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Rafting over Trishuli river

Provides beautiful and adventures moments, playing with water in the famous “Trishuli” river.

One of the recreational outdoor activities, which provides much adventure to the adventures souls nowadays. And Nepal is also considered as one of the best countries for white water rafting. Being, one of the blessed countries in different natural resources, here you can get the chance for rafting surrounding the ethnic cultural environment of the country.

Among many rivers,”Trishuli” is the popular river for rafting in Nepal as many people also use it as an alternative way to get to Pokhara from Kathmandu.  While others are including many days for trip, this provides you much time to enjoy the rafting and relax.

The best time for rafting in Nepal is September to early December and March to June.

Day 1
Rafting in Trishuli:

Pick up from hotel at 7.00 Am- drive to the point Chauraudi - rafting about 3 hrs- return back to Kathmandu.

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Trip Facts

  • car, private vehicle, bus
  • 1-12
  • 600 m
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Nepal
  • Sightseeing , Nature , Culture , Himalayan Views, rafting
  • September- December and March - May