Where is Mt. Kanchenjunga Located? Kanchenjunga Facts

Where is Mt. Kanchenjunga Located?

1. Where is Mt. Kanchenjunga Located?

Mount Kanchenjunga 8586m (28169 ft.) is the world third highest mountain peak located in the eastern part of Nepal. Even these days many people may have confusing about where is Mt. Kanchenjunga located? Exactly, Mt. Kanchenjunga located in Nepal boarding of Sikkim, India. After Mount Everest and Mount K2 Mt. Kanchenjunga is the third tallest peak in the globe. Mt Kanchenjunga is famous for Five treasure of snow. Among five peaks Mt Kanchenjunga is the main, Central Kanchenjunga and south Kanchenjunga lies in Nepal and India and next Mt. Kanchenjunga west and Kangbachen lies in Tapglajung district of Nepal. However, Mt Kanchenjunga has ice stick glaciers and milky ice.

2. Where and in which country Mt. Kanchenjunga Located?

Mt Kanchenjunga world 3rd tallest mountain. There is confusion to people about the location of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Where Mt. Kanchenjunga is located either in Nepal or India? In fact, Kanchenjunga is located in Nepal and partly situated in the boarding of India. Mt Kanchenjunga is located in Nepal and India border and 2o km far from Tibet and about 120 km far from Mt. Everest.
Likewise, Mt Kanchenjunga has 5 different naming peaks which are mention below-
Kanchenjunga main peak- 8586m (28169 ft)
Location- Nepal Taplajug and north Sikkim, India
Kanchenjunga West- 8505 m(27904 ft)
Location- Taplejung, Nepal
Kanchenjunga Central -8482 m (27828ft)
Location- Taplejung, Nepal and boarder of Sikkim India
Kanchenjunga South- 8494 m (27787m)
Location – Nepal and North Sikkim, India
Kangbachen – 7903 m (25928 ft)
Location – Taplejung, Nepal
Kanchenjunga is a popular trek in the world. Kanchenjunga trek is possible from both Nepal and India side. But Kanchenjunga trek is better from Nepal side comparing to India side.
Outlined Itinerary:
Day1: Fly from Kathmandu to Suketar (Taplejung) then trek to Jogidanda (2059m/6755ft.)
Day2: Jogidanda to Chirwa (1800m/5905ft.) – 7 hrs
Day3: Chirwa to Sekathum (1660m/5446ft.) – 6 hrs
Day6: Sekathum to Amjilosa (2510m/8234ft.) – 5 hrs
Day7: Amjilassa to Kyapar (2730m/8956ft.) – 7 hrs
Day8: Kyapar to Ghunsa (3695m/12122ft.) – 6 hrs
Day9: Ghunsa to Khambachen (4099m/13448ft.) 6-7 hrs
Day10: Rest Day Explore the Khambachen (4099m/13448ft.)
Day11: Khambachen to Lhonak (4785m/15698ft.)
Day12: Lonak to Pang Pema (5143m/16873ft.) 6 – 7 hrs
Day13: Pang Pema (5243m/17201ft.) – 7 hrs
Day14: Pang Pema to Khanbachen (4040m/13254ft.) – 6 hrs
Day15: Khangpachen to Phole (3100m/10170ft.) – 6 hrs
Day16: Phole to Amjilassa (2500m/8202ft.) – 7 hrs
Day17: Trek to Tapehok (1300m/4265ft.) – 6 hrs
Day18: Trek to Phoram (1650m/5413ft.) – 6 hrs
Day19: Trek to Suketar (2440m/8005ft.) – 5 hrs
Day20: Drive to Ilam & Bhirtamod – 6 hrs
Day21: Drive to Bhadrapur & Either drive or Flight to Kathmandu

5. How tall is Mt Kanchenjunga?

Mount. Kanchenjunga is well known for world third highest peak in the earth which lies in the eastern part of Nepal close to India. The elevation of main Mt. Kanchenjunga is 8586 m( 28169 ft.) above the sea level and third highest peak after Mt. Everest and Mount K2.

6. Kanchenjunga facts and info-

You can get more info about the Mt. Kanchenjunga. Where is Mt. Kanchenjunga Located? Kanchenjunga Facts and information are listed below –

1. Mount. Kanchenjunga is the world third highest peak in the globe.
2. Mt Kanchenjunga located about 125 km southeast part of Mt. Everest.
3. The area of Kanchenjunga conservation is second biggest conservation in Nepal.
4. Until 1952 Kanchenjunga was assumed as world highest mountain in the earth later on British Trigomaterical survey founded that Mt. Everest is highest and Mt. Kanchenjunga as the third highest peak.
5. In the local language the name Kanchenjunga refers to the mountain of greeting.
6. Kanchenjunga conservation has different types of wild animals and plants as well as the home of Musk deer snow leopard, RED Panda and many more.
7. Experience of traditional Nepalese ethnics people and their cultures of Rai, Limbu, Magar and Gurung.
8. Amazing sunrise and sunset view of Mt. Everest, Mt Lhotse and other great Himalayas peaks.
9. Mt Kanchenjunga has 5 different peaks like – naming are below mentioned-
Kanchenjunga main peak- 8586m (28169 ft)
Kanchenjunga West- 8505 m(27904 ft)
Kanchenjunga Central -8482 m (27828ft)
Kanchenjunga South- 8494 m (27787m)
Kangbachen – 7903 m (25928 ft)
10. Explore the amazing landscape, the beautiful Himalayas and unique flora and fauna is the next
Features of Kanchenjunga conservation area.
11. The word Kanchenjunga was derived from Sanskrit Kanchan means gold and Ganga means river it means rives shines as like gold.
12. Numerous attempt was done to summit peak but on May 25, 1955 British people, Joe Brown and George Band were first scaled to the top of Mt. Kanchenjunga.

7. How long days does it take to climb Mt. Kanchenjunga?

There are four different routes to climb Mt. Kanchenjunga among them three routes are from Nepal side Northeast, Northwest and south-west) and northeast climb from Sikkim side. Climbing to Kanchenjunga from Sikkim side least success and was banned to the public since 2000 A.D. However North West and south wast climbing are considered as fastest and safe routes to climb Mt. Kanchenjunga.

8. What are the trekking routes around in the Kanchenjunga region?

There are few different trekking routes to do Kanchenjunga trek. You can do Kanchenjunga base camp trek or Kanchenjunga circuit trekking.
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9. What are the things to do around in Kanchenjunga?

You can do different trekking and climb around in Kanchenjunga trail. You can also enjoy in Kanchenjunga conservation area with viewing different types of national and international wild animals.

10. How much does it cost to climb Mt. Kanchenjunga and how long days will take?

Peak Climbing and trekking in Nepal is amazing adventures to the people. Climbing to Kanchenjunga has parts. You can climb main Mount Kanchenjunga with our professional Sherpa team and climbing leaders. Climbing to Kanchenjunga will take 45 to 50 days. However, peak climbing cost varies on the group and service package included. Normally Kanchenjunga climbing is going to cost around the US $ 22000  to 30000 per person. 

11. Who climb first to Kanchenjunga?

There were different climbers were try to scaled to Mt. Kanchenjunga in the past. Finally, British climbers were done to summit peak of Kanchenjunga on May 25, 1955. Those climbers Joe Brown and George Band were first scaled to the top of Mt. Kanchenjunga.


Kanchenjunga trekking and peak climbing are quite famous these days. Climbing Mt. Kanchenjunga is technically peak to climb. Above text will help you to explore about Kanchenjunga trekking and climbing information.  If you needed trekking and climbing about Kanchenjunga just visit our trip package accordingly.

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