Is Nepal Safe to Travel? COVID -19 Impacted Nepal Trekking

Is Nepal Safe to Travel? COVID -19 Coronavirus Impacted Nepal Trekking

1. Is Nepal Safe to Travel? COVID -19 Impacted Nepal Trekking

Many people raise a question about is Nepal safe to travel? Nepal trekking and climbing are badly affected by COVID -19 coronavirus in spring 2020. All Nepal trekking and climbing are shut by the coronavirus outbreak in the world. All peak climbing permits issued and going to issued are suspended for spring 2020. Almost trekking and travel companies and tourism industries faced the real problem of COVID -19.  Many people raise the question that Is Nepal Safe to Travel? COVID -19 Impacted Nepal Trekking? It really impacts the Nepal tourism industry and lost billions of dollars for national income. Tourism and foreign remittance are the backbones of the Nepalese economy.

Nepal has a total of 139200 people are infected by COVID – 19 among 96,800 people are recovered and 765 were death cases till date. Most of the victims were back from India.

Coronavirus COVID -19 has turned out to be a global pandemic. The cabinet meeting of the Nepal government has taken a quick decision about prevention and control. In the one hand all incoming tourist arrived in Nepal since 14 March 2020 have to stay be self-quarantine for 14 days. On the other hand, Nepalese have to stay at home quarantine for 14 days who are entering Nepal from abroad.

2. Nepal tourism board on the suspension to issue for all trekking permits in Nepal to prevent COVID -19.

Nepal tourism board has decided to suspend trekking permits to all areas since today 20 March until further notice. now Nepal trekking is open since 17 October 2020. 
Regarding the COVID-19 government precaution, the Nepal government has precaution of spreading coronavirus. Monitoring the recent global pandemic COVID -19 as a precaution guided by WHO reports and recommendations.
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3. How about an international flight? Coronavirus latest update from 20 March

Coronavirus latest update from 20 March 2020 with international flight and tourists coming to Nepal. There is a restriction on international flights. either Nepalese and foreigner who are coming to Nepal from 20th March 2020 till 18 April 2020 midnight.
Even though there are restrictions on a direct international flight to Nepal till the last week of July 2020 till the next notice again till 1 st September all flights are suspended excluding charter flight. All passengers coming to Nepal through direct flight having either transit or taking the first flight are restricted. They are going own countries from Europe, West Asia, Gulf countries Turkey Malaysia South Korea, Japan, and Australia are subject to arrival restrictions in Nepal.
Therefore, this urgent notice is circulated to foreign diplomatic missions, Nepalese diplomatic missions. Even though notice to all international airline companies who are operating flight to Nepal.
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After  17 October 2020 tourist are allowed to enter in Nepal with having PCR negative report before 72 hours at Kathmandu airport.

4. What about trekking permits and TIMS card?

If you already arrived in Nepal before 14 March 2020 and want to do trekking can allowed for the trek. Y0ou can get TIMS card till the deadline of 20 March 2020 after that no more aloud for trek until next notice. Similarly, Restricted area trekking permits are almost closed since mid of March and will not issue until next notice due to the COVID-19. Similarly, those who have already arrived in Nepal from 14 March to 19 March can get trekking permits and TIMS cards. You can go to TAAN headquarter office, Malegaon with submitting their essential bellow 5 documents-
  1. Nepal visa copy
  2. Passport copy
  3. Reasonable contact person in Nepal
  4. Nepal immigration entry stamp copy
  5. Copy of verifying medical health certificate
Since October 2020 Nepal is open for a foreigner for trekking and adventures.

5. What about Everest Base camp trekking?

Everest base camp trek is the main transit for the Everest reason trek. Everest reason trek has different trekking routes via EBC trek. All Hotels in Namche Bazar are closed from today 20 March 2020 onwards until next notice. They are due to the awareness and danger spreading of coronavirus. Not only Everest most of the hotels in different trekking reasons are going to opening presently for the trek. 
Finally, we all have to think that “prevention is better than cure”. So stay safe to all will visit next season 2020 in Nepal.

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