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Potala Durbar Tibet Tour

Most travelers interested and want to know the Tibet Tour. Tibet is one of the beautiful places which lie on the Spine of the World-the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The spectacular snowy scenery, the unique culture, exotic customs, rare animals and plant species and the average altitude of 4000 m and any more are the main attraction for travelers.

Where is the Tibet located?

Tibet located to the south-West of China and bordering Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Burma. Tibet is an autonomous region called “API the Roof of the World “which lies in the first highest plateau on earth in Asia. The Capital city of Tibet is Lhasa which is well known for “the city of sunlight”. In Tibet Trek are the ultimate trekking trail and most awesome destination for adventure lovers.

What is the Tibet Famous for?

Tibet is famous for the Potala Palace (Palace of Art) located on Red Mountain. This Palace is a large and impressive building complex. This Palace listed in UNESCO. Jokhang Temple (The Spiritual Center of Tibet) located on Barkhor Square, Lhasa. It considered as the most sacred and important temple by Tibetans.

Likewise, Namtso(Heavenly Lake), is also the most beautiful place in Tibet. It is the second largest salt lake in China. This Lake regarded as a holy lake by Tibetan Buddhists. Yamato Lake (Sacred Lake) is also one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and this lake is about 70 km from Lhasa. Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the most beautiful canyon in China and the deepest canyon in the world. Mt. Everest Base Camp which is closer to the top of the world and many more.

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How Difficult Tibet Tour?

Tibet Travel is not as difficult as before. But Now they have made the plan to build three more airports which within 2021. The airport is; an airport in old Tingri of Shigatse Prefecture, an airport in Purang country and another airport is in Lhuntse country of Tsetang prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region.

How long will it take for Tibet tour?

Normally, the Tibet trip takes 10-15 days but it depends on your plan too. If you visit Lhasa and around or Mt. Everest Base camp then it will take around 10 days, but if you go more place then it would take around 15 days

What type of Physical fitness do I need?

Physically and mentally fitness is the main important for Tibet trip. It is necessary you begin some sort of physical exercise for some weeks.

What is the best time to visit Tibet trip?

There isn’t a clear cut answer, the best time to visit Tibet. It depends on what you want to see and do. Generally, Tibet can be gone any time of years. Late April through mid/late is the season for trekking.so early May to late June is the best month for trekking.

Beautiful of Tibet Tour
Beautiful of Tibet Tour

Weather in Four Seasons are-

Spring-(March –April) is spring season. In the daytime, it is a little warm but remains chilly at night. Warm days in April and May are one of the best times to Tibet because the temperature is comfortable and rains little.

Top activities: In this season Nyingchi Peach Blossom festival celebrated.

Travel around Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse, etc.

Summer-In high altitude, this place is less hot than plain cities in the same latitude. In all Tibet areas,

Top Activities: Tourist can visit Namtso Lake which purifies your soul by blue water, colorful prayer flags as well as devout pilgrims around the lake.

The autumn-this season is the symbol of pleasant and cool. So, this season make your trip more romantic. Traveler also pays a visit to Tibet in September and October.

Top Activities; You can overview monasteries, snow mountain set, yellow leaves and many more. You can have a photography journey to Nyingchi, view of colorful Lulang forest and magnificent Namjagbarwa Peak.

Winter –In the daytime it is cold and dry, chilly at night, high altitude in northern Tibet is windy and frigid. Although you can enjoy warm sunshine in the daytime in the south and central Tibet and kind of warmer than inland cities.

Top Activities: you can visit the cultural landscape like Potala, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street in Lhasa under the clear blue sky and also can take bath in hot spring of Yangpachen, Lhasa etc.

What is the average temperature in Tibet?

In Tibet, temperature fluctuated according to the season. In summer it is cool but cold in winter. In Lhasa, the temperature may increase to 29 degrees C in summer. But, it can also plummet to 16 degrees C in winter.

What Type of Food and Accommodation available in Tibet tour?

As Tibet is a Buddhist country, vegetarian menus are special food. Moreover, in the larger cities, you will find the most style of cuisine, including Western cuisine, are also available. The tourist industry in Tibet is new but you can find the good lodge in the major cities. But in the rural areas, there are only smaller guest houses and the facilities may be somewhat rudimentary.

Why do I need guide and porter for Tibet tour?

Guide and porter are most important for your trip because they help you to make your trip more convenient and comfortable. Guides have already a good experience and knowledge of route and trail. They even have good knowledge about the community and culture of that place. So, the porters are also necessary. They help you to carry your bags. You will not worry about anything because they are faithful and honest.
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