How do I travel during strike in Nepal

How do I travel during strike in Nepal
Many tourist have confusion for traveling during strike in Nepal. Tourist is 100 % safe and allowed to freely travel during any types of the strike in Nepal.
Nowadays Nepal Banda (Strike) is very rarely in Nepal. The strike was practiced since the establishment of multi party’s democratic system in Nepal in 1990 A.D. Now the government of Nepal formed as Federal Democratic Republic Nepal. There are two major parties CPN / Maoist and UML / Nepal communist party they run a government. Nepali Congress is one of the largest parties who are outside the government and play the vital role of the opposition party. Any opposition party closely look after the government and his bad agenda and demanding their own policy in government. There are other minor parties who used to do strike demanding with their certain policy with the government. While the opposition party doesn’t get their demand then they do strike against the government.
Over around past two decades strike was cruel and violence in Nepal which was the main cause of civil war in Nepal. People used to go on strike and conflict due to the main cause of jobless in the past. But now a day’s strike is quite less in Nepal regarding psst. After written Nepal constitution, due to people awareness and strict security rules of government very less strike in Nepal at the present.

What is strike “Banda” means?

Strike means “Closed” or Banda in Nepali which is the way of dissatisfaction with the government‘s policy. During the strike, all the public and private vehicle are forced to stop. So it is difficult for the common people during the strike to survive their daily lives.

A complete tourist guides how to travel during a strike in Nepal?

The public is badly suffered during the strike in Nepal but any foreigners are allowed to travel freely on the strike. Tourist is means of ambassador. So many types of the strike are not making problems for the tourist for visiting in Nepal. Green and red plate number plate of transportation are open for the tourist while even on strike. International and domestic flight, tourist bus, jeep, car van and any type of means of transportation is run for overseas tourist.
Is there safe to travel on strike ? Obviously, any tourist are completely save to travel during a strike in Nepal. We Sunrise Adventure trek will always ready to provide you any types travel package during any strike or conflict in Nepal. You can enjoy Kathmandu day tour, and short hiking in strike. Even in during civil war period our expert guides they do frequently encounter with the Maoist regarding their over tax with tourist. Solo traveler, family, couple and group traveler any traveler are saved and allowed to travel in Nepal during a strike. Normally around 5 pm strike is going to over and transportation is starting to run and the market is slowly open. While there is strike public is forced to stop for long route traveling due to security cause. Government and private organization, public vehicles, restaurant, local shops local business and so on are the effects due to strike.
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What are the types of strike / Banda in Nepal?

 The strike happens at any time with shortly prior notice but its very rarely happen in present context of Nepal. Generally, there are different types of strikes in Nepal which are shortly listed below 

National strike or Political strike

All the government official and private business are almost closed during the national strike or political strike. The entire public and private vehicle are forced to stop due to security reason. The only  emergency vehicle is allowed to run.

Regional strike

Regional or city strike is only affected in a certain part of the area of the country. Tourist has to aware during the regional strike while traveling regarding public transportation.

Fuel strike

Fuel strike occurs while the shortage of fuel and high price of fuel. While conflict and strike around in border there is the effect of fuel strike even its shortage in the whole country.

Student strike

Student strike is connected with the national education policy of student. They raise the high price of the economy issue, to control the black market, and fuel vice versa.

Nepal has no religious strike, indigenous people strike and no class strike. Any types of strike hit the people and close the road.

Why are so many strikes in Nepal?

Nepal has a multi-political party since established of the multi- political party in 1990. After multi-political party strike is sometimes happen in Nepal. People they do strike demanding their right and policy in the constitution of Nepal. Nepal has around 18 major and minor political parties. People they do strike with demanding their own needs. While the government doesn’t listen to their normal people voice then they do strike. Generally strike is like indigenous people strike, student strike, fuel price rising strike. Next food price rising strike, political parties strike, local business strike, transportation strike is a normal strike in Nepal.

What to do and not do during a strike in Nepal?

  • All the green number plate vehicles are allowed to run during the strike in Nepal. So you have to use better green number plate transportation during travel in Nepal on the strike.
  • Follow the guide and porters and coordinate with hotel members during the strike.
  • Any kind of emergency vehicles is allowed to run during strike like ambulance, water suppliers vehicles. Other dairy milk products tourist green number plate vehicles, firefighters, diplomatic vehicle, security transportation etc are allowed to run any types of strike.
  • You can easily use domestic and international flight in during the strike
  • Do not use public transportation during the strike which is a bit risky.
  • Do not involve in strike either knowingly or unknowingly also do not gathering with a group.
  • You can go hiking or trekking during the strike which is no any affected by the strike
  • Some of the cradles are violent and aggressive in the strike so do not impose your political and religious ideology to them.
  • Enjoy a peaceful day walking and explore local culture and people during the strike.
 In nutshell, strike is rarely happen in Nepal. Strike happen due to the multi-parties’ democracy system demanding their own voice. Government’s opposition party they raise their own policy in the constitution. The strike is happening due to the different general demand of people. Common people are badly victim of strike economic status of the nation is going to falling down due to the cause of the strike. However, tourists are free to travel during a strike or any conflict. You can better to do trekking in Nepal during a strike. So you have to make the sure booking with the travel agency for visiting in Nepal in advance. The strike doesn’t affect in the Himalayas. All the emergency vehicles and tourist transportation are allowed to run during the strike. Strike mostly makes problem in the urban area and common people. Finally, trekking and hiking is the best way during a strike in Nepal.
Have a nice travel thank you.
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