Food and accommodation I Meals & accommodation on trekking in Nepal

Accommodations and food

Food and accommodation –

Nepal Accommodation and meals are the key points for travellers. Accommodations in Nepal are varied from normal guest house to super 5 star hotels, resort and lodges. Nepal has a different level of hotels available in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and in different trekking route. Accommodation in a city area has a quite luxurious hotel to the basic guest house and normal hostel. Accommodations price ranging from the US $ 250 per night to luxurious accommodation to US$ 20 accommodation to the basic accommodation.
Even though, accommodations price depends on a different season of booking your hotel. Accommodations booking in spring and autumn are obviously higher than the other season. Spring and autumn are the high seasons for trekking and tour in Nepal. So at that time hard to get booking accommodations because of the overflow of tourist.
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Typical Nepali food

1. Accommodation in the city –

Accommodations in the city are available quite luxurious to comfort and normal hotels. So different hotels are available with various cost plan. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini has available of various hotels and restaurant. Those hotels and restaurant offering different types of national and international cousins.

2. Accommodations in trekking –

Nepal has the different Himalayas. accommodations are different in the different region all depending on its development and landscapes. Likewise, trekking accommodations are a bit different than city depending on facilities. Trekking region like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Dolpo region all accommodation is varied. Normally trekking accommodations is based on lodges, guest house either you may have a private or shared bathroom. Likewise, all accommodations are based on service and your booking trip either luxury, standard or normal. We do offer nice accommodations to our guest because all hotels are run locality and our guide is well familiar in that field.

3. Camping accommodations –

Camping accommodations is one of the classical accommodations it will be available all over in Nepal. Camping accommodations run in trekking to the off the beaten trail. Camping accommodations are mostly run in trekking and mountaineering area. Our leaders, guides, cooks, Sherpa’s will fix about camping accommodations. Our team is professional to handle the technical and logistical part of camping and cooking meals and well serve to our clients.

Food in Nepal

Food and accommodations are key concerns to anyone while travelling in Nepal. Nepal has multiple cuisines of meals available either in the city or in trekking destinations. You can get Indian, Continental food, Chines food obviously Nepali food so on. You can also get different items of national and international cuisine either in trekking and tour in Nepal.
Similarly, Dal, Bhat and Tarkari are main Nepalese dishes (its mix with rice, lentils, curry, pickle). People serve as Lunch and dinner every day. If you want to try to have a typical Nepalese dish it’s Newari cuisine. Newari cuisine is widely celebrated as verities of food in Nepal. Newari cuisine has more than 150 food varieties in Nepal.
In Conclusion, there is available good meals and accommodation while you are trekking in Nepal.

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