Guidelines to Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Lake trek

EBC Gokyo Lake trekking

Everest Gokyo Lake trek 

Everest Base Camp via Gokyo lake trek can be an ideal journey towards the foothills of Everest & Gokyo Lake of Nepal. The retirement of this dramatic journey has become a popular tourist destination in the world. Every year, thousands of tourist from different parts of the world come here to explore the beauty. Among all the exotic treks of Nepal, this trek is one of the less crowded treks. During this amazing trek, trekkers can get a chance to see the majestic view of the various mountain peak above 8,000m. Adorable beauty with a flawless view of Mt.Makalu (8,481m), Mt.Cho Oyu (8,201m), Mt.Lhotse (8,516m). Even though, to observe the superb view of Everest Gokyo Lake is the best option to trekkers. Trek situated at an altitude of 5,357m in Khumbu region have become an impressive key point for tourist. Besides, these visitors are lucky for an amazing gorgeous view of the largest glacier of Nepal (Ngozumpa). Likewise, during Spring & Autumn season day is sunny & pleasant that’s why it is better to join this trip from during these periods. Plus, on this Everest via Gokyo Lake Trek there is merit to cross the Cho La Pass (5,420m).

Similarly, The mesmerizing view of Gokyo RI along with the majestic view of Mt.Everest & other various peaks has flourished its beauty. Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lake Trek is preferred an encountering moment for a superb lakeside view of Gokyo Lake. This gorgeous lake is situated at an altitude at (4,750m). The fine highlight of notorious view of Khumbu Ice& glacier covers an overall package of Everest Base & Gokyo lake trek.

1) What are the highlights of EBC Gokyo lake trek?

  1.  Turquoise beauty with the crisp photographs of beautiful Gokyo lake & Gokyo valley
  2. Stunning views of the mountain peaks like Mt.Everest(8,848m), Makalu(8,481m), Mt. Cho Oyu(8,201m)& Mt. Lhotse(8,516m)
  3. Passing through the amazing Sherpa village
  4. Visit mesmerizing Tengboche& observe the cultural tradition there
  5. 360° panorama of Gokyo lake& Gokyo RI pass at an altitude of (5,350m)
  6. Explore the adorable notorious view of  Khumbu glacier& Icefall
  7. Observe the largest glacier of Nepal( Ngozumpa

2. When is the best time to visit EBC Gokyo lake trek?

Although, trekkers are allowed to join this trip in every season. But among them, spring& autumns season is best for trekkers. Because, at these two seasons, weather is clear& sunny. Thus, trekkers can see a clear view of the mountains. Also, there is no worry about slippery & muddy trail. If you are planning for a trip to the EBC Gokyo lake trek then, peak season in spring from March April will be good for visitors.

 3.How is the weather of EBC Gokyo lake trek??

 Weather of Everest Base Camp is different for according to season. Sometimes exact weather prediction may not be fixed. As being a high altitude trek weather may be varied. Also. It may vary from time to time. In Nepal, there are four types of season. Here are some description about the seasons of EBC Gokyo trek

Spring season

In Nepal spring season generally starts from March to June. It is also a high peak season for trekking. During spring season temperature is slightly warm. That’s why trekkers can find somehow easier in them. Greenery with the blossoms of flowers makes your trip to Gokyo valley is really pleasant. More than autumn during the spring season, trek to Gokyo Cho La pass will be more enjoyable.  For EBC Gokyo trek spring season will be alright for the mesmerizing clear views of mountains &chirping sounds of birds is just wow. Blossom of flowers with the smell of Rhododendron ad more glimpses on the beauty of Everest tour.

Autumn Season

Autumn season in Nepal begins with the end of Monsoon season. In Nepal, the autumn season begins from September November. In these seasons almost environment is clear& pleasant. You might feel neither cold nor hot. Also at his season, Nepal invites with a big festival Dashain& Tihar. Clear blue sky with greenery& glimpses of moderate climate is best. That’s why this season is best for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking for tourist. Especially, for the trip to Everest Gokyo, it will be more enjoyable due to silvery shinning of mountains when the sun strikes on it.

