Mount Kailash Mansarovar tour FAQ

Mount Kailash Mansarovar tour FAQ

Mount Kailash Mansarovar tour

Mt. Kailash is known as the abode of the God Shiva. Mount Kailash and Mansarovar lake both are of the sacred holy places in the world. Mt. Kailash 6705 m (22000 ft.) is located in the western part of Tibet.
Mansarovar lake is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world located at 4500 meters. Most of the people doing Kora from starting from Darchen and ending in Darchen. Pilgrimage they take holy bath in Mansarovar lake and do the Kora for 3 days. 
Below are the FAQ (Frequently Ask Question) about the Mount Kailash Mansarovar tour–

1. How can I prepare and physically fit to travel Mt. Kailash Yatra?

If you are doing Mt. Kailash Yatra first have to be physically and mental fitness. You have to do daily physical exercise every day at least a month before. You can better control your over-drinking alcoholic habit and control of smoking. You have to beware that you are doing Kora crossing a height of 5000 meters. You have to walk about 6 to 8 hours per day while doing Kora. Therefore while doing Mansoravar Cora physical and mental fitness is most demanded.

2. What types of accommodation can I get while doing the Kathmandu Mt Kailash tour?

You will have a nice standard level 2/3 star hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast included. Likewise, you will have normal hotel accommodation on tour till Darchen. Although you will have a normal guest house and dormitory bedrooms or tents available during MT. Kailash kora period. Therefore Sunrise Adventure treks will try to manage good and comfortable accommodation during the trip.

3. What kinds of food available on the Kailash tour?

While you are travelling in the city you will have different items of meals which you can choose from the menu as national and international cuisine. Moreover, while you are out of the city on tour to bordering to Kailash Yatra you will have some limit items of meals. Everything is we do in advance booking for the group.

4. What types of transportation do I have while travelling to Kailash Yatra?

There are mainly two types of transportation to do Kailash Yatra from the Nepal side. You can go to Kailash either by flight and the next one is by drive. Either you can fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa and next is the comfortable drive from Kathmandu to Darchen. You will have the deluxe bus, jeep, car from Kathmandu to the Tibet border. Next will have a comfortable coaster, jeep or 4 wheel drive on the Tibet side.

5. What are the routes to go to Mt. Kailash tour?

There are mainly 4 routes to use for the Kailash tour.
1. Kathmandu to Lhasa flight – There is a daily flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa so you can visit Tibet Kailash via flight too.
2. Kathmandu to Kodari border drive- Kathmandu to Kodari border there is a drive but after the Nepal earthquake, 2015 Kodari border is closed till date.
3. Kathmandu to Kyarung drive – Kathmandu to Kyarung is the newly open route so you will drive to drive from Kathmandu to Kyarung which is the best option nowadays to travel Mt. Kailash.
4. Kathmandu to Nepaljung to Hilsa border- You can also travel to Kailash with Kathmandu to Nepaljug and Nepal Jung to Simikot and then chartered helicopter flight Simmikot to Hilsa and walk about 20 minutes to rach Tibetan boarder. This trip is a short way of doing Kailash yatra.

6. When is the best time to do Mount Kailash tour?

The best time to do Kailash tour is from April to October but you can visit central Tibet in November too. However, during the winter season, there are extreme snowfalls mainly in mt. Kailash area. So in the road is blocked with snow so that eastern and western part of the Tibet is closed during November to march.

7. What happens if I have an emergency rescue and how about altitude sickness?

If you have any emergency sickness you will bring down via private vehicle, jeep or horse coordinating with local people. If you have AMS need to take first aid medicine and take more days to acclimatize.
You have to drink sufficient water, tea and hot drinks including soup.
Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks and not too smoke, do not take sleeping pills.
Not be rush in the high altitude take a relaxed.
You can also bring some first aid medicine even our guide also have some first aid kits.

8. What bout communication system and battery charge during Kailash yatra?

The cell phone will not work during Kailash Yatra. You can charge your battery until Darchen but not available charging of battery for 3 days Kailash Yatra parikrama. Even you can bring power bank and our guide will have a satellite phone to contact during Kailash tour.

9. Is there any age restriction for the Tibet Kailash tour?

Exactly there is no hard and fast rule to do Kailash tour. But even 82 years person had done Kailash yatra in the past and 11 years child also done Kailash yatra. However, the age depends on your physical and mental fitness. So in between 10 years to 70 years old can do Kailash yatra and easily get Tibet tour permit.

10. What types of currency can I use and how about credit card and ATM facility during Tibet Kailash tour?

You can use Chinese currency Yuan during the tour to Kailash, Yuan is widely accepted in Tibet. Even though, someplace can use USD, Pound, Euro like in a shopping centre, hotel, online payment etc. You can use the credit card for the online payment in the city in major payment in the central part of the Tibet and use ATM in the city area too. While you are travelling in the remote area you need to take enough Chinese money Yuan further details info you need to consulate your travel agent.

11. How many days does it take for Mt Kailash tour?

Normally 11 to 14 days take to complete Kailash Mansarovar tour. If you want to Kailash tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa flight or Kathmandu to Kyarung border will take 14 days including your arrival to departure day. On the other hand, if you want to Kailash from Hilsa border with helicopter charter will take minimum 11 days to complete Kailash parikrama tour.

12. What about drinking water in Kailash / Manosarvor yatra?

There is mineral water; filtered water is available while doing Kailash / Mansarovar yatra. Although you can also use water purification tablets too. There are small shops is available where you can buy drinking water too. There is no hot shower facility while doing Kailash yatra.

13. What about either Yak man, porters or horse during Kailash parikrama?

Of course, you can horse or yak man during  Kailash Parikarma but you need to pay extra about 300 Yuan per day. If you need to carry your baggage or your kids need to hire a horse or yak man further you need to inform us earlier which our company or guide will manage in advance.

14. How much money do I need to bring for Kailash Mansarovar yatra?

You need to bring extra money for your personal expenses. You need to bring only Chinese Yuan which you can make money from money exchange from Kathmandu or from your own country. Normally for 14 days Kailash tour you have to bring about Yuan 3000 per person. This extra money depends on your personal expenses and shopping etc.

15. What is the difference between inner and outer Kailash /parikrama?

There are mainly two routes for Mt. Kailash Kora, Inner Kora and outer Kora. The outer 3 days to complete it’s about 56 km (35 miles) to complete out Cora. Outer kora is quite popular for most of the Kailash pilgrimage.
1. Trek from Darchen to Drirapuk (22 km 10 to 12 hours walk)
2. Drirapuk to Dhultripuk ( 22km 10 to 12 hous walk
3. Trek from Dzultripuk to Darchen 14 km 6 to 8 hours walk
On the other hand, inner Kora is quite harder and more challenging than outer Kora. Inner Kora takes even 3/ 4 days to complete. Buddhist people round as inner clockwise and Bon people round as anti-clockwise to inner kora. Where inner Cora coverage Kailash Nandi, Saptasishi Cave. Inner Kora is about 25 Km distance.

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