Exploring the natural environment with ancient monuments, architectures, local cultures of many ethnic groups and views of stunning Himalayas in different countries with series provides unbelievable moments of your life. Here Sunrise Adventure Trek organizes trips according to your recommendation, like: Nepal -Tibet, Nepal-Bhutan, Nepal-Bhutan-Tibet, Nepal- India and many more. You can explore the spectacular views of many mountains with local cultural surroundings of different ethnic groups of people following their own distinct traditions, norms and values. Not only this, you can also observe the various endangered habitats of particular regions in beautiful forests of pine and bamboo.  Stunning Himalayas of Nepal, unique Tibetan culture, ancient monasteries and monuments are the perfect combination of Multi country trip.

Nepal and Tibet Tour

Nepal Tour / Sightseeing

The beautiful Kingdom, Nepal Tour package / Sightseeing provides you amazing moments on mountains along with great chance of exploring various cultures of people following their unique traditions, customs, norms and values. You can found very unique and precious cultures of people of different community in different regions of Nepal. Tour to densely populated areas like: Pokhara and Kathmandu also offers you a great chance to explore the world heritage sites listed under UNESCO: Changu Narayan Temple, Syambhunath, Boudanath, Pashupatinath, the three Durbar Squares (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan). Excursion of such amazing religious temples with local environment takes you to the heaven world of Nepal. Short hikings and wonderful adventures like: river rafting, mountain biking, helicopter tour, bungee jumping makes your trip unforgettable. Biking in beautiful hills of valleys, encountering the cultural monuments with amazing wildlife are the most beautiful parts of tour Nepal.