Winter Season

In Nepal, winter season usually starts in the ending session of November until to mid-February.  During winter season at sunny days temperature of EBC Gokyo valley is around 12°c & at night also temperature falls towards -25°c. Also, during mid-winter snowfall occurs in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Thus, if you want to explore with the memorable moment for snowfall. Ten trips to Everest in the winter season will be best. Also, the most important part during winter season trekkers can experience snow tours in Everest reason like skiing, jump on snow, sliding on snow can be really fun.  Moreover, the celebration of New Year Eve to experience Himalayan nightlife will be perfect.

Monsoon Season

In Nepal, during monsoon season it receives excess rainfall.  Generally, Monsoon season in Nepal falls in June &August. But if you don’t like crowds of people. During winter season temperature of Everest region above 4,000m is about -15°c during morning & night. Basically, this season is considered as off-season for Gokyo Cho La trek. But there is also a benefit about the less crowd. But also during this season offers the view of a snowy landscape, wild animals.

4) How about time & distance of EBC Gokyo lake trek?

Usually, trek to Everest region starts from the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. While for 14 days itinerary of Everest Gokyo trek is about total 160km. However, during these journeys depending upon your walk& fitness around trekkers have to walk 5/6 hours each day.

5) What are the trekking routes of Everest Gokyo lake trek??

The real journey to the Everest Base Camp starts from the flight of Kathmandu to Lukla. From Luka, a truly blessed journey is waiting for you to the alp of Khumbu region. Normally, Namche Bazaar is the main gateway to the Mt. Everest whereas, there are various traditional trekking routes to EBC Gokyo that can be used as an alternative way of Gokyo trek. Directly or indirectly they are connected to the way of Everest Base Camp. In addition to all types of the trek in Everest region starts from Lukla& then Phakding ongoing towards the Namche. Here below are some routes of the   Everest Gokyo lake trek-

  1. Everest Base Camp Gokyo lake trek flight back by Heli
  2. Everest base camp Chola pass trek
  3. Everest Gokyo lake trek
  4. Everest three pass trek
  5. Jiri to Everest Base camp trek
  6. Renjo pass Everest Gokyo trek

6) How about the difficulty of Everest Gokyo lake trek?

Everest Gokyo lake trek is a moderate trek. It depends on the physical fitness of the visitors. Average walking hours for the 5/7 hours.  For experienced trekkers, it is almost easy to get success for the trip. Through the rough terrains trails then, it can be quite difficult. Not only the trail can become the obstacles, In fact, gain in altitude can be also tough for visitors. Also, passing from the Chola passes can be quite difficult for Everest Gokyo lake Trek.

7) How about altitude sickness of EBC Gokyo lake trek?

The maximum elevation of EBC Gokyo lake trek is Gokyo RI (5,357m).  But trekkers have to cautions about the altitude sickness. While for trekking in Nepal above an altitude of 3,500m there has a high chance of high altitude sickness.  This, is because at high altitude there is an atmospheric pressure& percentage of oxygen supply becomes low. That’s why there has a high chance of people suffering from these cured sicknesses. There are no specific symptoms from altitude sickness. But traveller has to become cure about while, they feel like minor headache, nausea, suffocation. As soon as possible they have to travel towards lower altitude below 3,000 after these minor symptoms. Otherwise, it will be difficult to cure. Here below we have described the types of altitude sickness:


There are mainly three types of altitude sickness.  AMS is mainly denoted by Acute Mountain Sickness. It is a first step or primary stage, of mountain sickness. In this stage, the patient feels mild symptoms like nausea, muscular pain, headache& difficulty in breathing.


Full form of HAPE is generally denoted by High altitude Pulmonary Edema. Actually, in this stage respiratory tract of patients becomes blocked& can cause difficulty in breathing. Actually, HAPE is the formation of fluid that produced inside the lungs of a patient. Generally, it blocks the supply of oxygen in the lungs. That may lead to the death of the patient.


HACE is the last stage of altitude sickness. Generally, it is defined with a High altitude Cerebral Edema. It is an extreme or last stage of mountain sickness. People can characterize this stage with altered mental status, unconsciousness, ataxia shortage of breathing.  If it is not diagnosed at the time within 24 hours it can cause brain haemorrhage leads the person into a coma or even death.

8) What types of food & drinks are available on Everest Gokyo lake trek?

