For traveling, trekking in Nepal you will be require following equipment and clothing;

In Brief:

Down Sleeping Bag, Down Jacket, Long Sleeved shirt, Jumper or Fleecy Jacket, T-shirts, Trekking shoes/boots, socks, rucksack, gloves, sun block for lips, sunglasses/goggles, nylon wind pants, water bottles, sewing kit, first aid kit, flashlight, swiss army knife, towel and toiletries.


–    T – shirts

–    Hiking shorts

–    Undergarments

–    Full sleeves shirts

–    Long light weight cotton pants

–    Fleece or wool pants (seasonal)

–    Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants.

–    Insulated pants / nylon windbreaker

–    Light and expedition weight thermal tops.

–    Fleece jacket or pullover

–    Waterproof shell jacket

–    Down jacket

–    Light warm fleece hat / woolen hat

–    Sun hat

–    Lightweight gloves.

–    Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof shell outer (seasonal).

Foot Wear

–    Hiking boots

–    Light and comfortable camp shoes

–    Thin, lightweight inner socks.

–    Thick, warm wool hiking socks


–    Down Sleeping bag

–    Trekking bag / Duffle bag ( to carry for the porter )

–    Day pack ( to carry with the trekkers to put the things required during the day time )

–    Large plastic bags ( to keep items dry inside the trekking bag )

–    Water bottle

–    Head lamp with spare bulb and batteries

–    Trekking poles

–    Personal medicine box

–    Sunglasses with UV protection.

–    Books, dairy, pen, walkman  and any other game instruments

Toiletries and Personal Hygiene

–    Quick drying small towel

–    Toothbrush / paste

–    Soap

–    Face and body moisturizer

–    Sun block for lips

–    Tissues / toilet rolls

–    Wet wipes

–    Feminine hygiene products

–    Antibacterial hands wash


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