Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn

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Everest Base Camp trekking is the best destination for all adventure travelers. It is the most popular place for trekking lovers in the whole world. Here you will get a chance to overviews the sunrise as well. Sunrise in Nepal is most-watching movement; it looks so pretty and beautiful. When the sun touches the Himalayan and spreads its ray of light over the snow-capped Himalayan and sky fill with colored reds, yellows, and orange, at that time it looks amazing. This part is you would find only in Nepal.

Like Mt. Everest is the world highest mountain in the world, every adventures lover has the dream to view this at list once in their life. Everest Base Camp trek is not only the source for the adventure lover but it is the cultural heritage of Sherpa people and their live hood. So at list once all adventure lovers want to go there to achieve their goal.

Trekking can be done throughout the year, but autumn is the best season to take a trek. Autumn is regarded as the best trek season and the months of September, October, and November. In this season the weather is in your favor and you can enjoy the crisp weather during these months. After the monsoon, the weather looks like a crystal. It means the environment is very clear, pretty, beautiful as well as friendly. Everywhere you would see greenery and the beautiful smell of the flower.

The weather conditions are dry, yet and are the most stable weather in the higher regions of Nepal. In this season, it is neither too cold nor too hot at the higher regions of the trekking trails.so that is will be also the benefit for the trekker in EBC trek. The sunshine hour is on average 7 hours per day so you will have enough time for treks and to enjoy the beauty of nature and mountain.

Two of the greatest Hindu festival is also celebrated in Nepal during the autumn season i.e. Dashain and Tihar. So in this season, you can get a glimpse of the local culture of Nepal .the Sherpa’s local festival Mani Rimdu is also during this season. This festival is celebrated by dancing, praying signing and merrymaking. So you will get the chance to enjoy and experience the culture of Sherpa’s.

Moreover, in this season trek offers the panoramic views of highest and beautiful mountains in the world including Mt. Everest. You will also get chance to overviews of amazing visibility of great surrounding landscapes, villages and many more.

Some difficulty in Autumn Season

Everest Base camp trek is the famous trek among the trekker but challenging too.  It is very necessary to understand the complexity of this trek. So, before the trek, you must know about its challenges. Some of the major difficulties that you can face during the Everest base camp are mentioned below:

Altitude is the major difficulty and challenging for all the trek which is serious condition cannot be ignored because may affect the mental and physical functioning of the body. So if this symptom is seen then you must immediately return to lower altitude. But if you can handle the altitude sickness then it may be a little easy for your trek. Another difficulty of this trek is route because the route is completely steep, rocky, and snowy and icy terrain with paths unpaved. You may have to walk 15km a day for 9 days.

Likewise, it is a very well-known fact that the weather in Everest base Camp is Unpredictable and the temperature is also extreme. Although, temperature basically depends upon weather, altitude and season. However, sometimes temperature can get rise more than 17 degrees C at night along with heavy snowfall and high chilling winds and chilling evenings with the temperatures less than zero degree is common. So, it’s better to have packed technically, dress warmly and drink as much as water.

Moreover, with an increase in altitude, the price of every good also increase and the cost of food and accommodation gets tripled more. And sometime Lukla ATM may not work so it’s better to have enough budgets for your trek. Everest Base Camp trek required some physical fitness. So better to have the regular exercise for 2 – 3 weeks which helps will prepare for your trek. On the other hands, autumn is the best season for the trek. So tracker loves to take a trek in this season. However, there is some problem regarding ticket, accommodation and many more. So for the ticket or any package, it will be better for you to book before taking the trek.   

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