Updated Nepal travel Info, Nepal Provide on Arrival visa

Nepal trek

Trekking routes are open in Nepal post-COVID -19

Trekking in Nepal is a quite famous and great travel experience. Since mid-March 2021 all the trekking routes are Nepal open after the post-COVID-19 pandemic.  Nepal trek explores the hidden beauties of the great Himalayas. Trekking and hiking in Nepal are the top leading adventures activates in Nepal.  Trekking is the most inspiring exploring wilderness, vibrant landscapes and unique cultures. As the bad impact of the pandemic now trekking routes are open in Nepal for tourist. Coronavirus badly impacted all the tourism-related company as well as workers.  These days no need to stay in any quarantine for tourist visiting Nepal and even can get easily on arrival Nepal visa.

Likewise, Hiking and trekking to the Anapurna region, Everest region Langtang trekking. Next, Manasu, Kanchenjunga, Mustang, Dolpo, Rara lake trek are the major trekking destinations in Nepal.

Updated Nepal travel Info, Nepal Provide on Arrival visa

Many people doing query about travelling in Nepal. What are the main safety protocol requirement for tourists before travelling to Nepal? After the pandemic of COVID-19, the Nepal government has enforced some of the major travel protocol to the tourists for safety management which are mention below-

  • Any travellers need to bring PCR tested negative report before 72 hours of entering Nepal.
  • Travellers must have flight details itinerary
  • Approval of Trekking and tour plan itinerary details with travel and trekking company name
  • No Quarantine travellers no need to stay 7 days of the hotel booking confirmation in Kathmandu
  • Travellers can get a Nepal visa from their own country of Nepal embassy or counsellor office. Moreover, if not having a Nepal embassy in their own country can get a Nepal arrival visa from Tribhuvan International airport Kathmandu. You should travel, trekking/ tour plan details.
  • Trekking company in Nepal most has additional insurance of COVID-19 of NPR 10,0000 to their field staff.

Where to visit in Nepal after post covid 19

Now you can visit anywhere in Nepal easily. Nepal is open to travel to foreigners. According to the decision by the Nepal Council of Ministers on 25 September 2020, it is well known that the trekking and mountaineering areas were officially open since 17th October 2020.

All the tourism entrepreneurs have to take care of their health and safety in the difficult situation of the COVID -19 pandemic. Even all the trekking activities should run in a safe manner maintaining social distance.

Following tourist destinations are open for trekking now

Initially, there were some restrictions to travel in most of Nepal. Before following, routes were open for trekking.

  1. Kanchenjunga Trekking area
  2. Everest (Pasang Lhamu Govt.) Trekking Area
  3. Tilecho lake/Manang Trekking Area
  4. Mardi Himal Trekking Area
  5. Manang Trekking area
  6. Mustang Trekking area
  7. Dolpa Trekking area
  8. Humla Trekking area
  9. Manaslu Trekking area
  10. Helambu Trekking Area
  11. Ruby Valley Trekking Area

Likewise, these days since March 2021 all part of the trekking routes are open for travel for national and foreigners tourist. There is no restriction for traveller nowadays while trek in Nepal.

Rules to follow while Trekking:-

  • PCR Negative Report Compulsory
  • Trekking Permit Compulsory
  • Related national park and conservation area permit obligatory.

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