How about Coronavirus (COVID -19) Condition in Nepal

How about Corona virus (COVID -19) condition in Nepal

What is the (COVID -19) Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a kind of virus that is a transmission from animals to humans. Coronavirus causes illness spreading form cough, common cold, fever, and breathing difficulties. The coronavirus may cause pneumonia and kidney failure after suffering from flu, fever and cough, high fever. Until now nobody can find any absolute medicine of this COVID – 19 coronaviruses in the world. Most of the countries are applied and applying different drugs of coronavirus but no antibiotics are useful to cure it till now.
Moreover, coronavirus is circulating humans rapidly around the globe. Coronavirus direct infection and reflects signs of fever, cough, and respiratory symptoms. It also makes breathing difficulties and finally killed the people.

What is the main preventive of COVID- 19 Coronavirus?

There is no medicine that is preventing to coronavirus (COVID 2019) until now. The main prevention of coronavirus is focusing on personal hygiene. You can do regularly washing hands, close your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, properly use a mask outside. Although, cook meats items, eggs, and food properly, avoid close contact from crowed. Always be aware of suspected viruses and influenza illness people. Avoid touching hand in eyes, nose and avoid close contact with sick people.

What about Coronavirus (COVID -19) condition in Nepal?

Presently billion of people are wondering and they couldn’t travel because of daily spreading coronavirus in the globe but Nepal is safe to travel. Do many people raise questions is Nepal safe to travel from coronavirus?
Nepal is absolutely safe to travel and no people are affected. However, as we say that Nepal is safe to travel and there is less chance of spreading coronavirus once you trek to the great Himalayas which is far & untouchable. Therefore, all travellers in the world are aware of the coronavirus (COVID -19) and wouldn’t travel freely. Many people are afraid to travel and visiting one to next place due to the quick transmission of the coronavirus.
Moreover, any Foreigners travelling, trekking and touring in Nepal are happily enjoying massif Himalayas. How about the Coronavirus (COVID -19) condition in Nepal?  You can visit mountains and beautiful nature without any hesitation freely. Let’s say if some people may be affected by a coronavirus in the city but once you go trekking and tour to the Himalayas it’s completely safe. Tour to greenery countryside there is no chance of transmitting coronavirus which is far away from the city and untouched of crowded.

Next, one of the men a Nepalese student returned from Wuhan University, Wuhan, China was presented as an isolated patient in the hospital in the earlier phase. He has admitted to Kathmandu, Sukraraj Tropical suspended from his sickness & respiratory problem. Later on, his blood report was sent to check in Hong Kong and he wasn’t corona illness and which was medically approved.

Nepal has a total of 139200 people are infected by COVID – 19 among 96,800 people are recovered and 765 were death cases till date. Most of the victims were back from India.

Later on WHO warned to Nepal government about the dangerous situation of Coronavirus. Awareness of spreading the virus and the prevention of coronavirus as neighbouring China. Similarly, within a few days Nepal government-run health desk on TIA and health examination to every passenger who flew from overseas to Nepal.

Is Nepal safe to travel freely form Corona Virus?

 Nepal is safe to travel and few Nepalese people are infected from coronavirus in Nepal until now.
Last time (Ministry of Health & Population) on 14 February 2020 those 175 Nepalese students were brought from Wuhan China. They were sent to the special quarantine unit and none of them has signs of neither infected nor any infection by the virus. Therefore, Nepal is 100 % safe to travel from coronavirus and don’t corona in Nepal. Travelling in Nepal and safe from COVID -19 is the main concern for everyone. Since October Nepal trek is open.  

What is a coronavirus and where does it spread from?

Coronavirus is a kind of virus transmitting disease. The first Novel (nCoV) coronavirus spread from birds, mammals, animals to humans. The new coronavirus COvid -19, 2019 is spreading quickly day by day different countries in the world.

More than 40,725200 people have been infected and 11,25,400 people were dead and 30,402,179 people were recovered by COVID -19 in the world till date.

The main issues of coronavirus are spreading globally is gathering and travelling of people carelessly. Highly spreading of Novel coronavirus ( COVID -19) make human lives in danger to the human.

Coronavirus is emerging from the Wuhan province of China and later spreading around more than 214 countries around the globe. However, these days’ coronavirus is spreading to South East Asia, most of the countries in Australia, the US, Europe. Even though it’s spreading to the Middle East so on.

How can I travel in Nepal in this hazard period of the COVID- 19 coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, of course, you can travel to Nepal in this situation but there are some limitations. Nepal government has suspension on arrival visa. People travelling in Nepal from China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan, wouldn’t get an arrival visa. However, those people if needed to visit Nepal have health approved certificate from their medical. Once they are medical health approved and visit the Nepalese embassy of their country and apply for the Nepal visa. Furthermore, info about Nepal travel and visa system you can visit as well as Nepal immigration. 

In conclusion,

Travelling in Nepal completely safe from corona-virus. We  Sunrise Adventure trek team will understand this COVID -19 pandemic situation in the world. We are aware of our clients’ value of their time and money all ensure your booking. So we do save your continued all the booking and anyone willing to book a tour. So, we save you all trip booking with us until December 2021 as the same package cost as mentioned on our website.
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