Is Nepal peak climbing safe? Coronavirus cancels all peaks climbing

Is Nepal peak climbing safe? Coronavirus cancels all peaks climbing

Is Nepal peak climbing safe? Coronavirus cancels all mountaineering in Nepal

Do many people raise the question is Nepal safe for travel after the coronavirus outbreak?
Of course, coronavirus impacts trekking and mountaineering in Nepal in the spring of 2020. Every peak climbing and mountaineering is rewarding and challenging for the climbers. 
The Government of Nepal immigration department officially announced that the arrival visa is restricted to all travelers who are visiting Nepal. Those travelers who traveling to Nepal have to receive a visa from the missionary of Nepal of their own country. They have to submit their coronavirus negative health report to the mission and get the Nepal visa. Even nobody tourist aloud for peak climbing in Nepal in this spring season 2020. The government has totally restricted all Himalayas peak climbing from 14th March to 30 April and next till the next notice 2020.
Nepal is known for the mystic of Himalayas so there are different types of peak climbing which is suitable for any peak climbers. Therefore, coronavirus affects all Nepal peak climbing and mountaineering activities. All people know that Nepal is the homeland of the eight world’s highest mountain including Mt. Everest among the 14 highest peaks of the world. Similarly, the wide range of the Himalayas base in Nepal is the paradise for the Mt. lovers. Nepal has open different hundreds of mountains for peak climbing. Peak climbers including challenging climb, technical and non-technical one. That’s why all the mountain climbers either beginner or experts can enjoy Nepal peak climbing.
Although, Nepal peak climbing helps you to explore amazing landscapes and panoramic views of the massif Himalayas. Therefore Nepal is the paradise for any mountain lovers in the world. Our expert team will provide you amazing lifetime experience for your Nepal climbing.

1. Is Nepal safe for peak climbing and mountaineering in 2020?

Nepal shuts for all peaks climbing including Mt. Everest for spring 2020 due to coronavirus fears.
Nepal all peak climbing and trekking season spring 2020 is completely stopped.
Nepal government has cancels spring 2020 peak climbing. Besides that, most people from different countries are not allowed to enter Nepal due to the threatening of COVID-19. Similarly, while the coronavirus outbreak many countries are aware of the spreading of coronavirus they suspend on the visa system. Besides that, visit Nepal year 2020 has been postponed for 2022 due to coronavirus.  Peak climbing includes rock climbing and mountaineering activates in the Himalayas.
However, peak climbing in the Himalayas is a lifetime experience and a thrilling journey for the people. You can also see the unique cultures and lifestyles of people of the Himalayas, lifestyle, and cultures, hidden gems. Explore different flora and fauna, unique wilderness. Similarly different social celebrity and famous people they climb Nepal Himalayas including Mt. Everest.
Once you climb to the high camp and summit to the top you can see the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas which are real experiences of your trip. Our guides and Sherpa are local bases and highly experience in the mountaineering field. Our team they have already summit Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Kanchenjunga, and many more great Himalayas in Nepal.

2. How can I successfully summit peak climbing?

The main things climbing equipment and gears, camping, and professional guides are the main matter to success your peak climbing. Not only that even your good physical fitness and some good previous experience is the key point to make your successful peak climbing.


3. How many Mountains are there in Nepal?

Nepal has many more mountains Nepal is known as the heaven of the mountains. Nepal has 1310 different mountain peaks including Mt. Everest one of the highest peak of the globe. Among them, 326 mountain peaks are open for climbing, and expedition out of the 103 was already climbed before.

4. In nutshell,

Nepal peak climbing has a long history where many people can do a successful peak climbing in the past. Thus, at this moment the government of Nepal has canceled all peak climbing for spring 2020 to prevent coronavirus.
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