Famous Food in Nepal

Main famous Food in Nepal

Nepal is a multicultural, multilingual, and multi-ethnic country. There are different types of the famous food in Nepal. According to their social norms and customs, their way of pattern to follow their culture was different. However, their diversity in different lifestyle reflects the unity of the entire country and different food. Unique cultures and norms also have diverse tastes food depend upon their local nutrition and unique style. There were various Staples and specialties of Nepali dishes that add a pinch of natural taste in the Nepalese Cultural dish.

While some of the Hindu people in Nepal were vegetarian so their choice and taste of food can be different. In addition Non- vegetarian prefers vast and distinct flavor dishes. So In a nutshell, offering these all types of flavors and taste prepare the taste of Nepali dishes.

Looking for different Nepali cuisine?

Nepalese cuisines are the best& ingredients and recipes were simple to tackle them at once. Overall, a good collection of recipes and cuisine gives good look for the taste of Nepalese dishes. Experience of the amazing culinary local food of Nepal makes your journey to Nepal fantastic. So if you join any travel you shouldn’t miss Nepalese Cuisine that delicates your mind mood which is day to day used in the Nepali kitchen.

Reflecting the social norms, traditions, and customs huge amount of disparity and culinary arts these various natural tastes of Nepali. When you have a think to visit different parts of the world then Nepal comes in your mind first. So I have a list of the most Popular Foods in Nepal that must be tried when you come to visit here. Nepali culinary arts and cuisine can be the best gateway to Understand Nepalese Culture and Nepali. Authentic Nepali taste with components of the Newari Khaja Set, Thakali Khana set decorates the Nepalese Cuisine. Wherever you were thinking about joining trekking or tour you get a chance to taste Local Nepali Cuisine.

Some of the main Nepali cuisines are listed below –

Dal, Bhat & Tarkari

Dal, Bhat & Tarkari is a traditional food of Nepal. Mostly Nepalese Cuisine prefers Dal, Bhat & Tarkari different vegetable curry. When we say Dal, Bhat Tarkari doesn’t mean only lentil soup other components of the entire dish. Not only that, but this food is also regarded as the ethnic food of Nepal.

An amazing combination of organic food and vegetables is the best food in Nepal. Different food like lentil soup, steam rice, and green vegetables make the perfect dish and nutritious balanced diet. Dal, Bhat & Tarkari is a splendid framework for a healthy body. This traditional food served you the lentil soup; Green spices (sag), Spicy Pickle, and meat as per your option. You might also choose salad and Chapati to admire the taste. If you want to be True Nepali typically you have to eat with your right hand that might be tricky for 1st time. But eating with your own hand gives you an amazing taste. You can get a unique style of taste that is available in Dal, Bhat & Tarkari. Next Nepali typical food is Dhido which is famous Nepal cuisine mostly used in the Himalaya and hilly region of Nepal.


MOMO is a famous food in Nepal it can be eaten most of the time as daily breakfast and dinner. This dumpling size food is filled with streamed and stuff meats or veggies. Inside dumpling of MOMO, You can get veggies, chicken, buff mutton, and pork as per your delicate taste. Looking for any insider tips and information for MOMO then Garam Masala can be the key ingredient to admire its taste.

Although MOMO is originated from Tibet it has earned more popularity in Nepal among Newari Community. Not only that, but it has also a delicate taste among European countries and other Asian countries that have unique attributes and variations.

Samay Baji

Newari food is one of the ethnic food and indigenous food in Kathmandu Valley. One of the traditional and delicious food items in the Newari Festival is Samay Baji. This dish is famous among Newar Communities between getting- together and religious festivals. Enhancing the delicious cuisine of Nepali dish this dish has to promote Nepali Cuisine. This Samay Baji has multiple recipes together. Samay Baji consists of Beaten rice, Choela (Marinated meat with spice and herbs), Marinated Potato, Mustard greens, garlic, and ginger Julienne, Bara pancake of lentil paste) & egg.

(Sel Roti) (White round bread)

Sel roti is fried round bread. Selroti is similar to a donut but it’s more test then it. Sel roti is mostly found on the roadside we eat while on travel. Although, Sel roti is commonly used with curry as a snake and breakfast. This is commonly used in different celebrations of the festivals mainly in (Tiwari/ Deepawali, Maghe Sankranti), and other occasions as well.

