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Mera Peak climbing

Mera Peak Climbing – FAQ

Mera peak is one of the highest trekking peak (6476 m 21246 ft) located in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Mera peak climbing offers the incredible range of the great Himalaya. You can close view of the world five highest mountain from the top and high camp of the Mera peak. Massif view of the earth highest peak mount Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu and Kanchenjunga.  Mount Kanchenjunga looks very far located in the eastern part close to the Indian border. Best time offers the fantastic views of the mountains during the summit to Mera peak.

Mera peak is less technical but more challenging due to the high elevation climbing comparison to other trekking peaks.  Below are the mentioned FAQ about Mera peak climbing-


1. When is the best season to climb Mera peak?

Spring March to May and autumn September to November is the best season for peak climbing in Nepal. Spring is one of the best and suitable time of the year and autumn is the second high season for Mera peak climbing. Likewise, winter December, January and February is the freezing and highest coldest temperature of the year even some people continue climb peak even in winter too. Summer June, July and August season is monsoon so it’s not recommended to peak climbing in Nepal.

2. How long does it take to climb Mera peak?

Mera Peak Climbing takes 17 days including the trekking part with extra days of acclimatization. Some trekkers take up to three weeks to climb Mera peak while climbing via a different trail via Puiya, Bupsa and Pungoma. You will have trekking about 8 days and will take 2 days to climb from Khare high camp next summit to Mera peak and back to Khare. Those who are advanced trekkers and climbers can do this climbing within 7 to days with flying via helicopter for early climbing.


3. How difficult is it to climb Mera peak?

Mera peak climbing is not quite difficult as other Island and Lobuche peak climbing. Comparision to other peak Mera peak climbing is the longest and challenging trekking peak have to walk a long time. You have to walk about 30 -meter rope for the final ascent of Mera peak climbing. Mera peak climbing is the highest trekking peak climbing (6476 meters) in this sense it’s a bit challenging with long walking.


4. How much does it cost to climb Mera peak?

Mera peak climbing cost varies it’s all depending on your service what you use. Normally Mera peak climbing cost US 2140 per person in our trip package with a major package including. However average package cost a minimum of US $ 2000 to a maximum of US $ 2500 per person including everything during your climbing.


5. What about Meals and accommodation on Mera Peak climbing?

You will have a nice hotel in Kathmandu with a buffet-style breakfast is included in the Kathmandu hotel. Whereas there are different varieties of meals is provided drink trek. You will have 3 times meals breakfast, lunch and dinner is included on the trek and during the Mera peak climbing period. You will have Contential, Nepali, Indian, Chinese with different cuisines are available on the trek. Likewise, you will have a limit and the fixed menu is available on high camp and during the Mera peak climbing period.
On the other hand, you can get different bottled water or boil water on trek whereas can get mostly boiled water during the climbing period.
Accommodations are the basic style of the tea house and lodges accommodation available on the trek and tented accommodation is available during the climbing period.

6. How about guides, porters and cook on Mera Peak climbing are they insured?

All guides, porters and cook are professional ones during your Mera peak climbing. Sunrise Adventure treks provide local base expert team members and have a good train of altitude. Our team members have several times ascent to Mera peak. We ensure your safe trip during your trekking and climbing in Nepal. Similarly, all our guides, Sherpas and cook have their high altitude insurance. Without having proper insurance of our team we don’t operate trip to our staff. Even though we need proper staff insurance documents before issue a climbing permit from Nepal Mountaineering Association. So that without having proper insurance documents we aren’t allowed to operate any trekking and climbing permit.


7. What about the communication system on Mera peak climbing?

You will have WIFI available during trekking to Mera peak climbing. Most of the hotels and lodges have their own WIFI and satellite phone to contact. Even our guides and porters have a cell phone to contact if in case of any emergency. Although, if we have a bigger group we do also use the satellite phone to contact. So these days communication is easily available on the trek.

