Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang is the most beautiful place to visit. It lies in the North West part of Nepal. We can find a thousand years’ old caves, monastery, scenic beauty and many more around in Upper Mustang trek. If we go to trekking to Upper Mustang we can see the local Tribes and see the Hindu and Bushist religious hub Muktinath temple. The biodiversity of this region is so wonderful and snow covered mountains whole out the years, the forest, birds, and animals. The main festivals in upper Mustang is Tiji festival mainly they celebrate in monsoon season. Local legends hold that the great Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava came to the Mustang and battled with evil forces that were intent upon destroying Buddhism. Upper Mustang is one of the famous places for trekking over all Nepal. Upper Mustang lying in the rain shadow of the Himalayans. You will be surrounded by more than 35 mountains over 6000 meters in the Upper Mustang region.

However, we can find that Tiji festival in Upper Mustang which combines through Mustang’s fascinating village alongside Buddhist shrines and temples and in the shadows of the Himalayan most iconic mountains. It is celebrated 30 May 31 May and on 1 June in Upper Mustang. Moreover Buddhist also celebrates this festival by dancing and with traditional music. Upper mustang we find painted and colorful bricks houses and beautiful flower garden. As we talk of whether we find that in the early morning the weather is cool and pleasant the same as evening but sometimes the weather may change. Upper Mustang is famous for trekking and many people come here to see the Glorious.

The highlight of the  Upper Mustang Trek

  • In the Upper Mustang, Jomson is the main place for trekking in Nepal. We can get an Atm facility in Jomsom area.
  • Upper mustang people build their house with beautiful and colorful mud with stone.
  • The valley of Mustang is a part of Tibetan plateau geologically and culturally rich place.
  • Geographically, Upper Mustang trail is the ideal place to observe Tibetan plateau and amazing Mustang culture.
  • We will see colorful villages and Monasteries with a handful of natural and cultural heritage.
  • The remoteness and inaccessibility of in Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang have preserved the distinct Tibetan Buddhist Culture.
  • Tiji festival is the main attraction to celebrate the annual event and a famous festival at Lo-Manthang of Upper Mustang.

Why go to Upper Mustang Trekking?

We know that travel to Mustang is the most famous place for trekking overall the world. Trek in Upper Mustang is rare privilege and biodiversity and multiculturalism are beautiful for the trek. Upper Mustang being in the Himalayan rain shadow is one of the regions in the country suitable for trekking even during monsoon and all month of the year. Upper Mustang an evaluation has been made of socioeconomic factors, good water quality conditions. Tourism characteristics using a combination of biophysical parameters, demographic and human considerations and the Tourist positioning index.

However, the trek is a unique opportunity where you can experience the true life of the real mountains people of Nepal. It is a world of hidden Chorten, narrow pathways, flock of farming animals and long walls of amazing prayers wheels during the afternoon to depart to their hut inside the city. The beautiful places to see here are the oldest  Mustang Royal Palace. To roam outside the city and to enjoy the ride we can rent Tibetan Ponies then we can visit the small monastery old cave located high in the rocks. The best way to visit Upper Mustang trek is to take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and begging the Trekking from here. The natural mysteries have further beauty this destination for both trekking and hiking. The locals on the trail towards the Upper Mustang are very friendly and helpful people. It is also advised that you will travel through a taxi or a tourist bus since they are safer alternatives to traveling here in Nepal. This also helps you, you don’t have to stand in the traffic jam and overcrowded vehicles.

The best season for the Upper Mustang trek is known to be spring and autumn. Spring and autumn season are the best trekking seasons in Nepal. The view is more clear in this seasons than others season. To enter Upper Mustang, that is to travel further north from Kagbeni, trekkers need special trekking permit and must be accompanied by a government-appointed officer. Besides this it’s beautiful rugged landscape it offers majestic and eye-catching views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and many more.

We go Upper Mustang especially trekking because it’s famous for trek and hiking due to a different type of natural beauties. Amazing landscape, monasteries, caves, Tibetan lifestyle, culture and many more. Similarly, Himalayan View of thousand years old monastery, great Mountain View, fifteen – century old caves. As we know that the trekking season in Mustang is slightly different than in most other trekking regions in Nepal.


Upper Mustang trail is the main Tibetan Buddhist cultural trip of the Annapurna region.  We can experience unique landscapes and hidden wilderness of this reason. Deepest Kali Gandaki George, Jomsom and Muktinath temple is the next part of the tourist attraction. Oldest beautiful caves of the Lo Mannthang and Upper Mustang and religious harmony are the main part of the Upper Mustang trek.

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