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Trekking in Nepal After Earthquake


For several months after the devastating and heartbreaking earthquake in Nepal, taking thousands of Lives, the economic, social and other major sectors were greatly affected.  But despite the devastating earthquake, Nepali citizens are united together better than ever. And as always the foreign guests are more appreciated.

And, it is a Good News that after months of earthquake affected Nepal, it is now perfectly safe to travel here. Whatever the information that are spread all over the world are misguiding because of the poor journalism and other factors. But now the destination is safe because the people are becoming very hospitable and lots of INGO volunteers and rescuers came here and nothing happened to them. To look at the damage statistics only 14 out of 75 districts, 3 out of 35 trekking routes, 1 out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage and 3 out of 18 national parks was affected.

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