electricity in Nepal

Load shedding in Nepal is a common problem. Despite the heavy infrastructural developments, load shedding has been a basic trend that can’t simply be solved. But you don’t have to worry that much in the city areas because many guest houses, lodges and hotels uses generators and inverters for back up and in the rural areas you might have to consider about load shedding because they have to follow the schedules to use electrical services and are not easily available.

For supplying electricity in appliances, Nepal uses power voltage of 220-240V. For the further knowledge, following are the basics of Electrical supply in Nepal.

  1. Nepal Electricity Authority of Nepal supplies 220-240 Volts of electricity at 50 MHZ
  2. In Nepal electric Plugs are of two or three round prongs and flat prongs are also available in multi-plugs and extension cords; although they might varry
  3. You might consider buying separate adapter, converter and charger because of the change in voltage supply; They are easily available in electronic shops
  4. Voltage fluctuation is also a problem, so you should rely on better adapters for protection of your devices.
  5. Current Electricity production has not been able to fulfill the high demand, so in dry season load shedding may take for longer periods but many lodges and hotels have their own backup power.