Equipment and Gears for Tibet / Mansarovar tour

Tibet / Mansarovar tour

Equipment and Gears for Tibet tours

Trekking equipment and gears are the most important before you start trek and tours in Tibet/ Kailash. Trekking equipment help to enjoy and make an easy and successful trek without having any obstacles. Likewise trek equipment depending on your types of tours and trekking areas. Trekking and tours may various on Teahouse or camping, weather condition, trekking altitudes, trek season and trekking regions. Main things are never forgetting to bring passport and budget USD, Euro, local currency and money purse, flight tickets, etc.

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Similarly, traveling in the rooftop of the world is a bit challenging and need to well preparations with the bag pack. Trekking and tours in Tibet are often quite moderate to difficult depending on different region and season. Temperatures are various in Tibet according to different regions of the Tibet. Likewise, on the basis of different geography with different climate and weather in Tibet you have to take different types of equipment and gears for Tibet tours. Therefore most of the trekking and tours equipment and gears may not available in Tibet and if available will be high cost. You can get trekking equipment from Kathmandu either buying or by renting. There are many options either to buy or rent those clothing and gears which is easily available in Kathmandu, Thamel market. However, some of the trekking and climbing equipment’s Sunrise Adventure trek will provide form our company to our clients.

Following equipment are mainly needed for the Tibet tours.

Clothing items-

Better you will require necessary few pair of those clothing items for your Tibet tours. You will have needed that equipment and gears depending on your holidays and length of time to visit in Tibet. Some of the items you will need one and some of the other items you needed more than one items.

Jackets –down jackets and fiber jackets

Waterproof and windproof jackets and trousers

Hiking trousers, Scarfs

Pair of warm woolen sweaters, jackets, trousers

Hiking boots, sports shoes, sandal

Few pairs of sucks

Few t- shorts

Hat and sunglass

Pair of Gloves

Thermal underwear

Warm t short and warm trousers


Tibet Tours Equipment and gears

Equipment and gears are also next main important items for Tibet tour. Without having that main equipment, you cannot enjoy tours as you can. You are going to do the tour in the land of the rooftop of the world. Personal equipment and gears always need to prepare for any moderate and difficult trails. Particularly you should purchase or hire from equipment before you start the tours. So following trekking gears is needed to make your tour easy and comfortable.

Sunglass/sun cream/ Sunblock etc. any lip and skin care products

Water bottler and water purify tablets

Sleeping bag

Headlight or touch, chargers, Sunhat/ Cap

Camera and pair of batteries, binocular

Trekking Poles

Day packing (snacks, chocolate rain jacket)

Rain covers and rain jacket

First aid kit (Paracetamol, Diamox / Zodamile bandages, etc )

Trekking map

Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, sun cream, face wash, floss, toilet papers)

Duffle bag and handbag

Optional items-

You can take a few extra items and carry personal interesting things during your tour. But you have to make sure with your backpack with the limit wait either in flight and to carry in your tour.


Battery chargers, socket adaptor

Books, journal, and pens

Camping Tent

GPS unit

Pocket knife

Notebook and diary


Essential equipment and gears are the essential part of the proper trek in Tibet/ Kailash and nay high altitudes trek in the world. Thus only enough clothing and gears make your tour comfort and convenient travel. Sunrise Adventure trek will provide you sleeping bag, down jackets, duffel trekking bag, t- short to our guest if you needed. We highly recommend you to have proper types of equipment for the Tibet/ Kailash trekking and tours. We suggest you bring basic medical items, enough clothing equipment, and gears as trekking season and time to make your tour awesome.

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