Frequently Ask Question / Guideline for Everest Base Camp Trek

Sunrise Adventure Team at Everest Base Camp Trek Frequently Ask Question / Guideline for Everest Base Camp Trek
People are very curious and frequently ask a question about Everest Base Camp Trek. Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the famous trekking in the world. The amazing view of snow-capped mountains is the main attraction for the travelers. Massif view of world tallest mountains which is the best trekking destination for any trekkers of the world.
Where is Everest Base Camp Trek located?

Everest base camp trek located in the eastern part of Nepal between Nepal and Tibetan border. EBC lies in Sagarmatha zone and Solukhumbu district, Khumbu Pasanglhamu rural municipality.  EBC trek is the ultimate trekking trail for any adventure lovers. EBC trek lies in Sagarmatha national park which is one of the natural UNESCO listed sites of Nepal.

How Difficult Everest Base Camp Trek?

EBC trek is a bit difficult and adventure trek for average trekkers. Where Everest base camp is located at 5364 m and Kalapathar 5550 m above the sea level. Those who are physically and mentally fit they can do this trek easily.

How long will it take for Everest Base Camp Trek?

Everest base camp trek is minimum 11 days from Lukla to Lukla including extra 2-night accommodation in Namche Bazar and Dingboche. However, some people can do EBC trek to the maximum of 19 days. Length of EBC trek is depending on starting and ending point and through different passing trails. While you trek Gokyo Chola with EBC trek will take 15 days. While you do three passes with EBC trek will take 19 days.

What type of Physical fitness do I have for EBC Trekking?

First of all, you have to physically and mentally fitness is main important for the EBC trek. If you do your basic daily physical exercise it will help to do your EBC trek. Thousands of trekkers they successes to Everest base camp trek in every month.

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What is The Best time to go to Everest Base Camp Trek?

Nepal has 4 major seasons. Season of Nepal is various from topography and altitudes. If you want to go EBC trek you have to go in the best season.

Four Season of Nepal are –

Spring – (March, April, May) is spring season in Nepal. This season is also known as best trekking season in Nepal. Temperature is hot in low in Terai part of Nepal and moderates in higher altitudes. Weather is crystal clear in this season where you can see the great Himalayas. Everything is changing in natural with everywhere greenery, the blossom of flowers. So spring is a season of natural beauty blossom of rhododendrons flowers around all trekking part.

Summer – ( June, July, August) is known as monsoon season in Nepal. Weather is quite hot. Someone of the days Lukla flight wouldn’t be flying on time due to the cloudy and monsoon.

Autumn – (September, October November) autumn season is one of the best and peak trekking season in Nepal. This is nice weather with Ariel mountains views. Nepal major festival Dashain, Tihar Teej falls in this season.

Winter – (December, January, February) – This is the cold season in Nepal. It’s a cold even good season for the trek. While we go higher pass its heavy snowfalls in the Himalayas.

The average temperature in Kathmandu during 4 seasons are-

Spring season – Ranges around 14- 24 degree Celsius 62 – 74 degree Fahrenheit

Summer Season – Ranges around 16 – 28 degree Celsius 74 – 79 degree Fahrenheit

Autumn Season- Ranges around 12- 25 degree Celsius 62 – 76 degree Fahrenheit

Winter season – Ranges around 6- 18 degree Celsius 44 – 58 degree Fahrenheit.

What type of Food and Accommodation available during EBC Trekking?

Accommodations are the key point for any trekkers during EBC trek. Everest base camp trek offers budget to luxurious accommodation during the trail. Normally accommodation is various depending on your trek and types of cost of the package you booking.

Hotels / Lodges accommodation – Hotels and lodges accommodation depends on the budget. Tea hoes to a luxury hotel are available in most of the part of the trek few luxury hotel has hitting facility. Lukla and Namche Bazaar has a luxury hotel and few places have attached room available. Most of the place has WIFI facility on a trek.

