Khaptad Trek - 12 Days

Khaptad trekking

The highlight of the Khaptad Trek –

  • Khaptad National Park provides you with the best panoramic views of Mt. Api and Mt. Saipal ranges. Explore Khaptad National park it’s established in 1984.
  • Explore of Khaptad containing many preserved endangered species. You can see like musk deer, barking deer, leopard, bear etc, 224 species. Medicinal herbs and 270 species of birds in the beautiful subtropical forest of bamboo, Khaptad lake, “Khaptad Baba” museum, Khaptad Danda.

Trip Summarize –

Khaptad Trek or Khaptad National Park Trek is a least crowded and remote area trek in Nepal. This trek is easy in the beginning but it starts to get more challenging as you walk further and further. Khaptad National Park was established in 1984 and houses a huge variety of vegetation. The park is rich with floras and faunas and preserves 224 species of medicinal herbs, 270 species of birds, different animals and it is estimated to house 11 per cent of flowers available in Nepal. Other highlights of the trek include “Khaptad Baba”, Museum, Khaptad Danda, Patan and a tower there. Khaptad Baba lived here for many years; meditating and sharing his philosophy with the people. And you can see his ashram spread within 5 KM of a wide area. Furthermore, Khaptad trek is unique in the sense that butchering, alcohol, and tobacco are completely banned. Even though, we offer budgatable Khaptad national park trek cost to our client. You can see great Khaptad Lake and a spectacular view of Api and Saipal Himal range. Where Khaptad Baba lived for many years and Khaptad Baba Ashram where many Hindu pilgrimages come to worship lord “Shiva”. During Khaptad Trek you can explore the local culture of this region along with their different traditions, norms and living style.

Looking Khaptad trekking?

Similarly, we start Khaptad trekking from the busy city – Kathmandu by taking a flight to Nepalgunj. The flight is wonderful and you can witness that Nepalgunj resembles more like Indian lifestyle. Sunrise Adventure trek team will make your Khaptad trek memorable one.
We see colorful people as we leave the hustle and bustle of Nepalgunj. However, from Nepalgunj, we take the drive to Buditola and the very next day, again take another drive to famous town – Silgadhi. From Silgadhi, it is all the way to Jhigrana via Baglek and then to Bukipani via Bichpani. We also reach Dharamsala (3020 m) along the trail. We finally reach Khaptad and after resting for a while, we visit Khaptad Baba’s Ashram and Triveni.
Likewise ,for the next day, we explore Khaptad National Park for the whole day. We visit Museum, Khaptad Danda, Patan (Meadow) and Tower to name a few. Eventually, return journey passes through Jhigrana and to Silgadhi. passing Silgadhi, we change the route to Dhangadhi from where we can either take flight or Drive to Kathmandu.


Outlined Itinerary:

Day1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m)

Day2: Fly Kathmandu – Nepalgunj (198m) – 1 hr & drive to Buditola – 4 hrs – B.L.D

Day3: Drive Buditola to Silgadhi (1330m) – 6 hrs – B.L.D

Day4: Trek to Jhigrana (2300m) – 7 hrs – B.L.D

Day5: Trek to Bukipani (3080m) – 6 / 7 hrs – B.L.D

Day6: Trek to Khaptad (3010m) – 2 hrs – B.L.D

Day7: Explore Khaptad National Park – B.L.D

Day8: Trek back to Jhigrana – 7 hrs – B.L.D

Day9: Trek from Jhigrana to Silgadi via Uditola (1790m) – 5 hrs – B.L.D

Day10: Drive to Dhangadhi – B.L.D

Day11: Drive to Kathmandu –6 hrs – B.L.D

Day12: Farewell/Departure – B

(Note:  B.L.D, Plan Including / B: Breakfast, L: Lunch & D: Dinner.)

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Khaptad Trek