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Best season for Trekking Visit Trekking in Nepal Best time of the year Best time To Trek & Visit In Nepal

Do you have any confusion about Trekking in Nepal Best time of the year ?

Nepal may be/is a small country in terms of geographical size, but it is very rich in terms of Biodiversity, cultural diversity with diversities floras and faunas too. It is a landlocked country between China and India, which is very famous for Adventure like Trekking, Peak Climbing, Paragliding, bungee Jumping, Canoeing, Zip-flyer, Rock climbing, mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Elephant Polo, Kayaking, Mountain Flight, Ultra light flight, white water Rafting, and many many more. Trekking in Nepal, which is the ultimate destination for trekkers around the world is truly the best destination that no-one can never ever regret.

Travelers are often curious about the Visit Trekking in Nepal Best time of the year. In the answer to that question, there are two most favorable time to visit here, but anytime of the year, Nepal is open for travelers.

Late September to early December is the peak season for travelers. This season is nor too cold nor too hot. It is best for hiking and tours including many other activities. This time is perfect for travelling without worrying about heat, cold or any disturbing weather. Nepali citizens also travel inside the country during this time of year. They travel to religious and holy new places on holidays. The main festival Dashain, also the festival of victory of Good against Evil, Tihar; the festival of lights and Chhat; the festival where the sun is worshiped are celebrated in time of year. And wonderfully you will also get a chance to participate in some of them. In this season river rafting, Paragliding, bungee jumping, cycling, trekking and hiking are very much supported by weather which makes it desire-full enough to give a try.

Late February to mid April is the second best time to visit Nepal. It is the last of the dry season and soon it is followed by extreme heat. The scenery of mountains is lessened, but it is delightful to see those Rhododendrons and other flowers bloom while we trek around.

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