Camping accommodation- Camping accommodation different ten hotels and tea house trek. In these camping accommodations, you will sleep, not in a hotel. Camping accommodation is quite famous during high passes trek, peak climbing, and expedition in Nepal.

What are the highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek?

Trek to the Everest base camp one of world tallest mountain.

Explore and enjoy with Sherpa people and their cultures, great Khumbu icefalls.

Visit UNESCO listed Sagarmatha national park, visit Tengboche monastery.

Trek to the highest point Kalapathar 5550 M known as the black stone. Massif view of Everest, Lhotse, Amadablam, Choyo, Pumari, Makalu etc.

Amazing sunrise and sunset view of the great Himalayas of Everest region.

Why do I need guide and porter for EBC Trek?

Guide and porters are very important during your EBC trek. Guides know the different trekking trails. Not only that guides explain about community and cultures their lifestyles. The guide will book your accommodation and everything in advance even during high season. You will have good communication with local people with guides. On the other hand, you can also hire guides cum porter where guides carry your baggage and also do guiding as well.

Likewise, porters help to carry your baggage where you will enjoy more relaxation during the trek. Hiring guides and porters is also economically support to local people where people they get a job.

What should I bring during Everest Base Camp Trek?

While you are doing Everest base camp trek you should bring basic trekking equipment and gears.

Here are more details Sunrise Adventure Trek of EBC trek among them you should have a day to day equipment.

Is there any ATMs facility available during EBC trek?

Only Lukla and Namche Bazar have ATM and bank facility in Everest base camp trek. Better you have to take enough budget from Kathmandu. If sometime Lukla and Namche bazar ATM may not work then you will have an economic problem. So you have to bring enough cash from Kathmandu.

How many Trekking trails in the Everest region and what are they?

The Everest Region has different trekking and mountaineering trails. Among them, the main trekking trails of Everest region are given below-

  1. Everest base camp trek                                         

  2.  Everest Gokyo Trek

  3. Everest base camp with Gokyo lake trek       

  4.  Everest three pass trek

  5. Everest panorama trek                                         

  6.  Jeri to Everest base camp trek

Everest Three pass Trekking
Everest Three pass Trekking

How is trekking trail condition during Everest Base Camp Trek?

Trekking trail is fine during EBC trek. All the trail except Lobuche to Everest Base Camp there may be trail can be changed somewhere a few meters because of glacier malted. Glaciers melts in winter somewhere can be overlap because of snowfall. But you have to take care of the trekking trail and when crossing suspension bridges. During donkey Jokpyo passing time at that time should give side in a safe place and have to take care of sleepy way and big steep place.

How long is the Lukla flight from Kathmandu?

Kathmandu to Lukla is 30 minutes flight from Kathmandu. Lukla t flight offers beautiful Himalaya landscape george any beautiful village. There is every daily flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and back to Kathmandu but during the summer season, there may not be a flight on time due to the monsoon and cloudy. During the summer season flight may be delayed and postpone for a few days which is normal. Even in other season flight may be delayed to Lukla due to the pressure of air traffic.

How did get Everest name and what are Nepali and Tibetan name?

In 1841, Sir George Everest, Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843, first recorded the location of Everest. It was subsequently named “Peak XV”. In 1865, it was renamed Mt. Everest to honor Sir George. Later in the 1960s, the Nepalese government gave an official name called Mount. Everest which is also known as Sagarmatha. Where Sagar means ocean and matha means top known as the top of the land known as Sagarmatha.

What is Everest Base Camp helicopter trek?

Everest Base Camp Trek is the same way go and back from Lukla. Those trekkers who don’t have enough time they do the trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar then fly back to Kathmandu by Helicopter. Within the short time, you can have experience of helicopter and back to Kathmandu like sightseeing. In addition, any people can do Everest base camp helicopter day tour either in half day or can do EBC day helicopter tour.

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Everest base camp helicopter day tour

What about the market in Lukla and Namche Bazar?

Lukla and Namche is the big shopping market in Everest Base Camp Trekking trail. Where you can enjoy meals in the nice restaurant, hotels, cafe shops, and a few banks and ATM.

