Visit Nepal 2020 – Lifetime Experience

Visit Nepal 2020- Lifetime Experience

Visit Nepal 2020- Lifetime Experience

Considered to be one of the best places for travel, Nepal is exceptionally gifted in nature. It has amazing Himalayan beauty, fascinating multicultural aspects, and natural charm to match. Come and enjoy the fresh and undiscovered and uncover yourself. Travelers all around the world come to Nepal by the thousand every year, especially for a trekking adventure. Even Visit Nepal 2020 – Lifetime Experience the main slogan to promote Nepal tourism. Tourism is one of the backbones of the Nepalese economy. Yet, tourism is not only a major economic sector of Nepal but also an area with immense potentiality.
So, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has planned 2020 as Visit Year. It was announced after a glorious success of past Tourism tear Nepal 2011 and Visit Nepal 1998. The main goal and the expectation of Visit Nepal 2020 are to welcome two million tourists in Nepal.
The National Tourism Campaign, ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ is the national effort best known to invite and sustain tourists in Nepal. The government believes that, with the launch of this enthusiastic campaign, the country will lead in the sector of tourism.
However, it will provide jobs and opportunities to over one million people all around the country. This campaign is intended to be run in major international cities. And it will be collaborating with airline privates or national and international organizations.
Thus, blessed with the natural and cultural heritage, Nepal is also the country with the world’s highest mountain peaks. Moreover, the diverse religions, cultures, traditions, and rituals of Nepal will surely make different spaces in a traveler’s hearts. Further, the species flora and fauna found in Nepal are the points for visitors. Also, if you are lucky enough you will get a chance to see exotic creatures which are unique to Nepal,

The top five trekking packages for visit Nepal 2020:

Besides that, this major event has the slogan ‘Visit Nepal for Lifetime Experiences’. So, why visiting Nepal is a lifetime experience? It is not said for any reason, there are many reasons for this statement. Among them, offering the trek to the highest point on earth i.e. Mt. Everest to the deepest gorge of Nepal, Kaligandaki and many more make this slogan worth. For the success of this campaign, the Nepal Government separated 5 sectors to fairly support and promote this area. Explore People & Heritage, Natural & Wildlife, Culture Cities & leisure. Next to religion Pilgrimage, and ultimately Adventure & Outdoor are those five sectors.
Travelers don’t have only one reason to visit Nepal. There are several reasons why traveling Nepal is the dream of millions of people from all around the world. Nepal is one of the best countries in the world for adventure holidays. Anyone can explore the natural cultural landscapes. Although, experience thrilling & exciting travel can visit Nepal without a doubt. Also, trekking to the breathtaking Himalayas and visiting the National parks make Nepal visit more wonderful.

Visit Nepal 2020 has postponed to 2022 due to a coronavirus outbreak

Visit Nepal 2020 is bad effects due to COVID – 19. While the coronavirus outbreak in the world then Nepal government postponed visiting Nepal in 2022.  However, the Nepalese Government recently postponed the most anticipated tourism campaign of the country, Visit Nepal 2020. This decision was made due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China. Like the novel, Corona Virus has spread from Wuhan, China to every continent on Earth except Antarctica. Nepal Tourism Board decides to postpone all the tourism-related events and activities in Nepal. Though Nepal is not affected by these various, there is a high risk of being affected in this situation. So, to prevent the Corona Virus (COVID-19) to enter Nepal, Visit Nepal 2020 is postponed naming it ‘Visit Nepal 2022’. The travelers all around the world, who could not visit Nepal due to postponing or anything, can visit Nepal in 2020.
Even though,  diverse country, Nepal has diversity in most of the things like religion, culture, flora and faunas, hills, and the Himalayas. Yet, with diversity, you will find the unity in Nepalese makes the country more beautiful. Also, during Nepal visit, you will get a marvelous opportunity to interact with Nepalese people. Nepalese welcoming with smiling faces has always conquered the heart of travelers. Nepal is worth to visit every time.

In conclusion,

Nepal is a perfect destination for any kind of travelers. You can enjoy everything you have ever wished for. From trekking- expedition to adventures sports, you can experience every kind of thrill and adventure in Nepal. Though, the wide outbreak of the Corona Virus caused the postponement in Visit Nepal 2020. You can visit Nepal after the situation is controlled. Yet, the cultural, tradition, heritage sites remain the same forever in Nepal. So, you can visit Nepal in 2022 and make the event/campaign ‘Visit Nepal 2022’ successful and have a lifetime experience in Nepal.

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