Mount Everest Facts and Information

Mount Everest facts and information

 Mt. Everest Facts and Information

Mount Everest is the earth’s highest peak which has an altitude of 8,848m (29029 ft) located in the Mahalangur Himal subrange of Himalayas. It is said that the age of Mt. Everest is about 60 million years old. Mount Everest was first discovered by Sir George Hillary in 1841 AD. The summit of Mt. Everest is the border of Nepal to the south & China to the North. It is also believed that Everest was formed by the movement of the Indian Tectonic Plate over the Asian Plate. Since the earthquake in Nepal, it begins to grow about 4 mm per year due to the movement of rock.
Likewise, the first successful climb of Mt. Everest was performed by Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Sherpa on May 29, 1953, A. D. This mountain was declared as the highest peak by Radhanath Sikdar in 1852 A. D. The government of Nepal declared Mt. Everest as ‘Sagarmatha’ which means goddesses of the sky. Also, Tibetan people well had known Sagarmatha as the name of ‘Chomolungma’, which means holy mother. Only one-third of oxygen is available at the summit of Mt. Everest Mainly climbers keep bottle oxygen for their safety. Above 8,000 m higher of Mt. Everest is known as the death zone where a very thick layer of oxygen is available due to the highest atmospheric.


Everest Facts and figure

Many climbers from different countries have climbed the summit of Mt. Everest successfully. In 2015 many climbers died due to the strike of the Earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes. The 1st woman to climb Mt. Everest was Junko Tabei in 1975 A.D. More than 500 women successfully climbed the world tallest Mt. Everest. Jordan Romero from California is the youngest person to climb the world’s highest Mt. Everest at the age of 13, in 2010. Along with historical evolution, various interesting facts have promoted the beauty of Entire Solukhumbu. Sagarmatha National park with wide flora & fauna, the dazzling beauty of the national park adds more glimpses of Everest.
Similarly, the impressive beauty of the Gokyo valley, Khumbu icefalls, Tengboche, Namche Bazaar has flourished the beauty. Nepal Kami Rita Sherpa has been successfully climbed the summit on 22 different occasions. For instance, a short period time climber from Nepal Lakpa Gelu Sherpa in 2003 who climbed the summit within 10 hrs 56 minutes.
Moreover, there is a ceremony before climbing Mt. Everest. A traditional Puja is performed by Buddhist Lama along with monks. They built the altar campsite of stones & prey it. They prey to bring good fortune & protection for the climbers. They also worship equipment like crampons, harness, ice axes, and ropes to bring well fortune. For Sherpa, this occasion of the puja is a traditional way to preserve & promote their culture.  Moreover, as being a part of the Himalaya this Mountain has increased the name & fame of the country. The ecological & zoological part of the natural landscape promotes the adorable beauty of the entire Khumbu & Solu region. Like all mountains around the world, the local indigenous people were the first to see it.
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Want to know the main facts and figure about Mount Everest -

  1. Nepalese call it Sagarmatha which means Forehead or Goddess of the sky. Whereas the Tibetan name is called Chomolungma “Mother Goddess of the universe”.
  2. It was first identified for the western world by a British survey team lead by Sir George Everest in 1841 A.D.
  3. The mount Everest rises 0.15 inches 4 mm each year and 40 cm per year.
  4. Nepal government recently ban solo mountaineers blind and double to climb Mt. Everest.
  5. The first person American Erik Weihenmayer climbed the top of the Mt. Everest in 2001.
  6. The officially recognized height of Everest is 29029 ft (8848m) which was ground-based measurement in 1954.
  7. There is 66% less oxygen at the top of Mount Everest.
  8. More than 5000 climbers have submitted to the peak of Mount Everest including 13 years old till 73 years Japanese old women and 80 years oldestYuichiro Miura, also Japanese mountaineer.
  9. There are about 200 death bodies lost around Mount Everest.
  10. The name of Mount Everest’s name “Eve- restwas pronounced after George Everest.
  11. In 2005 a Nepalese couple Pem Dorjee Sherpa married Mulepati became the first marriage at the summit of Everest.
  12. Google maps include 360- degree views of Mt. Everest from the base camp.
  13. Many People’s deaths occur while descending after the summit of the mt. Everest.
  14. The youngest person Jordan Romero who summit Mt. Everest at the age of 13, in 2010.
  15. Sir Edmund Hillary’s son Peter has climbed Mt. Everest 5 times and his first-time climb was in 1990 A.D.
  16. The first woman to summit Mt. Everest was Junko Tabei from Japan in 1975.
  17. Everest climbing government permits cost the US $ 11000
  18. There are more than 7000 peaks around Mt. Everest.
  19. The death zone of Everest is above 8000 meters (26247 feet) because of a lack of oxygen, exhaustion, and coldness to the mountaineer.
  20. The first climbers to summit the Mt Everest without bottled oxygen were Italian Reinhold Messner and Austrian climber Peter Habeler in 1978.
  21. Two men paraglided from the top of the Mt. Everest in 2011 arriving at a village 45 minutes.
  22. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa were the first summitted to Mt. Everest on 29 May 1953.
  23. At the top of the Mount Everest winds reaches 175 miles per hour.
  24. There are mainly two routes to the summit the southeast ride from Nepal north ride from Tibet side.
  25. In 1865 Everest was renamed in honor of the surveyor-general of India George Everest from its original name of peak 15.
  26. There are 18 different names on the climbing routes of the Everest.
  27. The Italian mountaineers Reinhold Messner made the first successful solo climb in 1980.
  28. The largest group 410 members of the Chinese team climb Mount Everest in 1975.
  29. Most of the climbers are suffered from acute altitude sickness, HAPE, HAS, frostbite, and hypothermia.
  30. The highest 848 meters of the mountains is known as the death zone.
  31. According to the history of geography proofs that Mount. Everest is around 60 million years old.
  32. Only 1856 Great Trigonometric Survey of India knew that Everest was the tallest mountain in the world.
  33. It will take about 8 weeks to summit Everest and will package cost the US $ 35000 to climb it.
  34. The summit of Everest lies in Nepal and Tibet Nepal lies south and China to the North Pole.
  35. Four world highest mountains on the universe Mt. Everest, Mt K2, Kanchenjunga, and Mt Lhotse were first climbed in 1953, 54, 55, and 1956 accordingly.
  36. Kami Rita Sherpa is the world recorder for the most climbing to the peak of mt Everest he has climbed Mt. Everest almost 22 times.
  37. Andrew Irvine and George Mallory were attempted to reach the top of Mount Everest in 2024 but both of them were lost. Mallory’s body was found in 1999.
  38. The sandstone and limestone of rock at the top of Everest is a sedimentary rock that is 450 million old.
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