What about the internet and battery charge during Everest base camp Trek?

For the battery charge, most of the place does not have electricity may be somewhere solar system. So the price the of mobile charge can be variable Rs100-Rs500 per full battery charge. and for the internet most of the place has internet, Lukla and Namche are good internet signal place and cheaper than other places. While you go more upper part price will be the higher then lower place. If you have the local sim card you can use the mobile internet if no problem mostly place has a connection.

How many hours do I need to walk for Everest Base camp trek?

Generally walking to Everest Base Camp Trek is about 4-6 hours per day. Likewise, it depends on your physical fitness, walking style and trekking trail like (steep up, flat, down). Next to walking speed depends on your previous experience of the trek.

What is the highest place of Everest Base Camp Trek?

The main height of the Everest Base, Camp is 5364 M (17598 ft). Next average height Kalapatthar 5,644.5 m (18,519 ft) is the highest point during Everest Base Camp Trek. The small rocky mountain in the middle of the 360 degrees panoramic high altitude mountains. Kalapatthar means black stone in English, Kala means black and Patthar means strong rock. Kalapatthar is famous for the panoramic view of Long Himalayas straight grand view of world’s highest Mount Everest, Nuptse Lohtse includes worlds higher.

How long is the Everest Base Camp Trek?

Normally most of the people start trekking from Lukla for Everest Base Camp Trek, so from Lukla to Everest Base camp EBC is 62 Kilometers or 38.58 miles. the trek takes 14 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu with 2 days accommodation( rest ) in Namche and Dingboche. This trek takes 8 days to reach Everest Base Camp and 3 days return back to Lukla. So total trekking length from Lukla to EBC and Lukla will be 120 kilometers.

Who climbs first at the top of the Mount Everest and when?

New Zealand mountaineers Sir. Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay Sherpa became the first climbers to summit the Mount Everest on Friday 29 May 1953. Before them, there was several groups try to summit Everest but couldn’t a success.

Do I need travel insurance for EBC trek?

Travel insurance is the main thing for any travelers while traveling in a different place. While you are trekking to Everest base camp travel insurance is most necessary for your own safety. Your travel insurance should cover your helicopter charter, accidental and medical coverage. There are many international travels insurance they do regular travel insurance for Everest base camp trek. So even travel insurance is more safety and reliable in this case.

What about altitude sickness during the EBC trek?

Altitude sickness is also known as mountain sickness. Mountain sickness is the main problem for any mountain trekkers. Some time trekkers might have altitude sickness during EBC trek There are different types of sickness like-

AMS – Acute Mountain sickness – AMS is a very common sickness like a hangover, dizziness, muscle ache, nausea, headache vomiting tec

HAPE – High Altitude Pulmonary Edema – HAPE direct impact on lungs it’s fluid in the lungs which are dangerous for breathing.

HACE- High Altitude Cerebral Edema – HACE it’s the different form of altitude sickness its fluid in the brains

Thus, HACE and HAPE are the main dangerous and life-threatening form of mountain sickness. Patient has to treat on time if not treated on time if late they may die. Whereas AMS is normal mountain sickness then HACE and HAPE.

What is the best time to do EBC trek?

Actually, most of the people don’t know the best season for EBC trek. Spring – (March, April, May) next autumn – (September, October November) is the best season for Everest base camp trek. Winter (December, January, February) – This is a cold season in Nepal but people can do Everest base camp trek. Next, summer is low season for Everest base camp trek due to the monsoon season flight will not operate on time Lukla flight may be delayed for a few days too.

What about meals and drinking water in EBC trek?

Nowadays there is available for different types of the food menu. Different places such as Lukla, Namche Hotel Everest view lots have inclusive of different meals such as continental, italic, Chinese, Nepali Indian. On the other hand regarding drinking water, you have to bring water purification tablets from Kathmandu. Next, there is available for safe drinking water in every hotel or you can also buy a bottle of water during trails.

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