Canoe Ride in Chitwan National Park Sauraha

Canoe Ride in Chitwan National Park Sauraha
Planning for the trip to Chitwan National Park do not miss to try long canoe.

Canoe in Chitwan National Park is of the popular adventure activities over the freshwater river flow with aquatic species, long handmade authentic Tharu canoe flows down with the tranquil Rapti river.

Canoe in Chitwan National park Sauraha
Canoe in Chitwan National park Sauraha

A typical canoe ride over the Rapti river (inside Chitwan National Park) is one of the best ways to make your pleasant holiday in Chitwan. An exciting canoe journey down to the Rapti river offers beautiful many kinds of birds, butterfly, two rare species of Crocodiles Marsh Mugger and Gharial, and another aquatic lifestyle of species and many other wild natural habitats of wild species.

Canoe pass slowly around eighteen kilometers with speed of water flow boatman force without paddle during the canoe you will feel sounds of birds like the singing change to see the dance of wild Peak Cock in the bank of the river.

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