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Gundruk & Dheendo

Gundruk & Dhindo is one of the most traditional and delicious foods found in Nepal. This cuisine has promoted the traditional culinary arts and Nepali food flavors to the entire world. Gundruk & Dhindo is just like the national dish of Nepal. Gundruk is a dry dish made up of leaves of cauliflower radish, green veg curry (Mula ko sag), and spices( Rayo ko sag) This dish has a peculiar smell and tangy flavor. Gundruk is enriched in the source of minerals and vitamins during winter in the dry season. Serving with bean and potato adds glimpses on the flavor of Gundruk. With unique and tacky taste Gundruk makes your dish really amazing.

Dhido is prepared by adding different types of flour to boiling water and cook it and eat with the different types of curry and pickles. It is stapled with meals in different parts of Nepal. Dhido is classical food traditionally it’s served as inferior food in comparison to rice. But these modern days Dhido is quite famous to eat even in all parts of Nepal.

Dhhendo is a dough of flour of millet, wheat, or maize. This food is sugar- free and healthy for strong muscles and vita. Serving with Gundruk and meat really makes us loving dishes. If you were joining any trek or tour then you get a chance to taste this delicate cuisine.


Yomari is one of the most unique and traditional dishes among Newari Culture. Yomari is also called Yamaree. This dish has promoted the Newari Culture and Nepali Cuisine. Yomari is mainly prepared on the day of Yomari Punhi which falls in the month of December. While this dumpling size food is prepared from soft molasses of coconut and rice flour. Moreover, sesame seed and steamed brown cane sugar add delicate flavor to Yomari. One end of the dumpling is made just like a fishtail which gives attractive looks to it.

Likewise, historically this food is originated from Panchal. Suchandra and Krita, a married couple, first experimented with fresh yield of rice from their field. The result was eventually distributed among the villagers. As it was liked by all, the bread was named Yomiuri, which literally means ‘tasty bread’.

Aloo Tama

Aloo Tama is a distinct and unique dish of peculiar taste. Aloo( Potato), Tama ( Bamboo Shoots), taste sour taste, and amazing. The Bamboo shoots were fermented and when a sour and peculiar smell comes from it then it becomes ready to cook. The excessive amount of Citric acid and vitamin C is enriched by Tama. When this curry is served with Buff and beans then it adds more delicious taste to it.

With a unique taste and smell, this curry has promoted the Newari culture and Local cuisine. Once you visit Nepal then don’t forget to taste it.

Kwanti (a mixture of various grains)

Kwanti is special and traditional food of Nepal. Especially this Kwanti is made in Janai Purnima. But nowadays, people also prefer during the rainy and cold season. When Kwanti is served with Tama then it gives amazing flavor. In a nutshell, Kwanti is made up of different 9 kinds of beans soup. Neverthless, black eye peas, green peas, cowpeas, chickpeas, black lentils, mung dal, favas were soaked in water from 3\4 days and hence it is ready to cook. It is believed that eating Kwanti removes coldness from the body and provides strength.


The culturally rich Newar dish also includes the most popular menu item Chatamari. Chatamari is the most delicious and traditional dish of Newari Culture. Among the 200 Newari local cuisines Chatamari is the most famous and delicious dish.

Especially Newari people prepare Chatamari for their traditional Puja( Guthi Puja). This delicious dish is made up of rice flour with chopped meat at top and garnished with salt and black pepper. The salty and spicy taste of it is the main key point to attract towards it. Moreover, this Chatamari is somehow similar to South Indian Dosa.

Juju Dhau( King of Yogurt)

Almost Newari culture is rich in culinary art and local cuisine. Juju Dhau( King of Yogurt) is traditional and typical food found in Nepal & Newari Culture, Kathmandu. With creamy and pleasant smell this Juju Dhau is prepared from Buffalo’s milk.

To make Juju Dhau, the milk is boiled, sweetened, mixed with culture, and poured into a decorative, natural red clay pot bowl also called maato ko kacharo. It is then placed in a warm area, on a bed of paddy husks (the papery covering of rice grains), covered with another kataaro on top, and wrapped in several thick cotton blankets to maintain a warm temperature while the yogurt sets. Because the clay pots are porous, the excess liquid from the yogurt slowly evaporates, leaving a delicious, thick, smooth, and creamy.

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