Most of the pour viewers might have a question about the availability of the quality of food& drinks. While on high altitude trek keeping body refresh& energetic is a prime factor. There are numbers of hotels &tea house that have been promoted to provide well facilities of food& drinks at the Everest region. While we talk about the food the, trekkers don’t have to worry about the food available at trek. As per menu items, all types of food including national& international cuisine along with French, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, Nepali& even continental dish can be easily available at the high altitude of Everest region.

In addition to drinking system then local people of Solu region use tap water for their daily propose. Even trekkers use tap water for drinking. Especially, for foreign trekkers, if they are discomfort in using direct sources water. They can carry portable water purifier or purifying tablet. But the best option I would like to suggest is to use boiled water that can be safe for better health& protect form coldness.

9) What is the packing list of Everest via Gokyo lake trek?

For trekking in Everest, Gokyo trekker have to carry all the necessaries equipment &gears that provide physical as well as technical back support. You have to make sure that you pack your bags that might be easier or comfort while you travel& keep all your items that were well arranged & easily available when you search for it. Protection from the cold you can carry down jackets or airproof wardrobe& inner thermal for comfort& convenient.

10) How much about Everest base camp Gokyo package cost?

Budget planning before you book any trip comes in top depends on your choice while, if you choose luxury trek including standard& advanced facilities then it can be more costly. If our clients want Guides with additional language& knowledge then including his entire expense you have to pay for it. Usually, our package cost for Everest Gokyo trek is about $ 1300 to 1500 for the standard trek. If you want a more luxurious trek then it generally costs about $ 2500.


11) How about Kathmandu to Lukla Kathmandu flight?

For trekking in Everest region tour normally trek starts from Lukla. Duration of Kathmandu to Lukla flight is about 45 minute. Per person, it cost approximately about$ 180 for one way for two away it is $180*2.   Although, for Kathmandu to Lukla flight, there is allowance of total 15 kg baggage including luggage 10 kg & 5 kg handbag/ if you carry weight more than 15 kg then travellers have to pay extra cost for it.

Also, another fact about Kathmandu to Lukla flight is time scheduled may be varied. In another word, there may be some delay in flight or some time it cancelled. This is because of bad weather condition weather prediction may not be true. Thus, for extra day expenses, you should always carry your pocket money or additional budget recover the expenses.

12) What types of accommodation are available at Everest Base Camp Gokyo trek?

Well, for accommodation in high altitude trek can be a significant part for our clients. For stay night at Kathmandu, we prefer a 3/4 star hotel. But above Namche, you have to spend the night at basic tea house& trekking lodge.  As per your budget, our clients were provided with accommodation facilities. In most of the tea house & trek, lodge room was basic with blankets pillow with few furnishing items. These basic accommodation toiletries were outside where you have to use bucket Water. Whereas some tea house& lodge prefers western toiletries with western commode& tissue paper.

Fridley luxury hotel with luxury facilities was also available at Everest region. In high season we have to do advance booking in hotel& lodge otherwise, it is difficult to get a room in time.

13) Is there any age limit for Everest Base Camp Gokyo trek?

Officially, there is no age limit for Everest Gokyo trek. People of ages like 8& below 80 were also having successful trekking in Everest region. Age limit is not an obstacle, In fact, physical fitness& better experience comes in top priority. Age doesn’t become a matter to fulfil the dreams of people. If people are active& interest in trekking they without any hesitation they can book a trip in Khumbu Valley.

14) Are there ATM & Money exchange available at EBC Gokyo trek?

In Kathmandu visitor can find ATM anywhere. But in Everest Gokyo it is dissimilar. Only in Namche & Lukla, there is available of ATM & banking system. Above there were no ATM or banks. That’s why you have to carry enough cash for high altitude trek. Also. Some hotels& tea house don’t accept foreign currency. It is better to carry small changes in Nepalese currency.

Bank at Namche & Lukla opens from 10:00 A.M to 2:30 P.M. Also, during the occasion of national holidays& Saturdays banks are closed. Officially, Nepali rupees comes in coins of 1, 2,5,10 whereas 20, 50. 100, 500 & 1000 comes in rupees note.  For the same accessing of ATMS, you can get cash from different parts of Namche Bazaar& Lukla.  Most of the foreign currency was converted in N.P.R including USD, GBP, EURO, and YEN& Indian Rupees. But in some case, some banks of Everest region don’t accept foreign bank cards.

