New Increased Height of Mount Everest

New recorded Height of Mount Everest

What is the new height of Mount Everest?

Nepal and China jointly announced presently new recorded height of Mt. Everest is 8848.86 meter, 29032 feet.  The new height of Mt. Everest measured based on trigonometric and GPS system measurements carried out by Nepalese and Chinese mountaineers. Nepal sent first measurement team on 2019 and China sent earlier of this year 2020 and newly recorded height of Mt Everest 8848.86 m is Nepal and China jointly announced on Tuesday 7 th November 2020. Nepal and China jointly officially announced to a revised height of earth’s tallest peak Mt. Everest.  Even though, Mt. Everest climbing was stopped in 2020 due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

The new officially recorded height of Mt. Everest 8848.86 m (29032 ft.) above the sea level. Similarly, Nepal undertook the first initiation to measures the height of the Mt. Everest after the assumption the height of Mt Everest 8848 meters might not be accepted the actual length after the earthquake of 2015.

Even some geologists have discourses and say that the huge impact of global warming and Nepal earthquake 2015 may affect the real altitude of Mt Everest. It is to say that the height of Mt. Everest increased 0.86 meters so it’s nearly 3 feet higher than before after the earthquake of Nepal in 2015. So that, Mt. Everest, is nearly 1 meter increased about in century.

1. Nepal and China jointly measured the height of Mt Everest  

Nepal government officially announced to re-measure the height of Mt Everest after the earthquake 2015. Therefore, the Government of Nepal firstly initiates to pre measures the height of Mt. Everest in May 2019 due to the huge impact of the snow melting and global warming. Next, the Likewise, China’s President Xi Jinping s visited in Nepal in 2019 and both nations were assigned to confirm jointly announces to pre measures the height of world tallest peak Mt. Everest.  Both Nepal and China measured the height of Mt. Everest via GPS signals.

2. When was the first and last time measured the height of Mt Everest and who measured it?   

The height of Mt Everest was frequently measured in the past.  In 1849 the British team measured the height of the world’s iconic peak Mt. Everest. However, the last time measured in 1954 survey of Indian leading team they confirmed the height of Mt Everest 8848 meters is the widely accepted.

3. How many people climbed Mt. Everest?

Many people know that Nepal is the homeland of the great Himalayas.  Nepal owned 8 highest mountains among the world’s 14 highest peak above 8000 meters.  Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal and Edmund Hillary, New Zealand were the first summit to the Mt. Everest on 29 May 1953.  Even till date, 6507 people climbed to Mt. Everest from Nepal Side.

4. In conclusion

Nepal and China government officially announced the new height of Mt Everest 8848.86m. Finally, both countries were agreed to announce the increasing height of Mt. Everest after their GPS measurements. So Mt. Everest is 0.86 m higher after Nepal’s earthquake in 2015. Mount Everest is the world tallest iconic peak to see and even for the EBC trekking and mountaineering purpose for anyone people of the world.

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