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Chitwan Jungle Safari, Things to do in Chitwan tourism activities,in Sauraha

Chitwan National Park is very famous for its adventurous offerings like rafting, boating, etc. And also in some time of year, people residing here celebrate the special festival and in that time you can enjoy and share happiness with them. This national park is also famous for giving shelter and protecting the large number of species and mammals like one-horned rhinos, tigers, leopards, sloth bears, gaurs, etc. To condense, Chitwan national park protects and preserves more than 400 species of birds.

Another great attraction of this national park is the 500 one-horned rhinoceros and some hundred Bengal tigers. This great safari is well enjoyable in elephant ride while watching many of the beautiful sceneries and birds chirping. Besides the jungle and its contents, one of the most important factors of Chitwan Jungle Safari is the colorful Tharu Culture, their way of living and their unique Dance. Other activities that can be done in Things to do in Chitwan are jungle walk, canoe ride, jeep drive, bathing with elephants and many more.

>>Elephant Safari

In Chitwan, Jungle Safari is a widely popular activity. One can easily get an opportunity to spend time while riding the back of an elephant or in Jeep. But if you want to explore with your feet you are welcome, you can do that too. Safari/walk-in Chitwan National Park is very mesmerizing with birds chirping and green environment surrounding you. Among them, Jungle Safari in Elephant’s back is the most popular and most preferred way of exploring Chitwan.

Are you up for Jungle Safari? We can arrange you experienced guide, accommodation and an elephant/jeep you can ride on. Just remember us.

>>Tharu cultural show

Tharu culture in sauraha tharu dance
Tharu culture in Sauraha Tharu dance

Tharu are the tribes of the Chitwan region with their own culture and unique dance that attracts quite a large crowd. You must see their dance if it’s even for once because it is different than any other dances that you may have seen in the past. Namely, Peacock dance and stick dance are the most performed ones and it’s pretty popular in their community and almost every Tharu knows the dancing style. This can be the sweet treat for your roaming eyes. Don’t miss the show.

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>>Canoe ride

Canoe ride in Chitwan national park sauraha
Canoe ride in Chitwan national park sauraha

Canoe ride in Chitwan along the Rapti River and watching the crocodiles taking the sunbath in the bank of the river with other animals can be quite a view for the refreshing day ahead. Usually, canoeing is done early in the morning, you can hear the beautiful sound of the river flowing. And, a perfect treat for your ears. Some tourists like to take up-close photographs of crocodiles and you can also take some shots if you like. Even the rare birds and animals come here to take a refreshing sip from the river. This will be the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of rare birds and animals in their natural habitats.

Are you thinking of getting there? Maybe we can arrange you accommodation with a perfect package that suits you.

>>Bird watching

Hornbill Bird Watching in Chitwan national Park Sauraha
Hornbill Bird Watching in Chitwan national Park Sauraha

Are you fond of birds or you are just trying new adventure? Either way, you must visit Sauraha of Chitwan to watch the resident and migrants birds that reside here coming from thousands of miles away. Sauraha homes around 160 species of migrant birds and 543 species in total. And you must not forget to take some decent binoculars and good naturalist guide to guide you to the perfect place to watch birds. Giant Hornbill, Paradise Flycatcher, and Lesser Florican are some of the exotic birds you will get glimpses of.

Note: There are currently two spots for bird watching, one is Sauraha (old tourist hub) and another is Meghauli (new tourist hub). Be sure to choose any of these two before heading out for Birdwatching in Chitwan.

>>Night Stay at Tower in Jungle

Tower Night Stay Chitwan Sauraha
Tower Night Stay Chitwan Sauraha

Spending a couple of nights in the jungle and exploring their behavior is another adventure for those having guts. You can get to spend nights in the center of Chitwan’s jungle and experience sunrise and sunset inside the forest. There is a tower where we camp for accommodating ourselves for the night with a basic toilet because animals can be quite aggressive with the presence of humans roaming in the jungle at night.

>>Cycling In Chitwan

Cycling in Chitwan National park sauraha
Cycling in Chitwan National park Sauraha

Cycling outside of Sauraha can give you the glimpses of the Nepali living style which can be compared to the status of Sauraha nearly 30 years ago. You can take photographs of typical Nepali lifestyle and view some crop fields, farmers and fishermen. If you are lucky you may even see close views of Eagles and other rare animals and birds and to mention deer are common in Sauraha. An experienced guide can help you to know the place better and some must go spots around the Chitwan.

Jungle Walk:

Jungle walk at chitwan national park Things to do in Chitwan
Jungle walk at Chitwan national park Things to do in Chitwan

Jungle walking is another most exciting thing of Sauraha, Chitwan. You can walk between the wild habitats of Chitwan National Park, where you can closely observe the varieties of wild floras and faunas.  Among all of them, the region is mostly known as a home of Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, and the Gharial Crocodile.  We start and end our walk from the bank of Rapti River. If you have a good time, you can get to see elephants, tigers, rhinos, crocodiles, boars, monkey and many verities of beautiful birds.

Jeep Safari:

Chitwan National park jeep safari activity
Chitwan National park jeep safari activity

Driving in the wild dense forest on an open jeep provides one of the best adventures of life.  You can safely observe the amazing wild animals by jeep. You can get a chance to get in Kasara Durbar. Kasara Durbar is a fort built by Rana regime inside the jungle. The fort is now used as an office of the National Park.  You can do short or a full a day safari in the jungle. Short safari will take you for 45 hours in the jungle with other 7 persons. Safari can be started from 1:00 pm to 5:00 Pm. Another one is for the full day starting from early in the morning to 5:00 Pm. This tour or safari is best for those who want to explore the wild habitats quickly.

Village Walk:        

chitwan tharu village walk, village walk chitwan national park program
Chitwan Tharu village

As Chitwan is also known for the origin of “Tharu” people, you get a great chance to closely explore the culture of Tharu people and their daily ways of living life. You can also find Tharus in many Terai plains of Nepal but Chitwan has uniquely placed the value of Tharu cultures and their values. Visit Tharu village, you get to know the intimate relationship between Tharu people and nature of Chitwan National Park.

Ox Cart and Pony Ride:

ox cart ride chitawan Ox ride activity in Chitwan
oxcart ride Chitwan Ox ride activity in Chitwan

You can have fun through the ox cart ride in Chitwan. Ox cart is a traditional way of transport of Tharu people. Here, the slow trip through settlements of Tharu people offers you a great chance to explore their daily ways of living and traditions, customs follow them. On the way, the ride also takes you to a small museum, where you get to know more about “Tharu” culture. This is one of the best options to explore the Tharu culture in Chitwan.

Elephant Bath

Elephant bath activity at Rapti river Sauraha chitwan
Elephant bath activity at Rapti river Sauraha Chitwan

Elephant bath is an exciting entertain activity in Rapti river Sauraha Chitwan. Elephant bath is a day program. you will seat in the top of the elephant, Elephant throws water by its trunk towards you. The Mahout assists to take elephant bath he also seats back then you and orders to spray water towards you. people also enjoy by looking elephant bath on the bank of tranquility Rapti river.

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