15) How about drinking water & beverage available at EBC Gokyo Lake trek?

There is a good facility for drinking water & beverage at Everest Gokyo lake trek.  Most of the people in the Everest region of Nepal use tap water as drinking water.  As it is a high altitude trek that’s why it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. In increasing high altitude cost of per bottle water is also raised. That’s why it is better to drink boiled hot water at the same cost. Whereas there are also tea & coffee shop available that prefers nice coffee. Also, hot fruit juice& garlic soup were highly recommended for keeping the body hydrated & preventing from mountain sickness.  While on beverage items it is better not to drink hard drinks while trekking because they have a high chance of increasing your blood pressure. If you have the habit or eager to drink then at the ending of trek taking soft drinks will be somehow better. In addition, national & international brands of beverages are easily available at Everest Gokyo trek.

16) What is the weight limit of my baggage to EBC Gokyo trek?

 Entire airline of Nepal has the same rules for the weight of baggage limit for Kathmandu to Lukla flight. In case of overloaded baggage for flight then, trekkers can hire an authorized registered guide4 from the government of Nepal. Also, porters are allowed to carry total baggage of 20kg. Otherwise, allowance for baggage is travellers can carry 10 kg luggage & weight of 5 kg as a handbag. In the case of extra load, clients have to pay additional money to the airlines as per the rules.

17) How about tips to Guide & Porters during Everest Gokyo trek?

Tips to guide& Porters is not mandatory. It is not compulsory to prefer tips for staffs during the trek. As they are paid their daily wages. But, tips is paying extra money to guides& porters. Seeing their hardworking& mutual friendly behaviour can also melt the heart of visitors? Tips are just a token of love or a way of representing satisfaction. It is not compulsory but it has become like culture. Because only daily wages for guides& porters will not be sufficient for their expenses.

. Normally, tips were provided as per 10% of their total payment.  Like as daily wages it is not fixed. Guest or trekkers can provide tips as much as their wish. . Normally, tips were provided as per 10% of their total payment.  Like as daily wages it is not fixed. Guest or trekkers can provide tips as much as their wish.

18) How are Guides and Porters on Everest Gokyo Trek?

Solo trek without professional Guides & Porters is not regarded as safety& informative trekking. That’s why our company hires only authorized licensed Guides& Porters having decades of experience. Guides n our porters are well knowledge& informative having more than 10 years of trekking experience in different parts of Nepal.  Friendly talkative Guides & porters from our company can makes your tour a memorable trip in life. Without them, there’s difficulty to achieve a successful trip for any kind of trekking. Guides & porters are just like a ladder which leads towards a high altitude of successful trek. Guides & porters provide physical, technical as well as technical support to the clients.

19)  What about travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Gokyo Trek?

While trekking in Nepal, travel insurance is the most important factors that clients needed for their safety& protection. In addition, Everest Base Camp Trek is a high altitude trek that’s why there might be possible of risk factors of natural disasters or some incidence accidents. Thus, if you have travel insurance then it can support to recover your lost or financially or technically will be benefited. In case of sudden accidents or loss recruitment, it provides a cover over your loss. While for foreigners our         Sunrise Adventure Trek will not responsible for their travel Insurance. That’s why it is better to do your travel insurance from your country home & at least inform your Insurance Company that you were travelling in Nepal.

Your travel insurance provides recruitment over accidental, illness, baggage lost or robbery case.

20) How can I found a trekking agency for Everest Gokyo lake trek?

 There are thousands of trekking agency in Nepal that were providing their service from years to their clients.  Our Sunrise Adventure Trek company is Located in Paknajol Thamel Kathmandu Nepal since experience having decades of years.

Safety& informative service with our experienced& knowledgeable team members. Our expert guides & porters with authorized licensed from the government of Nepal having more than 15 years of trekking experience.  Honest friendly& hardworking team of our agency has received good reviews from Trip advisors& feedback from clients.


  In a nutshell, Everest Gokyo trek is an ideal trip itself. Beneath the dramatic foothills of the Everest, it has explored the beauty of entire Khumbu among the tourist of different parts or world. Diversified Sherpa culture their traditions& vast range of flora& fauna can be an impressive factor for our visitors. Similarly, an adventure trip with the heaven of various mountain peaks can be the lifetime adventure trekking in Nepal.

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