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Nepal trekking
Nepal trekking and Peak Climbing in Nepal 
Nepal trekking and Peak Climbing in Nepal is one of the best adventures climbing in the world. Nepal offers various types of peaks and beautiful great Himalayas. Nepal Himalayas offers amazing landscapes, beautiful valleys, and lakes to offer adventure lovers and trekkers. Nepal peak climbing is one of the best adventure activities in Nepal. Nepal is the homeland of the 8 highest mountains of 8000 meters above sea level among the 14 highest peaks of the world.
Nepal trekking and peak climbing in 2021, 2022, 2023 Sunrise Adventure trek is one of the best trekking peak climbing companies in Nepal. Nepal offers a wide variety of trekking, climbing, and mountaineering activities for adventure lovers. If you are a beginner, can do easy moderate or advanced trekking and climbing. Nepal has several different peaks to climbing.

1. Nepal Peak Climbing

Nepal peak climbing is the best destination in the world. Nepal has more than 1300 peaks having names and unnamed which are higher than 6000 meters. Nepal is the Himalayas richest in the country world so Nepal offers different adventure travel activates. Therefore Nepal is the heavenly blessed country in the world for adventure trekking and climbing.
Nepal Mount Everest region known as the Khumbu region has several peaks to climb including earth’s highest peak Mount Everest and many more. Likewise, next is in Annapurna Region, Manaslu region, Kanchenjunga, Langtang region has the world’s best highest climbing mountains are located.
Nepal has 8 highest mountains among 14 peaks of the earth which are highlights below-
1. Mount Everest 8848.86 m /29031.7 fit is the highest peak on the earth
2. Mt Kanchenjunga 8586 m 28169 fit and it’s the third-highest peak in the world
3. Mount Lhotse 8516 m /27939 fit its the fourth highest peak on the earth
4. Mount Makalu 8463 m / 27766 fit and 5th highest peak of the world
5. Mount Cho Oyu 8201 m/ 26906 fit and 6th highest peak of the earth
6. Mount Dhaulagiri 8167 m / 26794 fit also its 7th highest peak in the globe
7. Mount Manaslu 8163 m / 26781 fit and Manaslu is the eighth highest peaks on the earth
8. Mount Annapurna 8091 m/ 26545 fit and its 10th highest peak on the earth
Likewise, the first climbed in Annapurna was in 1950 by the French expedition team and Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Hillary summited Mount Everest in1953 lead by the British Expedition team. Therefore, Nepal has more than 1310 mountain peaks among them 326 are mountains that are open to summit. Among 326 around 100 peaks are never climbed till now. There are many best peaks climbing in Nepal.
Similarly, around the 1960s Nepal trekking and mountaineering industry were established collaborating with private companies to promote Nepal tourism. Later on, on 1 November 1973 Nepal Mountaineering Association was established. Finally these days there are many more trekking travel companies was established aiming to promote tourism in Nepal.

2. Nepal Trekking /Nepal Treks and tours

Nepal is the world’s pioneering country for trekking. So Nepal trekking is quite popular and trek has an unforgettable experience for the trekkers. Nepal trek offers different geographical land; beautiful valleys and lakes, dense forest. Breathtaking landscape heavy glaciers and massif snowcapped mountains are the key highlights of Nepal trekking. We will make your trekking tour and peak climbing trip awesome.
Similarly, these days most of the trekking area has the facility of the trekking lodge. Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp, Upper Mustang, Everest region, Dolpo region, Annapurna region. Langtang region, Kanchenjunga, Great Himalaya trails, Manaslu Circuit, Ruby Valley trail, etc. are the popular trekking in Nepal.
Tour in Nepal 
Tour in Nepal is also quite popular Nepal has its own unique nature and cultures. Nepal has a long history since 25 century back Buddha was born in Nepal. Nepal has religious harmony between Hindu and Buddhists. Moreover,  you can visit Kathmandu, Pokhara, exotic Chitwan national park, Lumbini, Bardiya national park, and explore the natural, cultural, and history of Nepal. 
Trekking price depends on the different trekking package cost and trekking region which you are going to do. Although, remote area treks and camping trekking are more expensive than other treks. However, trekking categories also depend on easy, moderate, and hard all depends on the altitude of the trail.

3. There are mainly three types of trekking

Tea house Trekking – Tea house trekking means available of food and accommodation in trekking lodges. Where you can overnight stay in the guest house and have meals. These days tea house trekking is quite famous in the Himalayas. Thus, the tea house trail is available in different parts of the trekking routes in Nepal. Although the quality of tea houses depends on the different rote of trek and altitude. Higher altitude available of the normal tea house and lower altitude having of standard and luxury tea house.
Camping or Tented Trekking – Camping trekking is quite famous for the classical trek. Camping trek is also famous in off the beaten trail and remote area so camping trek is obviously costly than tea house trek. Tented trekking is operating with guides, porter, cook, kitchen helper, etc. Camping trek is quite famous for the great Himalayan trail and high pass trek. Moreover camping trek is widely used during peak climbing and mountaineering activates. Even though, all the lodging and food is own carried during the camping trek. Camping trek is fully operated with the necessary team members and logistics on the trip.
Camping trek needed extra equipment and staffs tents, sleeping bag, tents, dining tents, kitchen necessary equipment’s, foods, guide, cook, extra numbers of porters. Camping trek has own meals items and has their own test of food in a different location.
Service Trekking – Service trek is one of the types of budget trek. Service trek includes guide, guide cum porter, porters, accommodations, TIMS card, and permits. You have to have your own meals. Only very few trekkers can do service trek.

4. In Conclusion,

Nepal offers different types of trekking, tour, and peak climbing. Visit the unique landscape, beautiful nature, and the exotic Himalayas during trekking in Nepal. Finally, Nepal is the world’s best destination for trekking and peak climbing in the foothill of the great Himalayas including the mighty Mount Everest.

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