When is the best time to do EBC Trek?

Best time to do EBC Trekking 

The trip to EBC is always ongoing for any adventure lovers. Amazing landscape & adorable beauty always inspires you to visit many times to Everest base camp trekking. Once you decide to do EBC tour then you must have information about the best time to visit. Majestic view of mountains, unique culture & mesmerizing environment inspires you at all. Any high altitude trek so, itself is a challenging trek. This trip will be more interesting when you join in a perfect time & season. An incredible journey to the Everest base camp is the highest mountain of the world experiences you a beautiful tranquil beauty.

However, autumn & spring season are the best time to explore the wilderness of dramatic scenery. If you book this EBC trekking in & spring season then it will be perfect to explore the beauty of heaven. During these two seasons, weather becomes clear& under a blue sky, stunning landscape mesmerizes to everyone. In the same way, the trail to the Sagarmatha gives the incredible beauty of the lush of rhododendron & pine forest. During autumn & spring season you don’t have to worry about thick mist, fog & torrential forest. Even Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla gives a dazzling incredible beauty. With generally starting in the winter & monsoon season. Sometime weather prediction might be wrong therefor flight may not occur on time. It might be impossible to give the exact information about the weather. It may cause some delay in your flight even entre trekking. So you don’t have to worry about these problems in these spring and autumn seasons.

Further trekking to the EBC in winter & monsoon season has a low chance of crowd & human traffic. Even you can get accommodation facilities easily.

Which is the best month to do Everest base camp trek?

January and February – January and February are running with winter season in Nepal. Above 3500 m there is extreme snow falls on the trail. January and Feburary both coldest month of the year in Nepal. Those who fit with the cold weather can do EBC trek in January so it’s moderate season in terms of weather but good to avoid crowed. Temperature is about 20 to 25 Celsius above 4000 meters.

March and April – March and April is famous trekking season in Nepal weather is getting warmer season. This March, April is spring season where there is everywhere beautiful looks in the nature. March is the pre monsoon season. There is newness in around nature and everywhere looks blooming of the different rhododendron flowers. Thousands of people they are busy for hiking and trekking in Nepal. Encounters with lots of mountaineers and trekkers are engaging to summit Mt. Everest and others mountains on the trail.

May, June – May and June are still running with Spring season. However many people they do summit different peak climbing and rock climbing. Still there is beauty in the nature rhododendrons and different flowers blooms on the trekking trail. A lot of people are engaging on trekking and climbing. But after mid-June is pre starting of the monsoon in Nepal.

July and August- July and August are the monsoon season in Nepal. There is heavy monsoon on this period. Few people are doing EBC trek during these months. But it’s good to do short trekking and Everest heli tour with in favor of good weather.

September and October- September and October is pre starting of autumn season. Where weather is going to crystal clear and there is nice to see the Himalayas with beautiful sunrise.

November and December – November is still autumn season and people are doing trekking. But December is starting of the cold season. Those who prefer cold and snow December is perfect time for trek.

At Last, Nepal is great country for trekking in the Himalayas. So Sprig and autumn is the best season for EBC trekking. Monsoon and winter is average season for Everest base camp trek due to the weather.

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