Trekking in Nepal, Tea House & Camping Trek

Nepal trekking

Trekking and camping are the best adventure leisure in Nepal. Nepal is a small & landlocked Himalaya country with one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia. Nepal is well known & famous for the birthplace of Gautama Buddha & the tallest mountain of the earth Mt. Everest (8,848m). The topographical & geographical beauty of Nepal is adorable. Situating at a surface area of 1, 47,181 sq. km, Nepal falls in the temperate north zone. Additionally composed of the high Himalayas, hilly area & village life of rural areas admire the entire beauty of the country.

Tea House & camping trekking in Nepal

Tea house and camping trek are famous trekking in Nepal. If you are thinking about joining the trip for tea house trekking in Nepal then it can be your best trip regarding facality. Trekking towards the Himalayas & admiring the beauty of the small organic tea house can be the best choice for you. Admiring the adorable beauty of Bird watching, rock climbing, and hiking can explore the natural beauty. Likewise, tea house & camping trek can be suitable for any tourist who is nature lovers. Trekkers can satisfy with the facilities available during trekking either tea house or camping. Making the challenging& adventurous tour to the peak climbing & village tours can be the best. Various camps like ABC camp, EBC camp, Manaslu Trek, Langtang region will give the precious moment. All about joining this trip is once can get a chance to explore the beauty of the upper Himalayas & rural areas of Nepal. Moreover, nature typical & simple lifestyle of villagers customs, traditions are the core part of the trek.

What are the types of Nepal trekking? 

  1. Tea house trek:

During the tea house trek, trekkers stay at a trekking lodge, guest house, and comfortable hotel during trekking. tea house trek is a bit cheaper compared to camping trek.  Tea house trek provides a bit facality then camping trek where camping trekking & hiking can become quite difficult. During tea house, few guides and porters will be hired. To ease your luggage bag packs with your snacks, water bottles & so on. In addition, to provide the flexibility you can get refreshment & comfortable environment having attached bathroom and heating system. Along with bedding & different flooding menus are available.d provide  Our Sunrise Adventure trekking team will manage your all booking and provide great service.  Even if you want to enjoy the local organic food & familiar with the culture & traditions in the tea house trek.

why should you choose the tea house trekking style? Main attractions of tea house trekking

Now a day’s tourists love the tea house trekking style. The facilities & service of the tea house & well-managed accommodation can be available. Wherever, the concept of the trekking style can be more precious to experience the local organic food, accommodation & environment. The concept of Tea house includes a small hotel, lodges where a menu of the food items is available then you can get a local organic taste of foods. Moreover, a tea house accommodation style contains a private bedroom, with walls of ply or wood. To keep the room warm all the night burning heater of yak dung is used. Although, there are many trekking agencies in Nepal our local expertise of the team will provide the best service. Traditionally people think that it is Bhatti. But that’s not like. Tea house clarifies services like a hotel where you can enjoy your luxurious night. But the tea house is quite basic than in modern hotels.

Most of the tea house trekking accommodation is luxurious. Some of the tea houses has also facilities of the flush toilets hot showers. Perfectly neat, clean & comfortable zone were provided during the tea house trek.

2. The camping trek

Camping trek is the next style of trekking where everything is carried by porters. During camping trek, you have to carry all the essential materials that must be required during the entire trek. Along with your clothing, luggage, bags, sleeping bags, food have to carry it. On behalf of the trek, a tent should be set to make accommodation for the night in different camps. Guide, porters cook is the key factor in camping trek they have to conform and manage for the lodging and flooding on the trek. However, the camping trek is a classical style of the trek tasting of own foods with a private cook. Even in the high pass and remote part of the trail, only a camping trek is possible.

Camping trek provides you a full wilderness, social & cultural aspects. You have to spend your tours in a distinctive place where there is no modern civilization. In some parts of the trekking areas, there are no tea houses \ lodges so camping trekking style is suitable for such a moment. This camping style trekking provides you a better experience to know the socio-cultural aspects. During the camping style trekking walking along the cool fresh morning is the best experience ever. Accumulating the personal luggage & gears are carried out by porters and cost more costly in camping trail. Plenty of great views of the hill; mountain peaks explore the beauty of the surroundings while sleeping nature intent.

3. Inconclusion

Both camping and tea house trekking is quite a famous trek in the Himalaya. Walking along the rough trail meets you with a wide range of flora & fauna on the trek. Fully trained guides & porters make your trek more recreational. So all of this reason camping trek is an ancient style of trekking can become quite enjoyable. Nevertheless, the tea house trek is an easy and cheaper trek where everything is available in the guest house. The tea house trek is a modern style of trekking and extinctions of the food menu are easily available.

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