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Nar Phu valley trek Monasteries and Chhorden at Narphu valley trekking Manaslu region Nepal

Manaslu Nar Phu Valley

Manaslu region of Nepal is an ancient untouched and newly open trekking region located in the west-central part of Nepal. Manaslu and Nar Phu valley region also conserves the natural resources, cultural heritage and wildlife too. It also helps to promote the livelihood of the inhabitants. Mount Manaslu is the name of a peak which is the eighth highest mountain of the earth. This mountain has the height of 8163 m and has an elevation of 26781 fits. Manaslu and Narphu valley is the great an ancient trekking trail of Nepal with lots of hidden beauty inside the region. Manaslu can impress anyone on the earth with its hidden beauty.

Manaslu region is the area where you can get to visit many beautiful places and Nar Phu valley is one of them. Nar Phu valley is a true gem hidden in the Manaslu region. Likewise, this valley offers a rare opportunity to explore the unspoiled landscape to the trekkers. This valley features a mix of raw Himalayan nature and ancient Buddhist culture. In the valley, you will get the best opportunity to explore the Himalayan culture, the Buddhist culture in the most remote area of Nepal. The traditional section is ancient here and it is amazing to see such type of lifestyle in the mountains. Those people who want to experience adventure can visit this hidden gem of Manaslu with Narphu region.

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Details info About Manaslu & Nar Phu Valley Trek:-

Trekking in Manaslu with Nar Phu valley trek is more popular trek as a new trekking destination in Nepal. It is a fantastic journey full of wilderness located at the north of Annapurna. Trek to the circuit of Manaslu Himal with beautiful Nar Phu valley provides excellent moments of life. Trekking to Manaslu takes you to the ancient route of salt trading. So you will get a chance to explore spectacular views of Himalayas. More than Himalayan views, Nar Phu valley trek offers you to see many beautiful ancient arts, Buddhist monasteries. Ancient Mani walls and prayer flags on the way of the trail. Likewise, Nar Phu valley is a remote area, the place is out from modernization and people follow ancient tradition and culture.

Walking to Manaslu and Narphu valley offers spectacular peak scenery along the Nepal and China border. Not only that see a diverse range of ecosystem blended with rich Tibetan culture. Thus this trekking is the great chance to closely explore the Tibetan people cultures and their daily style of living in remote valleys of Upper Mustang.

Nar Phu is tranquil which is rich in ancient art, culture, and tradition. The pristine culture and tradition are the same as Tibetan at both Tsum and Nar Phu valley. The clustered houses and Tibetan culture of this valley will be an adorable prospect for anthropology lovers. Manaslu and Nar Phu valley trek is one of the best treks in Nepal that provides you breathtaking views of Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Ganesh Himal, and many other snowcapped Himalayan ranges.

Narphu valley trekking
Narphu valley trekking

People of Nar Phu valley still follow the Polyandry system in marriage. People of this valley follow unique culture and tradition also they speak in their own dialect. The people of highland celebrate many festivals like Lhosar, Saka Dawa, Dhacyhang, Fanning and more others. These all festivals are grandly celebrated by the Buddhist not only by Himalayan people but whole in Nepal.

These entire region like Tsum valley, Manalsu, Nar Phu valley are restricted areas so, a special permit is required from authorizing trekking company. The journey starts when the scenic drive starts from Kathmandu to Arughat border of Dhading and Gorkha district. In the trip, you will walk through the middle hills, the historic Gorkha. Then going through the Budi Gandaki Riverbank you will pass by a huge valley of lush rice terrace with animals rearing and many thatched huts.

Your trip will rejoin the main trail of Manaslu Circuit at Dang. There you will get the chance to visit different remote villages like Lho Gaun, Samagaun, Samdo, Dharmashala and finally crosses the Larke La Pass, Kangla pass. Larke  Pass is the highest point of this trek standing at the height of 5220 m. Crossing the Larke La Pass is one of the biggest achievements of this trek. This is the point from where you can see the view of many breathtaking high peaks even rare view of Annapurna massif. This highest pass is worth to visit and could be the perfect photo spot for you. Everything that we see on the way during the trek reflects the Tibetan Buddhist culture and this brings positivity in your mind and helps to move forward.

Although at Dharapani we will catch the Annapurna circuit and start to follow it up to the Nar Phu valley. You will explore a few days in Nar Phu valley and you will do a day hike in Ngawal to Chame nearby Manang. After that, you will be driven back to Beshishar then back to the Kathmandu on your destination or accommodation. On the off beaten trail, the trekking to Manaslu with Nar Phu valley trek offers you a special and ultimate experience of your lifetime.

Our team Sunrise Adventure trek will be pleased to organize your trekking trip in Manaslu with Nar Phu valley whenever you want except snowy time. For this trip, September, October, November similarly March, April, and May are the best season. For the trip, we will provide you with our highly experienced local guide and staffs. By arranging all the things that are suitable for the trek, we will help you to make this trip unforgettable.

Highlights of Manaslu and Nar Phu Valley Trek

  • The scenic drive from Kathmandu to Arughat, almost 7 to 8 hours by private vehicles.
  • An adventure trip in the restricted area along with beautiful landscape, rare flora and fauna.
  • Great views of amazing landscape and monasteries experiencing the Tibetan lifestyle and culture walk in Nepal and Tibet border.
  • Great chance of reaching at the highest point of the trek Larke La Pass 5200 m.
  • Enjoy great views of the stunning Himalayas like Annapurna ranges, Manaslu, Himachuli, Mansiri, and more others.
  • Exploration of secret hidden valley, off the beaten trail.
  • Passing through the terraced field with barley, mustard, gompas on the ways, Mani walls with prayer wheels and tradition of Tibetan.

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Manaslu and Nar Phu valley trail are one of the classical trekking trails. We can savor Mount Manaslu the hidden beauties and wilderness Manaslu and Nar Phu valley area.

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