8. What are the gears lists for Mera peak climbing?

All climbing gears and equipment is quite significant for peak climbing and mountaineering part. Below are the essential gears for Mera peak climbing-
1. A sport harness- provides the best grip preventing you from falling
2. Carabineers- used in rope-intensive activities
3. Infinity Dry Rope / Prusik Loop- used in rope rescue
4. Braking Belay Device- attached to harness or carabineer
5. Crampons- improves mobility while walking over snow
6. Trekking Poles- walking support on the ice
7. The Figure of eight locks/ Descender/ Super 8- precise control over speed while descending
8. Ascender- attached to a rope to make ascending easy
9. Ice Axe- ice climbing tool
10. Multi-LED Headlamp & Spare batteries- for a clear journey
11. Slings- reduce the load damage
12. Altimeter- to measure the altitude of the place
13. Climbing Helmet- protect from rock falls
14. Climbing Rope- important for climbing
15. U- Lock- makes better locks
16. Gloves (Insulating)- used for various stuff like making knots, climbing and keeping your hands warm
17. Sleeping bag- protects your body while sleeping
18. Survival Blanket- works as a useful first-aid kit if someone is going into shock
19. Oxygen- necessary if you suffer from AMS its an optional one
20. Insect repellent- protects from the bite
Besides Climbing gears, there are other things that you need while trekking. They are listed below:
· Loose comfortable T-Shirts
· Long-sleeved shirts for sun protection
· Trousers
· A warm jacket and a fleece pullover
· A thermal layer (shirt and pants)
· Water and windproof jacket
· Water and windproof trousers
· Woolen or thermal gloves
· Sun hat and sunglasses
· Woolen or fleece hat
· Scarf
· Down jacket
· A pair of Hiking Boots-water resistance
· Trekking Shoes
· Sandals
· Socks
· 4 pairs of good hiking socks
· 4 pairs of thermal socks Bags
· Duffel bags
· Day Backpack
Skin Protection
· Sunscreen- a minimum of SPF 30
· SPF lip balm
· Pairs of sunglasses
Toiletries and First Aid
· Soap
· Shampoo
· Conditioner
· Travel Towel
· Toothpaste and Toothbrush
· Deodorant and Wet Wipes
· Hair Brush and Hair Ties
· Tampons or Pads
· Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer
First Aid Kit
· Basic medicine- cold medicines, anti-diarrhoea pills, and Diamox for altitude sickness.
· Bandages
· Gauze
· Medical tape and a compression bandage for strains or sprains
· Nail clippers.
· Any prescription medication
· Mobile Phone and Charger
· Camera, Memory Cards and Charger or Batteries
· Power Bank
· Hiking snacks- energy bars and trail mix
· Fruit and nuts
· Chocolate Bars
Optional Extra gear
· Binoculars
· Alarm Clock
· Ear Plug
· Eye Masks
· Rain cover

9. Can I see Mount Everest from Mera peak?

Of course, you can see the world highest peak, Mount Everest, from the Mera peak. If the weather best favour and crystal clear you can also see Mount Everest from Mera high camp. You can also see the other sunrise views of the highest mountains mount Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Makalu, Kanchenjunga. So you can see the world five highest mountains which are higher than 8000 meters above sea level. Thus it is to say that Mera peak climbing is the best ironic peak climbing where you enjoy the incredible views of the Himalayas peaks and beautiful valleys during Mera peak climbing.


10. What are the Mera Peak Climbing routes?

Mera peak climbing has mainly 2 routes. The short routes are fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and approach directly routes follows to Zatrwa La pass 4600 m above sea level. This Zatra La pass is trek is high route pass within 2 days of the trek. Sometimes people may have altitude problem with the Zatra La pass trek within a short period of time reaching a high altitude.
Next rote follows the longer route trek passes via Puiya, Bupsa, Pangoma, Ning and Chetra Khola and Khote, Tangnag. The second one is a longer route will take about 3 days to complete the trip.
In Conclusion,  Mera peak climbing is one of the best climbing in Nepal. Mera peak climbing offers the world best panoramic sunrise and sunset view of the world highest Himalayas during ascent to Mera peak.

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