits as well. However, the different foreign company charges more vary of cost for Everest climbing as well as any other peak climbing too.

3. Who climbs first to Mt. Everest?

The first climbers to Mount Everest 8848 m (29029 ft) are Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary summited in 1953. These days many people summit Mt. Everest many times or twice. Everyone knows that Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the globe. These days many people climb to Mt. Everest from Nepal and Tibet side. Spring and autumn is the best season to climb Mt. Everest. Climbing to Mt. Everest is life-changing memory for adventure lovers. The wide ranges of the great Himalayas make Nepal one of the best mountaineering destinations in the world.

4. Finally,

Many peak climbing as well as the Mt Everest climbing group is canceled due to coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus COVID – 19 pandemics has caused problems and restrictions to travel and who has travel need to stay in quarantine in the world

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