Everest base camp trek in February 

Everest base camp trek in February  Khumbu Ice fall Everest Base Camp near khumbu glacier

Everest base camp trek & Weather

Mt. Everest, standing at 8,848 meters which is the highest mountain in the world. During the month of January, also the winter season temperatures range from -10 to -20 degrees Celcius. Besides the temperature, the wind also a key factor to consider while EBC Trekking. You can see the Himalayas vistas spectacular views make the trip worth it. This is an excellent time to visit Everest Base Camp if you want a challenging and adventurous.

Similarly, Spring (March, April, May) is the good season for trek due to the greenery of the surrounding. Spring season is one of the best seasons for trekking in Everest base camp and the temperature is moderate in this season. Everywhere beautiful blossom of flowers in the Himalayas in spring. So spring is a season of natural beauty blossom of rhododendrons flowers around all trekking part.
Summer (June, July, August) is known as the monsoon season in Nepal weather is quite hot. Some time  Lukla flight wouldn’t be flying on time due to the cloudy and monsoon. During the season, the visitor is much happier; they get a chance to do what they really like without worrying to get cold and avoid crowed. Even at midnight, it’s pleasant to go for a walk because of temperatures that tend to be better and more comfortable to stay outside.
Autumn (September, October, November) It is the most wonderful season for the trek in Everest Base Camp. In this season we can enjoy different types of festivals such as Dashain, Tihar, and Teej fall in this season. Autumn is considered the best trekking season in Nepal. Months of September, October, and November are also the most recommended and preferred months because of favorable weather conditions to see the mountain views.
Winter-(December, January, and February) this is the cold season in Nepal. The coldest season of the year between autumn and spring.

When is the Best time to do EBC trek?

Spring and autumn is the best season to trek in Everest Base Camp. Spring is the season of a new beginning of nature. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. During this time of the year, all of the mountain ranges cloak with snow and thus provide the beauty of the mountain. Generally, February marks the end of the winter season just before spring arrives.

How is the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek?

Everest Base Camp trek is quite a prominent trek in Nepal. Trekking in the EBC is one of the most visited trails for the trekkers. Everest Base Camp trail is starting from Lukla and the route has an abundance of a tea house. Everest Base Camps are rudimentary campsites on Mount Everest that are used by mountain climbers during their ascent and descent South Base during climbing to the Everest.

1. What types of equipment and gears do I need for the EBC trek in February?

While trekking to EBC you will typically carry good gear and warm enough clothing. Gears are most important for Everest Base Camp, some gears as trekking boots good boots help you to walk in different terrain needed warm clothes. Trekking socks are also the most important because they might cause blisters during the walk. Walking poles, Hiking pants, t-shirt, fleece jackets, down jacket, Muffler, and gloves, hat, water bottle, bag, sleeping bag, medications, sunscreen, pocket knife, headlamp, Notebook.

2. How are Altitude and safety while doing the EBC trek in February?

EBC trek actually trek starts generally from Lukla airport which is at an altitude of 2800 meters. The ascent via the southeast ridge begins with a trek to Base Camp at 5,380m (17,600ft). While doing EBC trek in February the climate is cold so you need to be safety “prevention is better than cure”. You can take warm clothes. Due to the high altitude, you may feel difficulties so better you have to take a good guide and porters. So, our Sunrise adventure trek provides you the safety in different ways from our professional team. Therefore, your journey will be safer, comfortable, and secure.

3. What Merits and demerits of doing EBC trek in February?

The wilderness, beauty of nature is the refreshing activity that anyone will enjoy in EBC trek even in winter. Trekking is the best way of exploring and enjoying the beauty of nature. Similarly, there are lots of benefits doing EBC trek in February’s main merits is avoid crowded but even coldness. While doing trekking it’s good for health, peace of mind, learning a new culture. Basically, in EBC trek there are no more demerits but due to cold and high altitude difficult to trek for all trekkers. So, Sunrise adventure trek will be the main trekking partner of Everest Base Camp.

4. How are weather and climate in February while doing EBC trek?

Weather and climate are still cooler in February. The trekking trail to Everest Base Camp is popular as the iconic Mt. Everest. Weather and climate conditions play a vital role in Everest Base Camp trek. Weather on the trail to EBC is always changing and impossible to predict. There are four climates which are spring, autumn, summer, and winter. Even February is still the ending of the winter and cold in the mountains.

5. Is there any alternative in February to do EBC trek?

The EBC Trek in February is generally quiet and peaceful compared to other months. Everest Base Camp trail in February isn’t the peak trekking season because of the holiday and cold weather. There are few other treks in EBC such as Everest panoramic trek, Everest Gokyo trek is the best alternative of EBC trek. The next one is a challenging trek that crosses three passes above 5000m but also rewarding with a fantastic view Himalayas of Mount Cho Oyo (8,201m), Makalu, Lhotse, and Everest views.

6. Is there a tea house open in February while doing EBC trail?

Yes, there is a tea house open in February while doing the trek in Everest Base Camp. On routes to EBC with a sufficient number of tea houses are available you don’t need to worry about bringing a tent or carrying your own food. In February teahouses are exceptionally nice and many boasts of western-style flush toilets, hot water showers, and a wide range of menu items.

7. Are any guide and porter available for the EBC trek in February?

Yes, guide and porter are available for the Everest Base Camp trek in February because in that season the climate is cold so they need to carry warm clothes and many things which help them to protect from the cold so porter they can help them. As well as the guide also most necessary because the guide has a long experience so he will take you wherever you like to go for trekking. Sunrise adventure treks provide you the best service for Everest Base Camp trek.

8.  Do I need travel insurance while doing the EBC trek in February?

Yes, travel insurance is important while trek in higher altitude there maybe altitude sickness so insurance helps you a lot.  Therefore, if you’re planning on trekking to Everest Base Camp, you’ll need to make sure your insurance policy covers you adequately. Likewise, trekking to Everest Base Camp involves high altitude, in fact at the highest point – Kala Patthar, you’ll be over 5500 meters. Sunrise Adventure trek company Excursion strongly recommends Travel insurance for all the clients who are going to join in any of our adventure activities. Your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accidents, medical expenses emergency helicopter rescue services, and personal liability. All our company team members have well travel insurance for high trekking.

9. How difficult is the EBC trek in February?

February is one of the coldest months of the year. Everest Base Camp trek in February isn’t more difficult to compare with another season. This month the climate is cool and the environment also peaceful and no more crowd. To protect from the cold season you need to carry warm clothes due to more coldness our body will be panic, so warm clothes are more important to make your trek comfort.

10. Is there any food and drinks available while doing the EBC trek in February?

Of course, there are food and drinks available while doing the Everest Base Camp trek not only in February food is the available during whole year. According to the season, and your choices can find different types of foods and drinks. However, ‘Dal Bhaat’ is the most popular staple of Nepal and the most plentiful dish on the road to the Everest Base Camp.

11. Conclusion

While the trek to Everest Base Camp in February the climate is coldest but you will feel the unique experience of trekking during the trail. We can view the many peaks and natural beauty of the ecosystem. Though due to a different season in EBC trek, we can enjoy the lot, especially spring and autumn is the main season to trek in Everest Base Camp although winter also favorable. Due to a different type of altitude and safety, we fell more comfortable to go Everest Base camp. Sherpa people are friendly and the food of that place is so delicious. At last, Sunrise Adventure Company will provide a good service for trekking in Everest Base Camp.

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