Nepal Trekking Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Nepal trekking after posts COVID -19 pandemic

1. Nepal Travel Posts COVID -19 Pandemic

Travelling in Nepal after the posts COVID -19 pandemic situation is going better for Nepalese and foreigners. Nepal government announced on 15 November any foreigners to visit in Nepal obtaining as a tourist visa are only allowed to enter from 17 October 2020. Foreigners entering Nepal should have to present a negative certificate of the PCR test of the coronavirus not older than 72 hours on their arrival at Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. Although the Nepal government notice safety travel protocol and precaution to everyone. Now is a good time for Nepal Trekking Post COVID-19 Pandemic. While anyone travelling need to maintain social distancing. Do not to aloud gather in a big group, wear masks, hand sanitizers, washing hands, etc. is mandatory for anyone.
Nepal is one of the most beautiful and richest countries of the great Himalayas in the world. Every incident is uncertain in our lives. COVID -19 is also unpredictable to everyone therefore which badly affected the world in different sectors. The pandemic of COVID -19 affected nearly about 1 year in the world so that everything is less or more crisis. After pandemic Nepal and the amazing Himalayas are the best and safe places to travel and explore. However, these days everything is slowly going back to be as normal with people’s consciousness. Likewise, we do arrange all safety adventure trips to Nepal to our guests. So that we always following safety measurements and social distancing to make your Nepal trekking and tour safety and best.

2. What are the main safety protocol requirement for the tourists before travelling to Nepal?

After pandemic of COVID-19, Nepal government has enforced some of the major travel protocol to the tourists for safety management which are mention below-
  • Any travellers need to bring PCR tested negative report before 72 hours entering to Nepal.
  • Each traveller must have proof of insurance US $ 5,000 for COVID-19.
  • Travellers must have flight details itinerary
  • Approval of Trekking and tour plan itinerary details with travel and trekking company name
  • Travellers must have 7 days hotel booking confirmation in Kathmandu for one week in Kathmandu.
  • Travellers can get Nepal visa from their own country of Nepal embassy or counsellor office. Moreover, if not having Nepal embassy in their own country can get Nepal arrival visa from Tribhuvan International airport Kathmandu. You should have trekking and travel company name, trekking/ tour itinerary and 7 days prior hotel booking.
  • Trekking company in Nepal most has additional insurance of COVID-19 of NPR 10,0000 to their field staff.
  • Even in Lukla foreigners and Nepali guides and porters should have brought PCR negative report of COVID -19.

3. Are Trekking, tour, and mountaineering in Nepal safe?

Of course, Nepal trekking, tours, and mountaineering in Nepal are safe for everyone. Nepal has the world’s best Himalayas and hidden natural beauties to explore. to and any adventure activates are safe to travel in Nepal. While travelling in Nepal need to beware of the government rules with maintaining social distancing. Always wearing masks, and avoid too crowed is most precautions. Our Sunrise Adventure treks team is the good precaution of the social distancing and our guides and porters are professionals to manage your safety trip. Beautiful great views of panoramic Himalaya’s sunrise and sunset views are the key attraction to any foreigners to visit and trekking in Nepal.  Naturally, the beauty and fresh air of the Himalayas can help to good maintain your stress. Stress-free always enhances your immune power and physical fitness to anyone.

4. What are the best places to visit in Nepal after COVID -19 pandemic?

All places are open to visit in Nepal after the post-pandemic of COVID -19. Trekking, mountaineering, and tours are the best adventures to activate for anyone visiting in Nepal. All sectors of trekking and tours are best to visit in Nepal after the COVID-19 pandemic. You can visit like Everest regions, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, and other trekking trails that are 100 % safe to visit in Nepal. Even though all peak climbing and mountaineering sport are good safety to visit with an awareness of social distancing.

5. Has Nepal resumed national and international flights?

Nepal government has resumed international scheduled flights and chartered flights from 1 st September 2020. Normal tourists can’t aloud to entry in Nepal before 17 October 2020. Those all the scheduled flights and chartered flights are only opening for Nepalese people, diplomatic missions, the United Nations, and related agencies. Even though they are allowed to enter in Nepal with having PCR negative report test upon their arrival and have to stay 7 days hotel quarantine in the hotel and 14 days home quarantine accordingly.
Similarly, the government of Nepal also is considering the critical situation of the COVID -19 pandemic and makes decisions about the opening of domestic flights with safety measurements. The domestic flight has opening since 17 September 2020 and daily flight with full board passengers’ precautions COVID-19 pandemic safety measurements of the passengers.
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6. Which nationalities are allowed to visit in Nepal after the pandemic?

This is very often questions to everyone travelling after the pandemic. Is there any restriction on basis of nationality to entry in Nepal? There are no rules and any restrictions on the basis of nationality for Nepal visit after a pandemic but need to have self consider travel from a low-risk area of COVID-19 pandemic. People from any country are welcome to travel in Nepal. Although the government didn’t mention about the flights and restrictions of the nationality to visit in Nepal.

7. What is open and not open in Nepal with COVID -19 pandemic?

After a long period lockdown due to COVID- 19, pandemic Nepalese tourism industries is too badly affected area among others. There are many things that are open after pandemic even in other sectors in Nepal. Since 15 September 2020 Nepal government announce to open tourism activates, hotels and accommodations, restaurants, long routes of transportations, and other government and private sectors respectively. But on the other hand, a big group of the live seminar, party palaces, cinema halls gathering big crowed is still restrictions.

8. Do we need to stay in self-quarantine in Nepal upon arrival?

Of course, you have to stay at least 7 days hotel quarantine upon arrival in Nepal regarding foreign self-quarantine. However, people of the foreign diplomatic missions and Nepalese who are travelling from overseas need to hotel quarantine for 7 days and 14 days home quarantine onwards even they should have COVID- 19 negative health certificate upon their arrival at Kathmandu airport.
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